Islamic Insurgency – Reality or Myth? [A Brief Rebuttal Against The Associated Press]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

In an article of the Associated Press dated 12 Sep 2020, it was stated that the recent Fitna in Mali could be “taken advantage of by Mali’s growing Islamic insurgency”.

Firstly, “In the Qur’aan, there are many words that are utilised to rebut the words [or terms] that are in opposition to the call of the Messengers, the revelation that was revealed to them and the truth they brought”. [Ref 1]

“One of the general fundamental principles in Islaam is to know that words [or terms] are two types: those mentioned in the Qur’aan and authentic Prophetic tradition, therefore it is obligated on every believer to affirm them – affirm what Allaah and His Messenger have affirmed, and negate what Allaah and His Messenger have negated. The words affirmed by Allaah is truth and the ones Allaah negated are [negated] in truth, because indeed Allaah speaks the truth and guides to the straight path.

The words of the Sharee’ah are sanctified and it is from perfection in knowledge that one seeks after the [sound meanings] which the Messenger [sallal laahu alayhi wasalam] intended by them, in order to affirm what he affirmed and negate the meanings he negated, because indeed it is obligated on us to believe and bear witness to everything he has stated and follow him in everything he has commanded.

As for the words [or terms] that are neither found in the Qur’am and authentic Prophetic tradition nor did the pious predecessors [i.e. the first three pious generations of Ilslaam] hold a consensus regarding whether they are negated or affirmed, then it is not incumbent on anyone to agree with the one who negates or affirms them until their intended meaning is explained. So, if their intended meaning agrees with the [revelation, commands, prohibitions etc] conveyed by the Messenger, they are affirmed; but if their intended meaning is in opposition to the [revelation, commands, prohibitions etc] conveyed by the Messenger, they are rejected”. [Ref 2]

Secondly, what is the meaning of Insurgency in the English language? It means “an occasion when a group of people attempt to take control of their country by force”.

This above definition of insurgency is completely in opposition to sound Islamic teachings, because such an action is referred to as Khurooj [rebellion or revolt against Muslim rulers]. Therefore, when it is the case that insurgency [khurooj – rebellion or revolt against Muslim rulers] is forbidden in Islaam, then how can anyone attribute it to Islaam?! The following links suffice as evidence for every seeker of truth:

Finally, Shaikhul Islaam ibn Taymiyyah [rahimahullaah] said.

“Ahlus Sunnah know that Allaah sent Muhammad [sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam] for the benefit of the slaves [i.e. mankind and Jinn] in this life and the next, and Allaah commands them with rectification and not corruption”.

It is very rare to find those who rebel against the ruler [bringing about any benefit]; rather the evil that results from their actions is greater than the good. This was the case of those who rebelled against Yazeed at Madeenah- the likes of Ibn Al-Ash’ath who rebelled against Abdul Malik in Iraq, Ibnul Muhallab who rebelled against his father at khurasaan, Abu Muslim who rebelled against the ruler at khurasaan and the likes of those who rebelled against Al-Mansoor at Madeenah and Basra.

Most of these people either gained the upper hand [for some time during the rebellion] or were subdued, then their authority ceased and they [brought about] no [fruitful] outcome; for indeed Abdullaah bin Ali and Abu Muslim killed many people and both were killed by Abu Jafar Al-Mansoor. As for the people Al-Hirra and Ibnul Ash-ath, Ibnul Muhallab and other than them, all of them – followers and those followed – were defeated, so they neither established a religious goal nor a worldly benefit, and Allaah does not command an affair that has no religious or worldly benefit. [Ref 3]

Therefore, it should be very clear to the Associated Press [may Allaah guide them] that insurgency is un-Islamic, so how can anyone continue attaching this word to Islaam?! Either such a person is ignorant – as is the case with those Muslims who know very little about Islaam and are blind followers of the terminologies and concepts of the deceitful writers – or such a person is one who has inherited one of the satanic strategies of king Louis IX. And what is this satanic strategy of King Louis IX?! In the year 1250 King Louis the Ninth was captured whilst on a crusade against the Muslims of Egypt. He was imprisoned and later released after paying a large ransom. However, whilst in prison he utilised his time to think about ways in which to plot against Islaam and the Muslims, so shaytaan inspired him with the following plots: Firstly: The war in the battlefield between the Christians of the west and the Muslims should be replaced with a war based on ideas and cultural supremacy. Secondly, prepare the West to corrupt the creed of the Muslims and distort the image of Islaam in the world. [Ref 4]

And Allaah knows best.

[Ref 1: Excerpt from Mu’jam Al-Manaahee Lil Lafdhiyyah’ page 10. slightly paraphrased. Publisher: Daar Al-Aasimah. 3rd edition 1996]

[Ref 2: Excerpt from ‘Al-Haqeeqatus Shar’iyyah Fee Tafseeril Qur’aan Al-A’dheem Was-Sunnatin Nabawiyyah’ page 17. slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 3: An Excerpt from Silsilah Ar-Rasaa’il Al-Manhajiyyah Fin-Nus’hi Wal-Irshaad Wat-Taw’iyah 28-30. slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 4: خطة لويس التاسع  – page 6]

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