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[1] Creed, Adherence to The Qur’aan, The Sunnah and Path of The Salaf; Correct Way of Pursuing Reformation and Advancement- [By Saudi King Abdul Azeez]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Saudi King Abdul Azeez Bin Abdir-Rahmaan [may Allaah have mercy upon him] said, “The foundation of the Islamic Creed is the Book of Allaah, the Sunnah of His Messenger [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] and that which the Sahaabah were upon; then the pious predecessors after them (see appendix a), and then after them the four Imaams of the Muslims- Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shaafi’ee, Imaam Ahmad and Imaam Abu Haneefah. The creed of these people is one in the foundation of the religion and that is the three categories of Tawheed- the Oneness of Allaah in His Lordship, the Oneness of Allaah in that He (alone) has the right to be worshipped and His Oneness in His Names and Attributes”. (see appendix b)

Saudi King Abdul Azeez said, “It is obligatory that we adhere to the Rope of Allaah  [i.e. the Qur’aan, Sunnah etc] and that which the Salafus Saaleh [pious predecessors] were upon. If we adhere to this, we will be callers to Allaah  [i.e. Callers to Tawheed, the Sunnah and everything Allaah has commanded], establish our affairs based on what Allaah has revealed, speak and establish our economic affairs based on Taqwaa [i.e. fear of Allaah by fulfilling everything Allaah has commanded and keeping away from everything Allaah has forbidden], so that Allaah may show us kindness. However, if we do not do so and we are abandoned to our own selves, then we might become like what Ali  [may Allaah be pleased with him] that Allaah said: [نَسُوا اللَّهَ فَنَسِيَهُمْ – They have forgotten Allah, so He has forgotten them]”. [Surah Al-Anfaal. Aayah 67]

Saudi King Abdul Azeez said, “O Muslims! It is obligatory that we hold onto the Rope of Allaah (i.e. the Qur’aan), follow the Sunnah of Allaah’s Messenger Muhammad [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him], follow the guidance of the Messenger, act on Allaah’s orders and keep away from what Allaah has forbidden. Indeed, every speech that is not followed by action is false. There can be no rectification for the Muslims except through their unity upon singling out their Lord in [His Lordship, Names and Attributes and worshipping Him alone and associate none to Him as a partner in Worship]. And during every differing that leads to splitting and division, the Religion commands us to hold onto Allaah’s Sharee’ah, enjoin one another with the truth and patience, just as Allaah  [The Most High] commanded us in the Qur’aan. We should be truly acquainted with our Lord and seek His Aid and Assistance. We do not fear except the (consequences of) our sins and it is obligated on the Muslims to follow Allaah’s Religion and obey all that Allaah has ordered, practically. In this is the (means of) rectifying their worldly affairs and the upright establishment of all their (other) affairs”.

Saudi King Abdul Azeez said, “Deeds that are in opposition to the Sharee’ah can never be beneficial for anyone and all harm (is found) in following other than the foundation brought by our Prophet Muhammad [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him]”.

He said, “Indeed, the progress and advancement of the Muslims is among those affairs we (pursue) – we call to it by the will of Allaah. (However), there cannot be advancement for the Muslims without a return to their religion, adherence to their sound creed and holding onto the Rope of Allaah (i.e. the Qur’aan and the Sunnah). The path towards this is clear and provided for the one who wants to follow it, and that is to single out Allaah in worship – to be free from shirk and bidah- and act on that which the religion has commanded us, for indeed there is no benefit in speech if not (accompanied) by action”.

[Source: An Excerpt from  “Haqeeqah Manhaj Al-Mamlakah Al-Arabiyyah As-Su’oodiyyah”. Pages 26-33]

To be continued InShaaAllaah

Appendix a: Mountains of Knowledge – Creed of The Salaf (Pious Predecessors):

Appendix b: Read “Creed of the Four Imama”:

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