[4] Usaamah Al Utaybi – [ The Pottymouth Vile Hater and Thoughtless Moron, Whose Affair Has Reached The Point of Madness]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Allaah’s Messenger [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] said, “The over-stringent ones are destroyed”.  Imaam Nawawi [may Allaah have mercy upon him] said, “The over-stringent ones are those who look too deeply (into affairs) and are excessive- those who exceed the Hudood (prescribed legislated Sharee’ah boundaries) in their statements and actions”. [Sharh Saheeh Muslim. Vol 16. page 180 ]

Usaamah Al-Utaybi – the pottymouth vile hater about whom Al-Allaamah Ubaid Al-Jaabiree stated that his affair has reached the point of madness – stated that when the overseers of Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah were under the supervision of the Salafi Mashaayikh, they were upon good despite having errors, and one of those errors was that they entered into the Fitna of Faaleh Al-Harbi; but they recanted at the time after advised by Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi. However, they have returned to their previous misguidance and have not ceased to be upon Haddaadiyyah, with lies, slander and revilement against the Salafi scholars.

Observations and Comments On The Above

Point Number 1: When Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah was under the supervision of the Salafi Mashaayikh!

Observation: Deceitful pottymouth – Usaamah – desperately seeks to give the impression that Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah are no longer upon what they were upon. Indeed, all Masaajid and Maraakiz of Salafiyyah in the UK know fully well that Al-Maktabatus Salafi are still upon the sound Salafi Methodology and with the Salafi Mashaayikh – teaching the books of Tawheed and Sunnah, defending the scholars of Salafiyyah, calling to the truth, confronting Tamyee, Haddaadiyyah, Khaarijiyyah, Soofiyyah and other paths of misguidance; rather the only reason behind attacks of the vile musaafiqah – including shameless Usaamah’s attacks – is because the Maktabah defends Salafi Mashaayikh and Salafi students, and repels the transgressions of Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi. Read below:



Point Number 2: Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah was upon good despite having errors and one of these errors was that they entered into the Fitna of Faaleh Al-Harbi, but they recanted at the time after being advised by Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi.


Firstly, all praise is due to Allaah that when the affair of Faaleh Al-Harbi – the Haddaadi – became manifest and he was refuted by the likes of Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi, the Maktabah as well as other Salafiyyoon abandoned him after he persisted upon error, especially when he innovated principles in the science of Al-Jarh Wat-Tadeel (the Science of Criticism and Commendation) and made Tabdee (declaring people innovators in the religion) without proof. This was not done for the sake of Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi nor was he the only one who stood against Faaleh, rather Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi was the one who led the battle against Faaleh. Likewise, this eagerness to defend the Manhaj – by the Tawfeeq of Allaah – is what the Maktabah is upon to this day; defending Salafiyyah and reprimanding those who oppose it based on manifest clarifications, and all praise is due to Allaah.

Secondly, at present Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi has been found guilty of making Tabdee without proof and thus reprimanded by Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi, so Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah stood firm together with others to aid the truth by the Tawfeeq of Allaah. However, this silly fool (pottymouth Usaamah) attacks the Maktabah for abandoning Dr Muhammad and then call them Haddaadees, even though he is the one who has manifested behaviour and uttered statements similar to that of the Haddaadiyyah when he stated about those who warn against the gathering of Shaikh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhayli – a defender of Muhammad Bin Haadi – that they are “ahlul bidah. He cannot produce an atom’s weight of evidence to establish his claim, rather he uttered this statement due to oppression and transgression. Indeed, his affair is nothing else besides what Al-Allaamah Ubaid Bin Abdillaah Al-Jaabiree – who knows him better than us – precisely stated about him that “As for preventing his harm, by Allaah, neither I nor you can do this. If I had anything to do with it, I would have stopped it”. The Shaikh also said, “His affair has reached the point of madness, recklessness and lightmindedness”.

As for the Maktabah, Allaah granted them -once again- justice, knowledge, wisdom and upright behaviour in this affair. Listen here: Clarification by Shaikh Abu Iyaad – [A warning, a Refutation, Rebuke Against a Mistake or Behaviour Does Not Automatically Necessitate Tabdee; & a Mention of Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadi’s & Shaikh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee’s Affair- [From 52mins onwards]: https://mixlr.com/albaseerah/showreel/narration-from-the-salaf-regarding-creed-and-methodology

Point Number 3: They have returned to their previous misguidance and have not ceased to be upon Haddaadiyyah, with lies, slander and revilement that is tantamount to that of the Haddaadiyyah against the Salafi scholars.

Observation: The only reason that led Usaamah to utter this outright falsehood that is tantamount to Fujoor Fil Khusoomah [an act of inequity in argumentation] is only because Al-Maktabatus Salafiyyah did the right thing by warning against both Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi’s oppressive judgements and those who beautify his affair.  Therefore, the Maktabah is absolutely innocent of this false accusation uttered by potty mouth Usaamah. May Allaah protect us from his vile tongue Aameen.

There is no doubt that the one who closely examines Usaamah’s behaviour will discover the fact that he a spiteful idiot who thinks that his quackery, oppression, excess and transgression is wisdom and justice. This is what has clearly manifested when this insolent liar uses the term ahlul bidah against the Maktabah because they warn against those who beautify the affair of Dr Muhammad Bin Haadi after he has persisted upon false Tabdee. Indeed, Usaamah’s pathetic and irresponsible behaviour manifests his short sightedness, irrationality, slanderous behaviour and outright lies, because every sensible person can clearly see that he deliberately oppresses and slanders those who forbid excess, oppression and transgression, and commend those who commit excess, oppression and transgression; seeks to conceal truth and pedal lies. Imaam Ibnul Qayyim [may Allaah have mercy upon him] stated, “When a proof that supports the truth is manifested and the one who wants to repel it finds no way of doing so, he refrains from mentioning it and thus becomes a silent devil, and sometimes he distorts it. Distortion is of two types: Distortion in wording and distortion in meanings. Distortion in wording is when one utters a word in a context in which it does not establish the truth – either adding to the word or omitting something from it, or substituting it with something else- to the extent that the listener is made to believe something, whilst something else is intended by it, just as the Yahood (i.e. those Yahood who disbelieved in the Prophet and hated him) used to distort words when giving Salaam to the Prophet [i.e. saying As-Saamu Alayka (death be upon you), instead of saying Assalaamu alaykum). This is one type of distortion. The second type of distortion is related to meanings – distorting the wording, giving it an interpretation that is not intended by the one who uttered it and pretending not to know what is not its intended meaning, or dropping other meanings intended by it etc. Allaah [The Most High] said: [وَإِن تَلۡوُ ۥۤاْ أَوۡ تُعۡرِضُواْ فَإِنَّ ٱللَّهَ كَانَ بِمَا تَعۡمَلُونَ خَبِيرً۬ا – and if you distort your witness or refuse to give it, verily, Allah is Ever Well-Acquainted with what you do]”. (1)

The Imaam also stated, “The fact that a statement regarding something is lies and falsehood is sometimes known based on the statement in and of itself, its contradictions, perplexity and the manifestation of those clear indications which shows that it is lies. Lies might be manifested based on what it is in reality, manifested based on what is apparent and what is being concealed. It is sometimes known based on the situation of the utterer of the lie, for indeed the one who is known for lying, wickedness and deception, his statements do not show anything else except a state of conformity with his deeds. He does not utter a statement or perform an action similar to that of a pious and truthful person – the one innocent of every evil, deception, lie and wicked behaviour; rather the heart, intention, statements and deeds of the truthful one have the same image; and the heart, statements, deeds and intentions of the liar have the same image”. (2)

The Imaam also stated that one should beware of kadhib [lying], for indeed it corrupts one’s ability to illustrate information based on what it should be in reality. It corrupts one’s ability to illustrate information and his ability to teach the people. The liar portrays what is non-existent as something present and what is present as something non-existent. He portrays truth as something false and falsehood as something true; he portrays good as evil and evil as good, so this corrupts his conception and knowledge, which then becomes a punishment upon him. Then he portrays what is not true to the one deceived by him – the one who is inclined towards him- so he corrupts his conception and knowledge. The soul of the liar turns away from the existing reality -inclined towards what is non-existent and gives preference to falsehood. And when his conception and knowledge is corrupted, which is the basis of every wilful chosen deed, his deeds become corrupt and marked by lies, so those deeds would emanate from him just as lies emanate from the tongue- he neither benefits from his tongue nor his deeds. This is why lying is the basis [or foundation] of immorality, just as the Prophet [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] said, “Indeed lies lead to immorality [or wickedness] and indeed immorality [or wickedness] leads to the fire. [Bukhaari 2606/2607]

Firstly lies emerges from the heart and then on the tongue, so it corrupts it; then it transfers to the limbs and corrupts its actions, just as it corrupts the statements of the tongue. Therefore, lying prevails over his statements, deeds and state of affairs; corruption becomes deeply rooted in him and its disease leads to destruction if Allaah does not grant him cure him with the medication of truthfulness, which uproots its (i.e. lying) from its original source. This is why the basis [or foundation] of all the deeds of the hearts is based on truthfulness; and the basis of their opposites – such as showing off, self-amazement, pride, being glad [with ungratefulness to Allaah’s Favours], conceitedness, boastfulness, insolence, weakness, laziness, cowardice, disgrace and other than them- is lies. The origin of every righteous deed- whether carried out in private or public- is based on truthfulness. And the origin of every corrupt deed – whether carried out in private or public- is lies. (3)

Al-Allaama Rabee Bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee [may Allaah preserve him] said: “Through [Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)], Allaah removed us from the darkness of Shirk, indecency and Bidah, evil deeds and bad manners – lying, deceit, quackery and trickery; and (purified us) with pure (Islamic)] monotheism and strong sincere Eemaan. He [i.e. the Messenger] nurtured us upon truthfulness and took the oath of allegiance from us that we speak the truth wherever we may be, and he warned us against lies and evil deeds. And from the recompense (given) to a liar is that which has been reported from the noble Prophet [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him]- the person of high moral character- who said, “I saw (in a dream) – two men came to me”. Then the Prophet said, “They said, ‘the person- the one whose cheek you saw being torn away (from the mouth to the ear) was a liar and used to tell lies and the people would report those lies on his authority till they spread (that lie) all over the world. So, he will be punished like that till the Day of Resurrection”. [Reported by Imaam Al-Bukhaari: Number: 6096] (4)

We ask Allaah to protect us from the disease that has afflicted pottymouth Usaamah and remove him from this destructive trap of lies, deception, transgression, oppression, excess and quackery Aameen.

To be continued InShaaAllaah

[Ref 1: An Excerpt from “Badaa’i At-Tafseer Al-Jaami Limaa Fassarahu Al-Imaam Ibnul Qayyim”. Page Vol 1. pages 300-303. slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 2: An Excerpt from As-Sawaa’iq Al-Mursalah 2/469-470. Slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 3: Al-Fawaa’id’ pages 202-203. slightly paraphrased]

[Ref 4: An Excerpt from ‘Al-Awaasim Mimmaa Fee Kutub Sayyid Qutb Minal-Qawaasim: page 4-5]

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