Lesson Notifications at Salaficentre (Al-Markazus Salafi) – Manchester

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu. We pray that all the noble brothers and sisters are well. May Allaah preserve all of us upon Salafiyyah Aameen.

Firstly, in order to limit miscommunication, brothers and sisters are reminded that all lessons – during the week and weekends – are on as normal unless stated otherwise – directly- by the Masjid Admin or the teacher.

Secondly, all lesson notifications – in most cases – go out at different times with enough time for the attendees to get ready InShaaAllaah. May Allaah bless the individual who has been fulfilling this task. Here is an example of the different times when notifications have been sent out via Twitter:

Lesson reminder sent out at 17:06pm [07/01/23]
Lesson reminder sent out at 17:28pm [21/01/23]
Lesson reminder sent out at 13.09 [04/02/23]
Lesson reminder sent out at 9:15 [11/02/23]
Lesson reminder sent out 19:30 [17/02/23]
Lesson reminder sent out at 12:31 [04/03/23]

Thirdly, besides the fact that lessons – during the week and during weekends- are on unless stated otherwise by the Masjid Committee or the teacher, please do not solely rely on the “Benefits and Reminders WhatsApp Group” unless details are directly posted from Masjid Twitter Account. InShaaAllaah, this will limit miscommunication.

Finally, neither Asim (Tuition Club Headteacher) nor any Masjid Committee Member [Abu Khaalid (Dawud), Abul Faarooq (Kamaal), Abu Eesa (Faizal), Abu Aa’isha (Amjad), Abu Abee Bakr (Abu Mu’aawiyah- Abdullah)] carries out the task; rather it is given to another person with authorised access to the Masjid Twitter Account.

Jazaakumullaahu Khayran

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