[1] The right religion is the answer to every problem

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Imam As-Sadi [may Allah have mercy upon him] said:

All praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and all his family and companions. To proceed: These are statements about the Islamic religion, and how it guides to what is most just and upright- how it guides Allah’s servants through its creed, manners, dealings, and directives, and establishes the foundation of what will benefit them in their worldly life and the Hereafter; and a clarification that without it, there is no path to upright rectification of any of the affairs of the creation, and that all systems that are contrary to Islam cannot establish uprightness in religious and worldly affairs unless they are founded on its teachings.

What we have mentioned about its trustworthiness and veracity has been demonstrated by what has been experienced and obviously perceived through the five senses, just as (uncorrupted) divine laws, sound natural inclinations and minds witness to its reality. That is because Islam as a whole is a means of upright rectification; it repels evil and harm, beckons to virtue and guidance, and warns against evil and all types of destructiveness. When some examples of Islam’s teachings and commands are presented, it becomes clear to every sensible and just person that it is true that all creation is compelled by their need for it, and that they cannot do without it under any circumstances. That is because the entire world has been swamped by life’s troubles- guided in one direction and led wrong in another, an affair established for them on uprightness in some aspects and deviation in others! This is the outcome of one of two things: either ignorance of what the religion (of Islam) suggests and guides to, or haughtiness and deviation, ill intentions and aims, which, as is often the case, stops them from the righteousness they are familiar with. (Therefore), we must mention some of the important problems of life, such as the problems (associated) with religion, knowledge, wealth and poverty, health and disease, war and peace, unity and disunity, love and hate, and other (affairs) about which people’s views and guidance differ, as well as the righteous paths of the Islamic religion in dealing with these affairs and the benefits, which cannot be counted or enumerated, it has contributed towards them.

[An Excerpt from Ad-Deenus Saheeh Yahillu Jamee al-Mashaakil (The right religion is the answer to every problem- pages 1-2)]

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