Salafi Centre Eid Prayer Information 2021


We have now booked out of all spaces for the Eid Prayer.

Please note that if you do not have a ticket then you may be told to wait, and there may not be a space for you- as space is tight and if it rains then we won’t be able to use the grounds.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we can only house so many attendees.

The Salafi Centre of Manchester

Original Message Below

The Manchester Eid Prayer 2021 will take place at the masjid, using the grounds and physically distanced in accordance to regulations.

We will be adhering to physical distancing in line with regulations, and therefore need to apply a booking system for the jamaa’. There will be multiple jamaa’s with different imaams.

To make it as accessible for everyone then we will be having multiple Eid prayers based on the fatwa we had sought from Shaykh Luhaydan about the two jamaa’s; and the current situation and needs of holding the prayer for everyone.

Men and women are permitted to attend, but there will be no children under 15 allowed due to space constraints. In order to attend you must book your space here:

As we do not know which day Eid is on – please book for Wed AND Thu to reserve your spot. May Allah grant us Success.

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