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Why Were Some of Us Verbally Abused – Likened to Idiots and Drink-drivers?!

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

The Basis of all Our Problems

Imaam Ibnul Qayyim [may Allaah have mercy upon him] said: Whoever ponders upon the state of affairs of the world will find that every affair of rectification is due to Tawheed, singling out Allaah in worship and obedience to His Messenger (Muhammad). And every evil in the world, trial, affliction, scarcity (in livelihood), being overpowered by an enemy and other than that is due to (our) opposition to the Messenger and the call to other than (the way of) Allaah and His Messenger. Whoever truly ponders upon this and examines the state of affairs of the world- since its beginning and until the time Allaah will take it away and those upon it- he will realise this affair regarding himself and others, in general and specific (circumstances). And there is no Might or Power except with Allaah –The Most High, The Most Great. [Source: Badaa’i Al-Fawaa’id 3/525-526]

Indeed, we’ve witnessed the manner in which some of the atheists, the deceivers in the mainstream media, the overexcited pro-vaxers and the ignorant rabble attempted to force their views upon others without guidance from Allaah and His Messenger, which led others to react due to feeling threatened and abused. Among the headlines of the abusers were: “Hospitals refused to treat toddler because his parents were unvaccinated”….”Howard Stern calls for unvaccinated people to be denied Covid treatment”…”Eligible people who are not vaccinated against Covid and have no medical reason not to get the jab have been described as idiots by former prime minister Tony Blair”…”Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool Manager- says that refraining from vaccination is like drink-driving”…”Sajid Javid says that England football team are role models and needs to be encouraging youthful individuals to step ahead and get jabbed – footballers should get jabbed to help protect yourself and those around you; appeals to these people, whether they are footballers, whoever it is that the vaccines are working; they are role models in society; people, especially young people, will look up to them and they should recognise that and the difference that can make in terms of encouraging others etc”…”Jabs for kebabs — The art of coronavirus vaccine persuasion – from sausages to free taxi rides, governments are giving out free stuff to encourage you to take your jab”… “Adults must get vaccinated to allow children and adolescents to resume their lives after it was halted for a year and half due to the COVID-19 pandemic”… “Health authorities compared vaccination rates with Zodiac signs, but the results may require further investigation” etc. These were some of the headlines regarding the views of some of those people who held that everyone must get vaccinated and they were strongly supported by many deceivers in the mainstream media.

Then there were reports regarding those who oppose them as follows “Anti-vaxxer, 53, is jailed for 12 weeks after supergluing pharmacy’s doors shut to prevent 500 people including many pensioners from getting jabbed”…”Anti-vax bomb hoaxer, 66, is jailed for 21 months after sparking the mass evacuation of a school and NHS major incident after targeting Covid vaccine facilities”…”An anti-vaxxer who torched a Bristol nightclub to send a message about vaccine passports has been jailed”… “Anti-Vaccine California Doctor Sentenced To Prison For Storming Capitol”…”Anti-vaxxers using bribery and fake certificates to avoid vaccination, Australian government warned”…”Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccines with saline solution” etc

The first group – pro-vaxers – sometimes utilised psychological abuse, regular and deliberate use of a range of words and non-physical actions with the intent to manipulate, hurt, weaken or frighten people mentally and emotionally; distort, confuse or influence their thoughts and actions etc. Then the second group – those subjected to this abuse – sometimes responded aggressively.

However, three affairs regarding the overexcited pro-vaxers really amazed us. Firstly, the statement, “Health authorities compared vaccination rates with Zodiac signs, but the results may require further investigation”. Indeed, this is how they exaggerated until it led them to Shirk and Kufr Akbar. Must read and listen to the very important information regarding astrology by Shaikh Abu Khadeejah and Shaikh Abu Iyaadh [may Allaah preserve them].

Astrology as a means of seeking knowledge of the future: Kitaab at-Tawheed, Chapter 29:

Secondly, the statement of Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool Manager- that “refraining from vaccination is like drink-driving”. This was an absurd analogy indeed! “Al-Hukmu Alaa Shay’in Far’un An Tasawwurihee – Passing a judgement on something is to be (firmly linked and based) on understanding the affair”. Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen [may Allaah have mercy upon him] said, “You do not pass a judgement on a thing except after being completely acquainted with it, so that the judgement is in accordance with what the real state of affairs is. And if this is not done, then great error occurs”. [An Excerpt from Sharh Al-Usool Min Ilm Al-Usool. page 604]

Comparing those who choose not to get vaccinated to drink drivers is a false analogy. The consumption of alcohol – whether driving or not – is forbidden and one is commanded by the Creator to abandon everything that intoxicates the mind and intellect, whereas accepting a specific medication is recommended. Read here by Shaikh Abu Khadeejah [may Allaah preserve him]:

Thirdly, the statement of Tony Blair that “Eligible people who are not vaccinated against Covid and have no medical reason not to get the jab are idiots”. We simply say, “Mr Blair said that we are idiots because we declined an offer to get vaccinated, so what does he say now after watching this video?”

Neither are we idiots nor have we behaved in an idiotic manner; rather we questioned the safety of a vaccine based on the honest research of bona-fide scientists – Muslims and non-Muslims – and declined to be vaccinated, and at present everyone knows that this vaccine has harmed many people. Therefore, the claim that we are idiots is null and void, rather amongst the traits of an idiot – as stated by Imaam Ibn Hibbaan [may Allaah have mercy upon him]- are: haste, lightheadedness, immorality, ignorance, envy, oppression, betrayal, heedlessness, obscenity, pride, vanity, aggression and hatred. [Rawdatul Uqalaa 121]

All this nonsense would have ended if they read this article: An Advice Regarding Differing Over COVID-19 ― And Understanding The Ijitihād Of Scholars In Worldly Affairs:

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