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How to Attain and Actualise Sincerity in a Persons Actions? – Shaykh Abu Abdillah Khalid adh-Dhufayri (Allah preserve him)

There are many ways to actualise sincerity from them are the following,

(1) A person recognises the reality and status of this worldly life, it’s passing by and will not last.

(2) That it is has no value in reality.

(3) That a person remembers death frequently.

(4) He remembers the purpose for his creation.

(5) He ponders upon the names and attributes of Allah, he recognises and affirms that Allah is Al-‘Aleem He knows all, he has the Muraaqabah of Allah, meaning he is aware that Allah knows, hears and sees everything he does.

(6) He works towards rectifying his sincerity and realises it is from the highest levels of worship.

(7) There is no arrival to paradise except by the Pleasure of Allah.

There are many affairs and means which will aid a person rectify his sincerity and these are from them.

Shaykh Abu Abdillah Khalid Adh-Dhufayri (hafidahullah) (1st March 2020)

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