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Friday Incident at The Salafi Centre & Abu Usaamah Dhahabi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

After the ‘Foundations of the Sunnah’ lesson yesterday, I was asked about an incident that occurred at Jum’uah (Fri 1st April) at the Salafi Centre; whereby inexplicably Abu Usama Dhahabi, of the deviant GLM organisation, walked in, took the microphone claiming he was the khateeb- apparently believing he was scheduled to do the khutbah there! In reality he was scheduled with the hizbees across the road (the followers of the takfeeri innovator al Magharawi, the ones who cut the phone line on Shaikh Rabee’ when he was advising them to abandon the innovator Al-Ma’ribi, etc.). He was promptly removed from the masjid. So the question is: Was it correct to remove him?

We can answer this from a number of angles, that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this action was correct and in fact completely necessary!

So firstly: What kind of unbelievable extreme mental block and delusional state must somebody be in, to walk into a masjid, take the microphone and be on the verge of starting the Khutba… and NOT EVEN realise that it is not the masjid you have been invited to; instead, somewhere completely different?! Bear in mind, that he has been to the hizbees across the road before anyway! So it cannot be said, that he was somehow unaware of the layout of the masjid at all. It is still perplexing and baffling to the Salafis of Manchester how his mind didn’t “click”, when he walked into a completely new and unrecognised environment to the hizbee location he was invited to even though he has ALREADY visited it previously. We can only imagine his bewilderment when he must’ve seen new faces he didn’t recognise at all, and couldn’t see any of his hizbee comrades waiting to greet him. Alas, the proverbial pennies were clearly in short supply, hence the lack of any of them ‘dropping’. Yet he proceeded still to ask for the mic to be clipped onto his collar, to begin his khutbah!Despite our utmost efforts, we still cannot comprehend how on Earth such stupidity is even possible.

Secondly: Upon finally locating a penny to drop… it dropped… and the mic was removed, leaving him utterly confused, bemused & bamboozled by his (own) unbelievable stupidity. So belatedly he began to make his way out, and when loitering around the corridor, and further more being asked to leave, he muttered words to the effect of “I know how to go JAAHILIYYAH on you”. Now shocking as this may seem, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, as its what we’ve become accustomed to with this individual. We all know very well, how he goes all “jaahiliyyah” on people; and if anyone needs a refresh, please read about his restaurant nervous breakdown, where he almost beat up a couple of young brothers half his age ( ) and Allah’s aid is sought!

It is truly amazing! Can anyone imagine any of the Scholars, going all “JAAHILIYYAH” on people?! Or perhaps this is the new “hip”, “street”, “cool”, “reach-out-to-the-gangster-Youth”, vibe of dawa, being implemented by him, and his likes (the likes of Aasim al Hakeem with his “your mother” comment ( and the “Dawa Men” with their infamous sperm drinking debacle).

Thirdly: What was the parting comment of this so-called great student of knowledge, (referred to by many as a “Shaykh Abu Usama Dhahabi”(!)) toward the Salafi brothers, who ushered him out. I quote, from witnesses present, he uttered words to the effect, “If this was in my masjid I’d crack your head open”?!… A student of knowledge saying this? A “Shaikh”? Yes, indeed… an even the young children at the masjid were almost in tears from laughter when hearing that a so-called great “student” speaks like this!. Alhamdulillaah we didn’t learn to “crack people’s heads” from our Salafi scholars when studying in Madinah… Allah knows best what he learnt…

So considering all the facts, then there is no issue whatsoever in having removed him.

1) He attempted to take the Mimbar & Mic with NO invitation whatsoever (upon his completely & utterly unbelievable lack of ability to distinguish between the Hizbi location he was invited to and our Salafi Masjid…which has a huge banner at the entrance “Salafi Centre of Manchester” and in Arabic too المركز السلفي!)

2) He threatened brothers with speech typically expected of a thug off the backstreets of some rundown slum… Threatening to CRACK someone’s HEAD, despite the fact that it was he who attempted to take the Mimbar & deliver a Khutbah?!
Passing the blame is typical cowardice; despite it being his mistake it was the ones ejecting him who needed their heads “cracking”. This is further evidence of this mans delusional state and typical of his characteristic of being in “denial” of reality. Even though he was completely at fault for the WHOLE incident – Dhahabi cannot bring himself to accept it; and it is always we the Salafis that have to be at fault. The same Salafis who were peacefully waiting for their Salafi khateeb… until he – a man declared a deviant by Sh Ahmad Najmy – “gatecrashed” like no one has ever gatecrashed before.

3) And this brings us to the most important points to this entire saga. Abu Usaamah Dhahabi is known to cooperate with deviants and share platforms with them at GLM… Shaykh Ahmad an Najmee was asked about this individual to which he replied:

“موقفكم منه كموقفهم من أهل البدعة أعرض عنه و اتركه”

“Your position with him is the same as your position with the people of innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him.”

Shaykh Uthaymeen in his explanation of Imaam Nawawee’s 40 Hadith said: “If the one that eats, garlic and onions is prevented from entering the masjid, how about the one that corrupts the people’s religion? Is he not more deserving of being prevented from entering? Indeed [he is], by Allah! But many people are unaware!”
Hence, it was completely and utterly correct to remove him from both the minbar and the masjid; and all praise is to Allah and with Allah lies the success

Abu Muaadh Taqweem & The Committee of The Salafi Centre of Manchester

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Sh. Mohammad bin Haady حفظه الله تعالى: Refutations are a Part of Seeking Knowledge!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is an extremely sad state of affairs when those who ascribe themselves to knowledge present to the people deceptively chosen generalised statements of the scholars to establish their wayward methodologies; one such deception is the claim that refutations should not be given attention and a person should busy himself with knowledge.

Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady clarifies that refutations are indeed an aspect of seeking knowledge, otherwise how is it expected of an individual to seek knowledge if he is unaware of where to seek it from?! What meaning would the statement of Ibn Seereen hold with regards to seeking knowledge if refutations were not to be given any attention? “Indeed this knowledge is religion, so look to whom you take your religion from.”

Those who follow their desires will present generalised statements of the scholars stating that a person should not busy himself with refutations etc and should instead focus upon knowledge, attempting to utilise such statements to virtually nullify the science of jarh wa ta’deel, such that it becomes a criminal activity and “extremism” (Ghulluw) with them to ask about the state of an individual (and likely more so if the question is related to the likes of Al-Halaby, Al-Ma’riby and others that they wish to defend and would rather remain silent upon, highly conveniently).

In reality such statements of the scholars do not “criminalise” spreading refutations, or asking about individuals in order to protect yourself and be aware of whom to take knowledge from, as Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady explains in the following video.

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Ouiga Boards/”Crossing Over”/Communicating with Souls of the Deceased…Sh.Fawzan

Q: What is the ruling on “calling” back the souls/spirits of the deceased [to communicate with them]? And is that a type of magic?

A: No doubt calling upon souls to return [and communicate with] is a type of magic, or fortune-telling. These souls are not the souls of the deceased – as they claim – rather they are shayaateen [devils] who imitate the actual deceased and say, “I am the soul/spirit of such and such, and [in reality] he is from the devils, so this [activity] is not permissible.

The souls of the deceased cannot be retrieved [and communicated with] because they are in the grasp of Allah, “It is Allah Who takes away the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep. He keeps those (souls) for which He has ordained death and sends the rest for a term appointed. Verily, in this are signs for a people who think deeply.” [Surah az-Zumar: 42]

So the souls are not as they claim, that they come and go – rather that is at the disposal of Allah. Hence calling upon and “retrieving” the souls/spirits of the deceased is falsehood, and it is a type of magic or fortune-telling.”

المنتقى من فتاوى فضيلة الشيخ صالح الفوزان – السحر و الكهانة و العرافة و الشعوذة ص48

[Translator’s note: Such activites that have become widespread in society are clearly impermissible; regrettably many have fallen into such affairs through “curiosity”, falling into observing and viewing “shows” online or elsewhere of so called “miracle” individuals who have the ability to “cross-over” or “communicate” with the souls of the deceased.

In such “shows” they call upon names and descriptions within the audience claiming the “presence” of the deceased soul is speaking to them…all such affairs are impermissible. We heard from our scholars stating that the one who views such magic shows, “crossing-over” shows and their likes falls into the narrations of the prohibition of actually visiting the magicians or fortune-tellers in person, hence the threats are applicable to him even though he may be viewing all that from the comfort of his home out of “curiosity only”, therefore great caution is required to be exercised, may Allah protect us and you].


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Are Refutations Considered Backbiting or Slander? Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly رحمه الله

Those who are unable to restrict themselves to the Salafi Methodology constantly find themselves searching for avenues of rescue and escape. One common avenue they engage in is seeking out selective statements of the scholars that mention the ill characteristics of backbiting, spreading tales between people to cause corruption, lying, slander etc, – disgraceful and evil characteristics without a doubt – however defenders of innovators seek to utilise such statements to defend themselves against the refutations directed at them from ahlus-Sunnah, as if the refutations upon them are “slander, lies, backbiting” [!], leading to the common people misunderstanding and becoming confused regarding the methodology of the Salaf.

Hence we see here a beautiful explanation of Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly رحمه الله on whether refutations and clarifications of the wayward methodology of deviants, innovators and people of desires is considered “backbiting” or “slander” or other than that from the evil characteristics?

Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly رحمه الله  stated : “Refutations upon the people of desires and innovation, and the open-sinners is not considered following up their faults, and it is not considered striving to find faults and shortcomings, neither is it considered an intent to expose the shortcomings and wrongs [of others] as some who fell behind in understanding claim! The affair has become confusing to him [i.e. to the who claims refutations are backbiting, slander, finding faults in others] due to his shortcoming in knowledge! Rather that [refutations] is from the same type as striving in the path of Allah with the pen and tongue due to what is in that from destroying falsehood and clarifying the truth and advising the creation.

There are so many books that have been written upon justice in refutation of the people of desires and innovation, and those who are open sinners, and they [i.e. the people of desires and innovation and open-sinners] have been debated upon evidences from the Book and the Sunnah until the truth was established and upright and understood, and the falsehood collapsed upon itself until it became known [as falsehood].”

[الأجوبة السديدة عن الأسئلة الرشيدة م2 ص128] (via]

Perhaps, the likes of Madeenahdotcom’s Naveed Ayaaz [and IslamNelson] who continues to co-operate with those who cut the phone-line on Shaikh Rabee and still defend Abul-Hasan al-Ma’riby and his likes, should take note of Shaikh Zaid’s رحمه الله speech since the official stance he and his beloved IslamNelson seem to have taken now is a stance of miraculously becoming the “victims”[!]…and perhaps he should consider retracting his slander against the salafis in stating that we desire “chaos” between people. We wonder how long it will take him to realise it is the deviants the likes of al-Ma’riby that cause the chaos between the people, the likes of al-Halaby, al-Maghrawy…such individuals slander and speak ill against the scholars yet silence upon them…whilst unleashing his tongue upon the Salafis who defend the honour of the scholars?! What a terrible state to be in.


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How Should Women Dress In Front of Other Women? Sh.Fawzan/Sh.Uthaymeen/Sh.Albany

Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan was asked regarding women wearing extremely tight clothes, or open clothing that reveals large areas of the chest and arms, he replied:

“What is required from a woman is modesty and shyness, and that she is a good example for her sisters from the women, and that she should not reveal among women other than that which practising muslimaat [muslim sisters] are accustomed to uncovering among themselves. This is more deserving and encompassing, since leniency in uncovering that which there is no need to uncover may lead to [further] lenience which [eventually] leads to impermissible uncovering, Allahu ‘alam”.

Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan was also asked regarding women wearing tight clothing in the presence of other women only, he replied:

“No doubt that a women wearing something tight which highlights her body areas [bosom etc]  is not permissible, it is not permissible except in front of her husband only. As for in the presence of others besides her husband then it is not permissible, even if it was in the presence of women only. Since then she will be a bad example for others if they see her wearing such [tight] clothes, and they will emulate her.

Additionally, she [the woman] is commanded to cover her ‘aura with ample and covering clothing from everyone, except her husband, she should cover her ‘aura from other women as she covers from men – except for that which is customarily accepted to uncover for women among women, such as the face, the hands, the feet, that which there is a need to uncover.”

[فتاوى المرأة المسلمة ص437 – 438]

Shaikh al-‘Uthaymeen was asked upon the ruling of women wearing short clothing in front of other women, he replied:

“It is not permissible for a woman to wear short clothes except if she was in her home and no-one was there other than her husband. As for in front of other people then it is not permissible for her to wear short or tight clothes, or transparent [thin, see-through materials] whereby it displays that which is behind it [the skin and body].”

[مجموع الفتاوى والرسائل م12]

Shaikh al-‘Uthaymeen was also asked regarding women wearing tight clothes in front of other women only, he replied:

“A woman wearing tight clothes that highlight the intimate areas [bosom etc] and make apparent that which has fitnah within it is impermissible…[later continued to say]…the tight clothing is not permissible in front of her mahaarim [any of those who are her mahram from the men] nor in front of the women if it is extremely tight making apparent her initimate areas.”

[فتاوى المرأة المسلمة ص417 – 418]

Indeed the women of the believers [sahaabiyyaat] were at the pinnacle of purity and chastity, modesty and shyness through the blessing of eemaan in Allah and His messenger and in the Qur’an and Sunnah. The women of that time wore covering clothing, and it was known from them that they would not uncover in front of their mahaarim or other women [other than the habitual areas such as the face, hands, feet and such], and this practice continued within the women of Islam generation after generation until recently when corruption in regards to clothing and mannerisms entered into the women.

We advise the women to have characteristics of shyness and modesty which is a branch of Eemaan itself, and from that modesty  – Islamically speaking and customarily – is the woman covering herself and removing herself from any situation of fitnah. So what is upon the women is to abide by that which the Mothers of the Believers and the women of the companions were upon in terms of modesty and shyness.

[Paraphrased from speech of the Permanent Committe of Scholars].

Shaikh al-Albany stated regarding this subject, “The areas of wudu [head/face/neck, hands/forearms, feet], these are the areas of beautification that a women may make apparent in front of her muslim sister”.

[شريط تحية المسجد – الهجرة – عورة المرأة أمام النساء…السلسلة 641]


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Will Naveed Ayaaz/IslamNelson/Masjid Sunnah EVER Censor the Racist Secret Agent? All Shame Lost…

As regrettable as it may be to realise, as saddening as it may be to hear, the racist secret agent working on behalf of Naveed Ayaaz, IslamNelson and Masjid Sunnah has crawled out from the stench-filled sewage works once again.

As we mentioned previously, it is the secret racist agent himself who writes on behalf of Naveed Ayaaz and his affiliates and defends them, if Naveed Ayaaz and co. do not wish for a racist secret coward to be publicly representing them as their legal team, then all it simply requires is for them to publicly declare their innocence of him and declare his activities as null and void…however, clearly they have encountered undue difficulties and complications in doing so.

Perhaps something to ponder over; why would anyone remain silent on a racist undercover agent who publicly associates himself to you and writes on your behalf? Would the logical and obvious course of action not be to clearly and openly declare your innocence of such a degraded character attaching his name to yours?

Quite apparently, logical and obvious courses of action that any sane individual would engage in are unacceptable in this situation, since if Naveed Ayaaz, IslamNelson and Masjid Sunnah did openly declare their innocence of him, therefore rendering his activities null and void, that would be damaging to them…since the secret racist is the last line of feeble defence being presented for defenders of Hizbees and innovators. [In fact, there is one more stupendous and ridiculous humiliation on their part still to come…although it would have been thought an undercover secret racist would be the icing upon the humiliation they themselves would bring upon themselves, it is not quite…indeed, what is yet to be exposed are top secret clandestine Twitter accounts! Multiple secret twitter accounts set up to respond to us! That will be discussed shortly in an upcoming article to highlight the absolute and utter degradation such defenders of Hizbees have fallen into].

What an absolute and utter humiliation. They have had to resort to allowing [by remaining silent and allowing him to attach himself to them] a secret racist to write on their behalf whilst they conveniently, quietly remain silent on his activities as if oblivious to them [!], they clearly are not oblivious since we have informed them.

In any case, it would appear they have crossed their proverbial wires. In the recent cowardly email sent from the undercover email address, (he may well have the faked library card by now too, so beware), he states that a question put forth in one of their gatherings was specifically regarding our brother Abdullah Jallow of Salaficentre and myself. The difficulty with such a claim is that Abu Bilal who was the actual questioner himself in the video [!] has REJECTED this claim of the racist secret agent! Perhaps the racist should have “seeked” to co-ordinate his activities with a little more precision to harmonise them with the “official line” of Abu Bilal the one who put forth the question!

We therefore have a situation where Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah himself has declared the racist undercover agent who works on their behalf [even if they claim they do not know him, he still works on their behalf in defence of them] as a LIAR! Truly it is amazing the levels of disgrace and degradation defenders of Hizbees and innovators fall into…is it really such a burden to cling onto Salafiyyah?!

Abu Bilal informed me personally in an unplanned meeting in Bolton that the question the racist is now referring to, WAS NOT SPECIFIC TO ANYONE, RATHER IT WAS GENERAL! This meeting was documented in an article “Catastrophe of Logic: Concealed Identities Marooned” , the exact excerpt from that article, “He also clarified through his speech that this miskeen of limited intellectual means has actually lied in his emails in certain places; for example the claim that our brother Abdullah was being referred to in a question concerning “certain people posting articles on the web and causing discord”. Abu Bilal declared this to be completely incorrect and false and clarified that it was simply a general question put forward that he innocently read out not intending any one particular individual. Allaahu Akbar, certainly that will be a blow to the already depleted intellectual facilities of the miskeen cowardly individual known as “dawa man”….even his own “people” are abandoning him in terms of clarifying to us that he lied in his attempt to associate questions and answers to specific individuals and that they do not endorse his views!” See screenshot, indeed it was Abu Bilal as the questioner:


An interesting point to note, initially the racist was “all guns blazing” that the question was about our noble brother Abdullah from Gambia [the brother who this disgusting racist racially abused in his emails], now all of a sudden – miraculously, roughly two years later after the question was asked, he decides that actually I, Abu Muadh Taqweem, was actually also – by the way – intended in that question! Perhaps next week when he develops a problem and hatred toward someone else he will send another email stating, “such and such was intended too in the question”, [!] until eventually if the family donkey ever crossed him, we will receive an email informing us that the donkey was intended too in the question [!].

No wonder the great scholars would say such and such is “more misguided than his family donkey”…that would be the least that can be said of the racist defender of Naveed Ayaaz and hizbees.

Therefore, in brief and simplistic language so that the racist may understand, his OWN people have declared him a LIAR!

Hence, as it is said, with that being the case, there really is not much more to be said upon his latest claim[!]


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