[Part 2]: Adults Must Get Vaccinated to Allow Children and Adolescents to Resume Their Lives! [Brief Reply to Heba Yosry’s – at Alarabiya News- Opinion]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Heba Yosry stated, “Adults must get vaccinated to allow children and adolescents to resume their lives after it was halted for a year and half due to the COVID-19 pandemic”. https://english.alarabiya.net/views/2021/06/08/Let-children-take-back-control-Parents-get-thevaccine

Response: Indeed, I would like to remind Heba Yosry that the decision to get vaccinated should not be merely based on the desire to assist children to resume their lives; rather this decision should be based on sound principles as stated in the first article. Visit here:  https://salaficentre.com/2021/07/25/adults-must-get-vaccinated-to-allow-children-and-adolescents-to-resume-their-lives-brief-reply-to-heba-yosrys-at-alarabiya-news-opinion/

Secondly, visit the link to acquaint yourself with vaccines in the UK. Vaccines_In_The_UK

Finally: Covid pass: covid_pass

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