Extremists Ascribed to Christianity, Islam and Judaism – [Violating Covenants, Calling to Violence and Sometimes Terrorizing People In Mosques, Churches and Synagogues]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Muslim and Non-Muslim Extremists –

[Some Individuals and Groups]- Find out in the link below:

Muslim and Non-Muslim Extremists – [Some Individuals and Groups]

We Have Been Commanded to Fulfil Our Covenants [Obligations, Agreements]

Allaah [The Exalted] said: [يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوٓاْ أَوۡفُواْ بِٱلۡعُقُودِ – O you who believe! Fulfil (or honour your) covenants (obligations, agreements). [Surah Al-Maa’idah. Aayah 1]

Imaam As-Sadi [may Allaah have mercy upon him] said: This is a command from Allaah [The Exalted] to His believing slaves to do that which Eemaan [faith] demands with regards to fulfilling agreements [covenants, obligations] – that is to fulfil them perfectly and completely, and that the y neither nullify their covenants nor fall short in fulfilling them. That includes all covenants between the servant and his Lord, that he adheres to servitude to Allaah, fulfil it perfectly and not to neglect anything from it. This also includes the covenant between a person and the Messenger by obeying and following him, the covenant between him and his parents and relatives by being good to them, maintaining the ties of kinship and not to break ties; the covenant between hm and his companions by fulfilling the obligations related to companionship whether in circumstance when one is rich or poor, in times of ease and hardship; the covenant between him and people in mutual dealings, such when conducting business transactions, buying and selling, renting and what is similar, and covenants related to donations, such as gifts and what is similar. [Ref 1]

The Messenger [sallal laahu alayhi wasallam] said: “Whoever kills a person who is granted the agreement of protection by the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise though its fragrance can be smelled at a distance of forty years journey.” [Ref 2]

Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen [rahimahullaah] said in 2002: Likewise I invite you to have respect for those people who have the right that they should be respected, from those between you and whom there is an agreement (of protection) [i.e. Non-Muslims]. For the land which you are living is such that there is an agreement between you and them. If this were not the case they would have killed you or expelled you. So preserve this agreement, and do not prove treacherous to it, since treachery is a sign of the hypocrites, and it is not from the way of the Believers.

And know that it is authentically reported from the Prophet that he said : “Whoever kills one who is under an agreement of protection will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

Do not be fooled by those sayings of the foolish people: those who say: ‘Those people are Non-Muslims, so their wealth is lawful for us [i.e. to misappropriate or take by way of murder and killing].’ For by Allaah – this is a lie. A lie about Allaah’s Religion, and a lie in Islamic societies.

O my brothers. O youth. O Muslims. Be truthful in your buying and selling, and renting, and leasing, and in all mutual transactions. Because truthfulness is from the characteristics of the Believers, and Allaah – the Most High – has commanded truthfulness – in the saying of Allaah – the Most High – “O you who believe – fear and keep you duty to Allaah and be with the truthful.”

And the Prophet encouraged truthfulness and said : “Adhere to truthfulness, because truthfulness leads to goodness, and goodness leads to Paradise; and a person will continue to be truthful, and strive to be truthful until he will be written down with Allaah as a truthful person“.

And he warned against falsehood, and said : “Beware of falsehood, because falsehood leads to wickedness, and wickedness leads to the Fire. And a person will continue lying, and striving to lie until he is written down with Allaah as a great liar.”

O my brother Muslims. O youth. Be true in your sayings with your brothers, and with those Non-Muslims whom you live along with – so that you will be inviters to the Religion of Islaam, by your actions and in reality. So how many people there are who first entered into Islaam because of the behaviour and manners of the Muslims, and their truthfulness, and their being true in their dealings. [Ref 3] [End of quote]

Brothers and sisters, look at the gravity of the sin and evil committed by the one who kills a non-Muslim unlawfully – whether in a Muslim or non-Muslim country! Firstly, he violates a covenant and secondly he commits murder. However, the affair even gets worse than this when he commits this crime in the places of worship of the non-Muslims!

Subhaanallaah [Glorified be Allaah and free is He from all imperfections]! Even during war, it is not allowed to kill non-combatants, then how about killing them outside of war! An Naafi [rahimahullaah] reported from Ibn Umar [radiyallaahu anhumaa] that a woman was found dead in one of the military expeditions, so the Messenger [sallal laahu alayhi wasallam] rejected the killing of women and children. [Ref 4]

Thaabit Ibn al-Hajjaaj [rahimahullaah] reported that Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq [radiyallaahu-anhu] stood up among the people, praised and thanked Allaah, and then said, “No doubt, do not kill the monk in the monastery”. [Ref 5]

Therefore, brothers and sisters, how about murdering fellow non-Muslim citizens outside of war, and to make matters worse the perpetrators commit this crime in a land where the Muslims have a covenant with the government – whether in France or any other county. This is exactly what Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen [rahimahullaah] warned against when he said: “For the land which you are living (i.e. non-Muslim country) is such that there is an agreement between you and them. If this were not the case they would have killed you or expelled you. So preserve this agreement, and do not prove treacherous to it, since treachery is a sign of the hypocrites, and it is not from the way of the Believers”.

Indeed, brothers and sisters, we have witnessed  – in recent times – both Muslim and Christian extremists killing people in Mosques and Churches. Firstly, there are those extremely misguided Muslims who think that this crime of theirs is Jihaad. Shaikh Abdul Waahid Abu Khadeejah [hafidahullaah] quoted Al-Allaamah Saaleh Al-Fawzaan [hafidhahullaah] who said: “They kill the non-Muslims whom it is not permissible to kill. They kill those who have a treaty [with the Muslim regimes] or are under a covenant of protection. So this is extremism in the affair of Jihaad.Indeed they go even further by blowing up homes, apartment buildings and built-up areas of a town or city – they kill believers and unbelievers, young and old, males and females. They put terror and fear into the Muslims and non-Muslims who live amongst them, as well as terrifying those under the protection of the Muslim governments from the non-Muslims and the people who have covenants. Then they call that Jihaad! Rather that is Fasaad (corruption) and not Jihaad”. [Ref 6]

And these Muslim extremists also kill fellow Muslims, just as Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi Al-Madkhalee [may Allaah preserve him] said: “The Khawaarij (i.e. ISIS and their ilk) kill the people whilst they are in prayer.  They (wait for) the time of the prayer and kill people in their Mosques. This has taken place in some of the lands. They  launch an attack and kill them whilst they [i.e. the people] are in prayer”. [Ref 7]

Indeed, brothers and sisters, we have all witnessed this evil from both Muslims and Christians –  extremists and devils amongst humankind who murder people in places of worship. Few examples of this heinous:

Christian: 2019: Two mass occurred at mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, during Jumu’ah Prayer on 15 March 2019. A single a single gunman entered both mosques and killed 51 people.

Muslim: 2020: Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice, France. Perpetrator: 21-year-old Tunisian national who had arrived in France earlier this month. Two died inside the church: a 60-year-old woman who was “virtually beheaded”, and a 55-year-old man whose throat was cut. The male victim was a lay member of staff responsible for the upkeep of the church. He reportedly had a wife and two children. Another woman, aged 44, managed to flee to a nearby cafe after being stabbed several times, but died later.

Indeed, this is why our elder teachers in the west are foremost in fighting extremism.  Shaikh Abdul Waahid Abu Khadeejah [may Allaah preserve him] said: “Indeed, terrorist acts, whether perpetrated in Muslim or Non-Muslim countries are a handiwork of the devil. The Scholars- Shaikh Fawzaan, Shaikh Rabee, Shaikh Ubaid, Shaikh Abdullaah al-Bukhaari and many others have always condemned those who perpetrate terrorist acts; rather the scholars hold that those who plot and plan these inhumane acts are to be reported to the authorities. Therefore, Muslim communities must be at the forefront of stamping out these non-Islamic acts that are done falsely in the name of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon him] stated: ‘’Whoever sees an evil, let him change it with his hand. If he is not able to do that, then let him change it with his tongue [by speaking]. And if he is not able to do that, then let him [hate it] with his heart, and that is the weakest of faith.’’ (Reported by Muslim)

The Scholars have stated that forbidding evil with the hand is done by the governments and the authorities, so they hold and punish and imprison the evil doers. If they withhold from this duty, it does NOT fall into the hands of the citizens to take the law into their own hands. Rather they remain patient. As for speaking against the evil in terms of refuting the false ideologies, then that it for the scholars and the people of knowledge, not for ignorant, and there has never been a time in the history of Islam, except that the scholars have spoken out against evil ideologies and doctrines as a safeguard for Islam, and this will not stop up until the final Hour is established. As for the general person then he forbids only in accordance to his knowledge and ability in line with the rulings of the true scholars of the Sunnah based upon the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. As for hating with the heart, then this for the one who recognizes evil, but does not have the knowledge nor the ability to speak against this, so he distances himself from it and keeps away from it.

Therefore, as it relates to the terrorists, then it is well-known that their evil and inhumane acts are condemned by the Muslim scholars based upon the texts of the Qur’aan and authentic Prophet narrations. So both, a Muslim student of knowledge and the general person is to inform the authorities of those that incite or plan terrorist acts. And this is from the aspect of forbidding evil and thereby earning the reward of Allaah [The Most High].

Another reason why these terrorists and their ideology must be stamped out is due to the fact that they are innovators who have attributed to Islaam, that which Islam is free of, and it is impermissible to accommodate them or defend them or protect them, due to the statement of the Prophet [salallaahu alaihi wassallam], ‘’Whoever innovates or accommodates an innovator, then upon him is the curse of Allaah, His Angels and the whole of mankind.’’ (Reported by Bukhaaree and Muslim). And there is not a shadow of a doubt from an Islamic perspective, that these terrorist ideologies are innovations and these perpetrators are innovators, and it is not permissible to protect them or give them refuge.

One can recognize the ideology of the these evil doers from certain matters that their lectures and discussions always revolve around, from them is that they always call for rebellion and revolution in the Muslim lands and against the Muslim rulers; they declare the Muslim rulers and those who work in the apparatus of government to be apostates; they praise the suicide bombers and terrorists and insurgencies in Iraaq, Palestine and other places and continually justify their actions; they may praise the bombings of 9/11 in New York, 7th July bombings in London or the Madrid bombings. These discussions of theirs may not necessitate that they themselves will organize or carry out terrorist acts but this speech of theirs incites others towards violence. Remember it only takes two or three young men (or women) who have been affected to go out and wreak havoc. The Messenger of Allaah (salallaahu alaihi wassallam), mentioned these renegades (known as the Khawarij) in a narration, ‘’If I am alive when they appear, I will slaughter them with the slaughtering of Aad.’’ And Aad was a tribe mentioned in the Qur’aan that was punished by Allaah for their evils and transgressions. He also stated, ‘’They are the worst of Allaah’s creation under the sky.’’ There are many, many other narrations of the Prophet and his Companions describing them, to the extent that Shaikhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and Imaam an-Nawawee, two great scholars of the middle ages, stated the consensus of the great Scholars of the early generations of Islaam that these renegades must be prevented and fought against.  So when one looks at the activities of these people such as the killing of men, women and children, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, one sees that they are indiscriminate in their murderous acts.

After what has been mentioned above one can see why the Scholars of Salafiyyah have issued verdicts calling people to inform the authorities if they know of anyone inciting or planning terrorist acts.  There is NO doubt that those make a link between terrorism and what they term as ‘’The Wahhaabis’’, intending by that the Salafis, have made a mythical link based upon fallacies and falsehood. The great Scholar Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab (died 1206AH), after whom his adversaries invented the derogatory term ‘Wahhaabi’ for anyone who studied his works – then this Scholar was the most fervent in his opposition to deviation and deviant ideologies. Rather the Salafis, whom the opposers term as Wahhaabis, have been at the forefront of combating the takfeeri, Jihaadi and Terrorist ideologies, for decades. And this refutation of the Salafi scholars against these groups was not just a mere response to modern-day events but rather a religious obligation upon them regardless of prevailing circumstances.

So Syed Qutb, the father and reference point of the modern-day Jihadist-terrorist movements, was refuted by the Salafi Scholars for his call to assassinations and violent revolution decades ago and again in the early nineties by the likes of the Salafi scholars such as Shaikh Bin Baaz, Shaikh Bin Uthaimeen and especially in great detail by Shaikh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee who authored several books in exposition of Syed Qutb. Shaikh Bin Baaz warned and exposed the evil doctrine of Usamah bin Laden back in the early nineties, whilst the Islamic political groups were in praise of him. Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi is another reference point for the modern day violent politically motivated groups, yet the Salafi Scholars such as Shaikh Rabee al-Madkhali, Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiree, Shaikh Hammaad al-Ansaaree exposed his errors and warned against his approach.

Another example is the warning of the Salafi Yemeni Scholar Muqbil bin Haadee against the HAMAS of Palestine whilst the latter were supporting terrorist attacks on civilian buses in Israel. We also have the Scholarly Salafi stance against Hizbollah of south Lebanon and former leader of Iran, Khomeini such as the statements of Shaikh Bin Baz, Shaikh Bin Uthaimin, Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmi and others. Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen in his now published explanation of ‘Riyaadhus-Saaliheen’ well over fifteen years ago showed his clear abhorrence at the suicide bombings in Palestine. So this is the clarity with which the Salafis speak and have always spoken. Over a thousand years of Salafi authorship, from the time of the disciples of the Prophet until this day, the Scholars of Sunnah and Salafiyyah have been refuting the false ideologies, whether extremist or negligent – Whereas the people of deviation will respond based upon political expediency, but the underlying ideology in support of revolution and suicide attacks remains”. [Ref 8] [End of quote]

Therefore, we must not be easy going with this affair, rather it is an obligation to rebut the ideaology of the extremists and report them to both the Muslim and Non-Muslim Authorities. Read artcle in this link by Al-Allaamah Saaleh and Fawzaan [hafidhahullah] regarding whether it is betrayal to report a Muslim who planning terrorist acts: http://www.answering-extremism.com/trans-pub/ae_saf_12.pdf

The Salafi Response To The Terrorist Attacks In Paris, France: “Were they forbidding an evil?”

The Salafi Response To The Terrorist Attacks In Paris, France: “Were they forbidding an evil?”

We follow the methodology of the Prophets

Finally, Finally, we are free from all the deviants – the terrorists, cartoonists and militant secularists: https://tarbiyahsouthfldotcom.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/the-prophet-of-islam.pdf


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