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Why were Forefathers of the racist Zionists expelled from England and France?

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Eight hundred years ago, the forefathers of the Zionists were expelled from England, but prior to their expulsion, they were reportedly forbidden from interacting with Christians, required to wear badges as a means of identification, and prohibited from building synagogues. Their offspring were not permitted to inherit from them in the thirteenth century, and many of them were arrested, put in jail, or hanged. They were also thought to be murderers of Christ. King Edward ultimately drove them out of England in 1290. In 1394, King Charles VI also banished them from France. They were accused of causing the Black Plague and their Talmud was burnt. A large number of them were forced to leave their homes, have their estates taken, and pay fines in order to be allowed to return to France. It was also forbidden for them to discuss their religion in public.

Many of the hypocrites – in our era – who are actively fighting against those they consider to be Jew-haters openly assert that morality and justice have improved since the Middle Ages and that regulations from bygone eras of governance that led to the expulsion of the Jews from England and France have no place in contemporary society. Nevertheless, many of these hypocrites in the media turn a blind eye to the crimes committed against the Palestinian people. The racist Zionists believe that they are the ‘Chosen people of God’, who promised them sacred land, as well as the fact that the doctrine of the ‘Chosen people’ led them to consider themselves superior over other nations (or deal with them arrogantly), and thus they divided humankind into two groups: ‘Yahood’: God’s chosen people and they are the best of societies, as they claim. ‘Goyim’: They are the rest of the non-Yahood people. The term was used to refer to the idol worshippers, but then they began to apply it to all non-Yahoods. Goyim or Gentiles is a term used by the Yahood, by which they mean animals created by God in the image of humans to serve the Yahood. They also believe that they are a people chosen by God, and that God specially gave them this belief, and that divine law was only revealed to them and not others, and that God’s blessing is not given except to them”. [1]


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[1] An Excerpt from “As-Suhyooniyyah An-Nasraaniyyah Diraasah Fee Daw’i Al-Aqeedah Al-Islaamiyyah”. pages 211-212. 1st Edition 1430AH [2009]. May Allah bless our colleague (Ustaadh Harun Banton) for bringing to our attention the details of this book.

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