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Weekly lessons at al-Markazus Salafi are beneficial, but it does not mean that everyone should avoid addressing other crucial matters.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Monday: Umdatul Fiqh – Explanation By Al-Allaamah Ubayd Al-Jaabiri [may Allah have mercy upon him]

Thursday: Usool ath-Thalaatha – By Al-Allaamah Zayd Bin Haadi [may Allah have mercy upon him]

Saturday: Kitab At-Tawheed – By Al-Allaamah Saalih Al-Fawzan[may Allah preserve him]

Sunday: Umdatul Ahkhaam

Sunday: Sharhus Sunnah – Al-Allaamah Saalih Al-Fawzaan

Once a month (on a Saturday): Taleeq Bahja al-Quloob -Sharh Jawaami al-Akhbaar

So, Alhamdulilah, one has all of these lessons to attend. However, this does not change the reality that when a problem emerges that requires clarification, we avoid it and claim that all of us should only focus on teaching and learning. Here’s an essential issue that has been bothering some people recently, so we addressed it regardless of who is yelling and raving in the East or West because all of it is to divert attention away from something they don’t want to rectify.

The Salafiyyoon in the UK have never been asleep nor in need of being reminded that they busy themselves with Duroos because our elder teachers have had a close connection with the senior Scholars and their books for many years, and this affair continues to this day. We love the Scholars and their students, but we are vigilant about people with ulterior motives, especially when they seek to divert attention from something they are required to rectify.

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