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New Monthly Lesson – Imam Sadi’s Explanation of Jawaami’u Al-Akhbaar

Imam Sadi’s Explanation of Jawaami’u Al-Akhbaar, with additional benefits from Shaykh Ubayd

Lesson by Ustādh Abu Abdir-Rahmān Hilāl

Whoever contemplates this book, Bahjat Qulub al-Abrar waqurrat ‘Uyoon al-Akhyar, fi sharh Jawami’ al-Akhbar or Explanation of 99 hadeeth by al-‘Allamah Abdir-Rahman As-Sa’di, in its briefness and clarity will notice that it contains all the beneficial sciences: the science of Tawheed (Monotheism), the principles of Faith, the science of adopting and observing the Path towards Allah, as well as the religious, the worldly, and the medical ethics. It also contains the science of jurisprudence and Islamic rulings in all branches of Fiqh: Acts of Worship, Transactions, Marriage Acts, and others, explaining their rulings and origins, the sciences of various methods of reform, the useful topics, directions to bring private and general benefits, religious and worldly, and to repel whatever harm there is.

They are all taken and learned from the words of the Prophet, may Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him, in the form of an explanation of the most comprehensive selected Hadiths, as you will discover, and it is all due to the Grace and Mercy of Allah Alone.


  • Day: Last Saturday of Every Month
  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Live at the Masjid (Men’s and women’s side open)
  • Broadcast Live on

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