*ANNOUNCEMENT * – Male Quran teacher required

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

***Position available***

Alhamdulillaah our Quran school is expanding on a weekly basis and we want the children to benefit as much as possible.
We are looking for a male Qur’aan teacher to join our team of teachers.

Requirements include:
– must be able to speak English
– must be able to work three days a week minimum

Preferable to have:
– strong grasp of the ahkaam at Tajweed
– have memorised at least juz 30

To apply and for further details please contact us via our contact us link.  Or send an email to salaficentre@outlook.com

Wa alaikumsalaam wa rahmatullah

Which is better… establishing a Masjid or a School? – Shaykh Uthaymeen

Shaykh al-Uthaymeen (Rahimahullah) was asked:

Which of the two is better -if an individual wants to partake in good actions- building (establishing) a school for the memorisation of Quran or building (establishing) a mosque?

He (Rahimahullah) answered:

(The affair is) in accordance to the need; if the (particular) land needed a mosque more than a school for memorisation of Quran; (then) build a mosque, and if it was the opposite, build a school. The person should contemplate and ponder and not be hasty.

Fataawa Noor ala ad-Darb Vol 12 page 670

We ask our brothers & sisters to help us establish a School here in Manchester. Alhamdulillah we already have a masjid, with lessons in Qur’an, Arabic & Islamic Studies for Adults and Children. However a school is missing, and is a great neccessity for us.

Please give whatever you can for the sake of Allah. It is easy to donate and all details can be found here at www.salafischool.co/donate. You can Also donate directly via Paypal here.

Do not delay and gather as much reward as possible this Ramadhaan. May Allah facilitate it for us, and grant us forgiveness and his mercy.


The Fun Day–Our Gratitude to all the brothers and sisters for their noble efforts

In The Name of Allah the Most Beneficient the Most Merciful
All praise is due to Allaah (The Mighty and Majestic), who has guided us to this Great Religion, which He (The Most High) has made the only path to salvation, happiness and safety in this life and the next. Al Markaz As Salafi would like to thank all the brothers and sisters–those who participated in the fun day.  After Allaah’s Aid and Assistance, it was the hard work and dedication of these brothers and sisters that greatly contributed to the establishment of the event. This fun day is an important step in helping to establish an independent nursery and school.  We stated throughout the early stages of this event and we hereby state again that all the proceeds will be solely utilized for the school project.  A lot of dedication, organization and hard work has gone into this event with many of the volunteers working for the last two weeks [free and for the sake of Allaah] to have food, facilities and activities in place for the children at the Saturday school and others from all over who attended. These contributions cannot be overlooked at a time in which many of  us are busy with work and other aspects of our lives.So we ask that the people overlook any faults or disorganization or any other small issues during the day. Everyone who helped tried their hardest and worked for the sake of Allah.   And we pray that the benefit and what was offered outweighs any small things that were missed out by accident.

All praise is due to Allaah a total of 30 brothers and sisters volunteered in some capacity as: Cleaners, Organizers, stall holders, activity holders, ground preparation, security staff, cooks and more!

And so we thank all these volunteers, the ones whom we saw on the day and those hidden working behind the scenes; for their tireless efforts. We thank all the brothers and sisters, as the Messenger of Allaah (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) said: “whoever does not thank the people has not thanked Allah.”

We ask Allah for reward, sincerity upon the Sunnah and firmness until we meet Him (The Most High). And we ask Allaah (The Most Generous) that He facilitates all the means that will enable us to lay the foundations for the new school project. Aameen

Clarification-Our Stance towards Those Who Praise ISIS and Call the Youth to Them

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaah;

Some of the ignorant youth in the UK and elsewhere are deceived by the Terrorists and their sympathisers. Therefore, let it be understood, as Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadi [may Allaah preserve him] stated: ‘’It (ISIS) is a terrorist organisation.’’ Al-Markazus Salafi [The Salafi Centre of Manchester in Cheethamhill] has nothing to do with the ideology and methodology of these Terrorists nor anyone who sympathises or finds excuses for them. Anyone caught promoting the ideology of ISIS or any other Terrorist group will be banned from the Masjid and reported to the authorities.

The pure Salafi Methodology is free from excess. It is free from the emotions that are guided by ignorance. Salafiyyah is based on the Book of Allaah, the authentic Sunnah of the Messenger and the understanding of the Salaf. This is what we clearly proclaim and establish on the pulpit on fridays, in our websites, in the Mosque and during conferences.

ISIS is a terrorist organisation! Explained by Shaikh Muhammad bin Hadî [hafidhahullāh]




April #Conference: Rulers Who Don’t Rule by Allah’s Law – Sat 26th April 2014

REMINDER Manchester Conference Tomorrow!

****UPDATED Schedule****


Media preview

“Rulers who Don’t Rule by Allah’s Law.”

A look into Shariah and the implementation of it. The rulers of the Muslim lands and how a Sunni views the current situation.

A completely free and important lecture for those who want to know about oppression and justice and the forms of government proposed by modern day groups such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT) and the Al Muhaajiroon.


  • Includes Questions and Answers and link up with a Scholar.
  • Bring all your families and friends! Don’t miss out!
  • Spread the word!
  • Women’s & Men’s Side open.

The Salafi Centre of Manchester
2 Dudley Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, m89da



Important Announcement: Sincerity and Donating – Salafi School/Al-Markaz As Salafi

Asalaamu alaykum Warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu

Pray all the brothers and sisters are well. May Allaah (The Most High) grant (us and them) beneficial knowledge, pure provision and righteous action.

We wish to make something very clear… It has come to Al Markaz As Salafi’s attention that some individuals wish to donate for Allaah’s sake.  Then we encourage them to khayr (goodness) for indeed the reward is with Allah.

However we must bear in mind a very simple affair: Allaah is the One who will establish the project; whether that is through the hands of two people or two thousand people.  Let no person with ulterior motives think that this school is a pet project for them; nor should anyone be oblivious to the fact that we will not bend to anyone’s whims and desires, simply because they gave something (little or plenty). What is most important is that we correct our intentions when giving for the sake of Allah, lest we lose any reward when doing so.

Likewise, let it be absolutely clear that money does not give a status or say in how we pursue the project. We will be consulting responsible and experienced people within the community and outside of it.  The dawa has never been based on money nor are we in need of money for favours, or to heap praise on someone; brushing aside the sound manhaj positions to gather wealth.

By the Mercy of Allah, we have seen the fitnah and errors committed; all in the pursuit of money for a project. And so we will not fall [by Allah’s permission] to those same errors; neither compromising the sound Manhaj positions nor our stances towards those who deliberately seek to dilute the correct stances towards ahlul bidah.  Donating is free for all to do and the reward is with Allah. How many children we have seen give in the projects established amongst the salafis around the country, let alone those who are wealthy.  And it is Allah who records it and indeed, Allah is sufficient as a Helper and a Guardian.

Jazaakumullaahu khayran

Al-Markaz As Salafi bi Manchester

Vacancy: North Road Academy Independent Muslim Faith School

Would You like to Work in a Professional Islamic Environment ?Would You like to be part of helping Muslim Children to progress?

Would You like to work in an environment where you an Practice Your Deen?

Stoke on Trent’s first Muslim School is currently searching for teaching staff !

Ofsted Rating : Overall Good with Outstanding Features!

For further information pls Visit:



KS3 English Teacher
KS3 Maths / Science Teacher
KS3 Humanities Teacher
KS2 Class Room Teacher

Closing date for applications:


Pls pass on to friends and family

North Road Academy [Stoke on Trent’s First Muslim Independent School]

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaah

Ofsted Report—Overall Good with Outstanding Features.

The Ofsted Report is now available online: see link:


We ask Allaah to aid the efforts of the brothers and the sisters in providing education for the next generation of Muslims.  At present the school is looking for classroom teachers for KS2 and KS3