Door to Door Jabs

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Aa’Isha [may Allaah be pleased with her] said, “We put medicine in one side of his mouth but he started waving us not to insert the medicine into his mouth. We said, “He dislikes the medicine as a patient usually does.” But when he came to his senses he said, “Did I not forbid you to put medicine (by force) in the side of my mouth?” We said, “We thought it was just because a patient usually dislikes medicine.” He said, “None of those who are in the house but will be forced to take medicine in the side of his mouth while I am watching, except Al-Abbas [may Allaah be pleased with him], because he did not witness your deed.” [Al-Bukhaari. Number 5712]

Imaam Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz [may Allaah have mercy upon him] stated regarding this narration, “The sick person should not be forced to take medication, because it is not obligatory and this is the statement of (or position held by) the majority of scholars. [Al-Hulalul Ibreeziyyah Min At-Ta’leeqaat Al-Baaziyyah Alaa Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree. Vol 4. page 154] Read more on this topic on the link:

Door to Door Jabs

A new campaign could soon see unvaccinated Brits offered jabs on their own doorsteps by visiting health teams. Indeed, the government has a right to offer, but we have also been given the right to accept or refuse the offer; however, one of the biggest trial ignited in this affair is that of those – in the media – who have been utilizing various techniques with aggressive marketing and behavioural psychology to coerce people to take the experimental injection – constantly and shamelessly slandering experts who demand more information or recommend alternative treatment. Therefore, neither feel intimidated nor coerced; rather know your rights in relation to this affair.

Quote: The Law: Section 45C of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 allows the ‘appropriate Minister’ (currently this would be Sajid Javid MP) to introduce measures for the purpose of ‘preventing, protecting against, controlling or providing a public health response’ in an epidemic or outbreak. That is the authority under which the Government passed the Regulations. However, Section 45E of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 provides that those ‘measures’ cannot include a requirement for persons to undergo ‘medical treatment’ which is defined to include vaccination. As such, there is no legal requirement to be vaccinated in the UK. This is the actual text of Section: (1)

Prepare Paper Work

Prepare paperwork requiring such compensation that the person who wants to inject you would agree to pay, this being a large sum should you suffer any harm or injury. Ask them to sign it first, this being a condition of you taking the injection. Here is an example and you add as many question as possible to suit your needs.

Please answer each and every single question set out below and all reasoning requested supplied to me immediately in person.

[1] How long have you been trained to administer an injection?

[2] Are these vaccines currently in a trial?

[3] Are you satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the X, Y or Z vaccine is sufficiently safe and effective for mass rollout without a marketing licence? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[4] Are you satisfied that the X, Y or Z vaccine is even necessary with the generally accepted survival rate from disease X, Y or Z being around 99.96%, and the vast majority of recorded deaths being in the elderly and those with severe co-morbidities? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[5] Are you certain that the X, Y or Z vaccination campaign is not a human experiment? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[6] Do you therefore agree that fully informed consent of a man or a woman, boy or girl is a fundamental pre-requisite to both respecting their fundamental human rights under UDBHR, GDPR and due and proper fulfilment of your duty? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[7] Do you have in your possession or control reliable data, independently verified, detailing the precise ingredients in the X, Y or Z vaccine? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[8] Are you satisfied as a medical doctor/professional that such vaccine ingredients shall not individually or collectively cause me adverse psychological and/or physical reactions? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[9] Are you prepared to sign a personal indemnity for the benefit of myself and/or my heirs/next-of-kin upon full unlimited liability in your private capacity for any harm or loss of life experienced by me from adverse reactions following upon my taking the vaccine in one or repeated doses? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

[10] Do you understand that concealment of data and blocking or willful refusal to provide data or information relating to our personal data is a criminal offence under Data Protection Act 2018 section 173? YES / NO (Circle your answer)

By: (Signature in blue)

Quote: Data (2)


Injuries, Disorders and Illnesses from “Covid-19”
Injections – 1 Year of Data for Astrazeneca from
Blood disorders Muscle and Tissue Disorders
Cardiac Disorders Nervous System Disorders
Gastrointestinal Issues Reproductive and Breast Disorders
General Disorders Respiratory Disorders
Immune Disorders Vascular Disorders
Infections (3)

Information in the Pdf below:


Refs 1, 2 & 3: Excerpts from an article at ‘Health and immunity in the light of Covid 19’ Telegram

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