Important  Notice to Attendees – Please be mindful of parking

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu

Please be mindful of your parking. It is easy enough to park slightly further away in a proper space – and walk a little, than to block people’s houses and drive ways – preventing them from exiting their properties.

Also please listen to and respect the brothers who are attempting to keep the area and parking spaces clear – and who walk up and down looking after your cars. If they ask you not to park somewhere then please accept that as they most likely have a good reason and it’s not befitting to quarrel with them – especially more so as it is Ramadhaan. The believer is “like the easy-going camel” and should not carry out actions to make things more difficult for others. Our neighbours have rights on us, and it is better for them, and good dawah for them also – if they see from all of the best of manners and etiquette. Please be mindful of all of the above, as now taraweeh prayer is becoming later.

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