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[Part 5] Series of Responses to Abu Usaamah’s Habitual Deceitfulness

Deceitfully Refraining from Explaining and Stating the Scholarly Restrictions Regarding the Principle: “Whoever does not make Tabdee of Mubtadi is a Mubtadi”

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

In his deceptive reply to the Friday incident at Al-Markazus Salafi, the man of bidah mentioned a principle by way of which he sought to establish yet again a trick utilised by ahlul bidah- narrating only what benefits him -(and this time he referred to a principle and refrained from explaining it, whilst passing a verdict against us); whereas the Salafiyyoon narrate what is for them and against. Indeed, it is well known that Abu Usaamah and his allies amongst the Mu’mayyi’ah are famous for utilising general statements, especially regarding some affairs that have been detailed, explained and clarified by the scholars in order to show the falsehood of the Haddaadiyyah and Mu’mayyi’ah, and the sound stance of Ahlus Sunnah.

Abu Usaama stated that we declared him a Mubtadi simply because he does not declare Al-Maribi a Mubtadi, and this, according to Abu Usaamah, is a bidah we are upon – because we declared him a Mubtadi solely due to the fact that he does not declare al-Maribi a Mubtadi.

Firstly: We do not know a single Salafi who preceded any Salafi scholar in declaring Abu Usaama a man of bidah; rather his affair was made known to Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi (rahimahullaah).

Secondly: Once again, as it is well known of him, he deliberately sought to conceal the knowledge base clarification regarding this affair in order to deceitfully slander Salafiyyoon, just as he attempted to conceal, lie and distort whilst seeking to slander Shaikh Rabee and Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah in the past.

Thirdly: Indeed, what Abu Usaama sought to conceal from his unsuspecting followers will be revealed as follows In-Shaa-Allaah. Shaikh Rabee Bin Haadi (may Allaah preserve him) was asked:

Question: The principle: ‘whoever does not declare an innovator as an innovation, he (himself) is an innovator; some people say that this principle is strange; (or alien to Salafiyyah);

Shaikh Rabee [may Allaah preserve him] stated:

It is not correct to apply this principle unrestrictedly because it maybe that he is unaware of the Bidah committed by that person, therefore he refrains from declaring him an innovator due to Wara [apprehensive fear]. [1] Why should you declare him an innovator? [i.e. why should you declare him an innovator when it is the case that he is unaware of the bidah of that Mubtadi or refrains from making Tabdee out of apprehensive fear].

But if he knows the innovator, [i.e. knows that such a person is upon bidah due to which the evidence was established against him], loves him and allies with him, then he is a Mubtadi.  This is the distinction in this affair – he knows that that person is a Mubtadi but he aids him and wages war against Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah, then he is a mubtadi without a doubt. As for a person who does not know that such and such person is a Mubtadi, he is not to be declared an innovator.

[As for] you  [i.e. the scholar or student of knowledge who is qualified to make Tabdee] – the one who studied the affair of [that person] and you know that he allies with a Mubtadi, puts him in a favourable position, wages war against Ahlus Sunnah for the sake of that Mubtadi and for the sake of this falsehood, this person is a Mubtadi; misguided.

As for the person who does not know that indeed such and such person is a mubtadi, then advise him and clarify for him [i.e. with clear unambiguous proofs until he understands] that such person is a mubtadi. So unless he ceases [i.e. refrains from defending this mubtadi after understanding the evidences], then put him with his companion – the mubtadi. [Source: Awnul Baari 2/891..slightly paraphrased & abridged]

The Shaikh answered: Finally: This is what Abu Usama sought to conceal in order to deceive his listeners that he was declared a man of Bidah merely based on the fact that he refuses to make Tabdee of Al-Maribi. So his unsuspecting listeners should be made aware of the fact that he deliberately refrained from explaining this principle as well as the fact that we did not precede Shaikh Ahmad (rahimahullaah), nor do we intend to precede the scholars (In-Shaa-Allaah) in declaring him or anyone else a man of bidah and misguidance. However, manipulation, concealment, lies and deception became Abu Usaama’s second skin since when he started defending Mubtadi’ah and cannot argue with the Salafiyyoon based on any evidence; rather deception is what appeals to him but not the truth.

We ask Allaah for Ikhlaas, Thabaat and Husnul Khaatimah. Aameen

To be continued…In-Shaa-Allaah

(1) Wara (apprehensive fear). The translation of this term was taken from one of Ustaadh Amjad Rafiq’s (may Allaah preserve him)  translations.


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[Part 4] A Series in Response to Abu Usaama’s Habitual Deceitfulness

His Recent Claim That We Are From Those Rough & Tough People

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Indeed, Abu Usaamah was ushered out of the Masjid because he is a man of bidah as stated by Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi and he is well known to the Salafiyoon as one who openly calls to corrupt principles (in the issues of Jarh Wat-Tadeel) and a defender of Mubtadi’ah; however none of the brothers threatened him physically nor used abusive language against him- rather it was him who made the threat to crack a brother’s head (if it was his masjid). This isn’t the first incident though, so take a look through and examine his behaviour:

Attempted Assault

The Abusive and Vile Tongue of Abu Usaamah

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[Part 3] A Series in Response to Abu Usaama’s Habitual Deceitfulness

His Recent Call To Truthfulness Amid His Past and Present Track Record of Deception

Allaah (The Most High) said:

   يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ لِمَ تَقُولُونَ مَا لَا تَفۡ تَفۡعَلُونَ          ڪَبُرَ مَقۡتًا عِندَ ٱللَّهِ أَن تَقُولُواْ مَا لَا تَفۡعَلُونَ

O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most hateful it is with Allah that you say that which you do not do.” [61:2-3]

Abu Usaamah says that one of the characteristics of the people of Islaam in general is that one does his best to be truthful. And if a person is lying to put his point across, even though some may not know that he is lying, he should know that the Haqq is not with him.

Reader: Before directing you to Abu Usaamah’s false claim to truthfulness, let us remind ourselves of the following from the statements of the scholars. Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said in Majmoo Al-Fataawaa 20/84: ”The just amongst men is the one who informs of an affair the way it is; he neither adds to it and becomes a liar nor does he subtract from it and becomes a concealer.”

Shaikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) was asked:

Is lying permissible in calling to Allaah? And is ‘the goal justifies the means’ a maslahah (benefit) from the masaalih (beneficial affairs) of the Sharee’ah?


Lying is not permissible. It is a major sin from the major sins. It (lying) is not permissible except in three affairs which the prophet made an exception: (a) lying during war, because war is deceit; (b) lying in order to bring about peace between the people; (c) lying between married couples in order to bring about rectification in the family with regards to the relationship between (husband and the wife). These three affairs are that of maslahah and in them is a greater good than evil; so (lying) is permissible (in this case).   As for calling to Allaah, it has no need for lies. It is not permissible to utilize lies in calling to Allaah. Calling to Allaah is to (be carried out) by way of truth, the Book, the Sunnah, fine admonition and arguing in a way that is better and not by way of lies.” [Source: Al-ijaabatul Muhimmah Fee Mashaakil Al-Mulimmah, page:271-272]

[1] Present Track Record of Deception and Cutting off Text

Reader: Just few days ago he attempted to cut off a big chuck from the question that was put to Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi about him. see link below:

[2] Past Track Record of Deception, Concealment and Adding to Text

Reader is directed to this article Titled: Few Deceitful acts and lies backfired on Abu Usaamah in Public but still no public repentance:

Finally: After reading the above article, one should be no doubt that this man is one put to trial due to his own fault. This is most unfortunate indeed that a man who takes the seat to teach people is a manifest unrepentant liar and distorter.  He deliberately withheld facts so as to lead the unsuspecting listener to wrong conclusions, just as it has been stated that the liar is a thief, because the thief deceives you with regards to your wealth and the liar deceives you with regards to your intellect. [Adabud Dunyaa Wal-Aakhirah: page:262]

Abu Usaamah deliberately hid information and none amongst his followers can claim that he forgot some information by accident. Indeed not only did he lie, conceal and distort in order to manipulate the feelings, thoughts and actions of others; rather he lied, concealed and distorted in order to defend the people of bidah and slander the people of Sunnah. If this was not the case he would not have sought to add to his translations about Shaikh Rabee nor would he have withheld information whilst seeking to address Ustaadh Abu Khadeehaj. Concealment, distortion and manipulation became his second skin since he started propagating false principles in the affair of Jarh Wat-tadeel and defending Mubadi’ah. Finally, regarding Abu Usaamah’s falsehood in the issues of Jarh wat-Tadeel, see here:

Despite this falsehood he is upon and his recent defence of the Mubtadi Ali Al-Halabi, Abu Usaamah thinks that he is not to be attributed to the people of bidah after Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi attributed him to them! This is nothing else but insanity- rejoicing in what they have brought about of bidah and misguidance, and calling to it; yet they want to be attributed to the Sunnah and guidance!

We ask Allaah for safety, ikhlkaas, thabaat and husnul khaatimah.

To be continued…In-Shaa-Allaah

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[Part 2] Series of Responses to Abu Usaamah’s Habitual Deceitfulness

Another Deceptive Attempt by Abu Usaamah to Nullify The Fatwa Against Him (via Facebook)

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

Every Sensible Person Can Smell The Rat Here? [Abu Usaamah Does Not Support Al-Maribi (according to his followers)]; Yet He Elevated Al-Maribi With Praise

Abu Usaamah was recently caught amputating important sections of the question that was put to Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi (rahimahullaah) about him, see here:

Just as a reminder here is the full question:

“O Shaykh Ahmad we have with us in America a man called Abu Usaamah, who is considered to be from the Du’aat, he aids and supports Abul-Hasan and he calls some noble Salafi brothers ghulaat (extremists), muqallidah (blind followers), and muhqiboon (the people whose religion is the religion of the one they blindly follow), so what is the legislated position from this man and how should we deal with him?’’

With the answer

“Your position with him is the same as your position with the People of Innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him.”

It was strange for us to discover his (or his administration’s/PR people’s) response on his facebook1 page. Soon after that uncovering of his deception, he/they made a short reply in an attempt to rebut what had been made clear, trying to annul againt he Shaykh’s verdict by claiming that



“Abu Usaamah DOES NOT support Abul Hasan al Ma’ribi at all, but does not see him to be an innovator”

These claims were made against the backdrop of that clearly incriminating cut and paste fatwa Abu Usaamah tried to use. Abu Usaamah here is trying to annul the section in the fatwa where the question states “supports Abul-Hasan“. He thinks by doing so, he may once again dig himself out of the hole he has found himself in, by now claiming that he does not support Al-Maribi (as stated in the question in the fatwa), and therefore by extension say that this fatwa cannot apply to him?!

Well once again this is a smokescreen, and another attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. So let us go back and reconcile his statement, with the position Abu Usaamah was in at the time of the question! So he stated in 2002 about Al-Maribi:

WHAT I STILL BELIEVE TODAY Wa Lilaahi-l-Hamd, that Abul Hasan IS SALAFEE and that the (TRUE) MAJOR SCHOLARS of this era, Imaam al-Albaanee and Imaam Ibn Baaz and Imaam Ibn ‘Uthaimeen and Shaikh Muqbil (may Allah have mercy upon them) they all died while being pleased with him – and that carries some weight and consideration in this Deen?! (raghm unoofihim)

So this statement was made by Abu Usaamah, after the proofs had been established against Al-Maribi. Yet he is trying to claim that the fatwa cannot apply because he was is not a supporter of Al-Maribi?! We can clearly see from the statement above, that ad-Dhahabi still elevated Al-Maribi (the innovator) with praise! He uttered words that put Al-Maribi in a favourable position, even going as far as adding some shubuhaat (doubts) about support for Al Ma’ribi from scholars.

With regards to his doubt-ridden statement above the students at SalafiPublications (may Allaah preserve them) replied to the above statement (made by ad-Dhahabi). But let us all be clear and in no doubt of the position held by Abu Usaamah with regards to the innovator Abu Hasan al Ma’ribi when the question was asked about him. And with Allah lies the success.


Response by Salafi Publications to the statement of Praise and elevation from Abu Usaamah for Abul Hasan al Ma’ribi

Abu Usaamah adh-Dhahabi, may Allaah guide him away from this Ikhwaanee fitnah, makes numerous references to TRUE Major scholars. And he also makes it a point to emphasise the word “TRUE”, keeping it in caps, and also in brackets, before the term “Major Scholars”. By this term he means to intend either the Imaams of the Sunnah who have recently passed away, or those from the Major scholars, who defend Abul-Hasan or do not share the same viewpoint as those who have refuted him and exposed him.

A few points need to be made clear, because this can be counted as talbees upon the people, whether intended or not:

ONE: When a reader reads his, he most probably thinks that therefore the TRUE major scholars are those who spoke good of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee and did not criticise him or expel him from Salafiyyah.

TWO: When a reader reads this, he is led to believe that Shaykh Rabee is not from the “TRUE” Major scholars, even if Abu Usaamah does not intend this, but this is what comes across to the reader, because the situation here for Abu Usaamah is one of vindicating himself and his false position on Abul-Hasan, hence he deliberately made it a point to emphasise the TRUE major scholars, and he connected this with the position on Abul-Hasan and defence of him. And we do not dispute that all those mentioned are in fact TRUE Major scholars, we are in agreement. But this is ends up with talbees upon the people, whether intended or not, because, we have to keep things into context.

THREE:  Imaam al-Albaanee said, “The carrier of the flag of al-jarh wat-ta’deel is our brother, dr. Rabee… and those who refute him do not so upon knowledge, rather to him is all the knowledge”. And Imaam al-Albaani here is not talking about the narrators of hadeeth, he is speaking about refuting the opposers to Salafiyyah. Imaam Ibn Uthaymeen also said, that Shaykh Rabee’ is one whose manhaj is  Salafiyyah and he is very strong in calling to it, and the Shaykh also said that the only reason why people find fault with Shaykh Rabee’ and dislike his cassettes and make accusations against him is because he spoke about their figureheads from the contemporary latecomers. Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan has many statements written and recorded in which he says that Shaykh Rabee’ is amongst those who have skilled and deep knowledge in refuting those who wish inhiraaf in the da’wah. And Shaykh Muhammad al-Bannaa has many statements about Shaykh Rabee also, and Shaykh Muqbil said that whoever Shaykh Rabee says is a hizbee, then it will become clear to you after some time that he is a hizbee. Also Shaykh Rabee is amongst the oldest of the scholars alive today. And don’t forget what Usaamah al-Qoosee (may Allaah guide him) used to say, that Rabee is the Imaam Ahmad of our times, he is a mihnah (test), he does not compromise nor lie, he speaks the truth, he is a whole manhaj, not just a person. So don’t forget this Yaa Abaa Usaamah, may Allaah guide you away from this Ikhwaanee fitnah.

In light of all of this it is established that Shaykh Rabee’, is a TRUE major Scholar. So it is obligatory upon you to explain this to the people and not to allow the people to be  deceived by these talbeesaat which exist in your bayaan.

FOUR: For the readers, why is this is of significance. This is of significance, because Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee and those who are deceived by him like Abu Usaamah, are trying to wage a war against the principles of Jarh of the Innovators and Opposers.

Al-Ma’ribee represents a line and tradition of people, who came before him, who brought about this war. This started with Hasan al-Bannaa with the principle, “Let us cooperate in that which we agree, and pardon each other (i.e. for the Shirk, Innovation, and misguidance), in which we disagree.” This principle abolished the idea of Jarh of the Innovators and these ideas spread by way of al-Ikhwaan into many different lands, thereby harming the Sunnah. Then when the scholars refuted this and explained that there are sects that are headed for the Fire, sects of innovation and they are upon innovation and deviation and hence must be spoken about, and that there are Innovators and those who misguide who must be spoken about, this harmed the Ikhwaanee da’wah. So along came Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaaliq and Salman al-Awdah and Adnaan Ar’oor and they brought al-Muwaazanah. The evil innovation which makes it binding that when you refute someone, an innovator, a deviant, an opposer, you must mention his good points also. So the Major Scholars, amongst the Shaykh Rabee’ at the forefront, and then after him there followed Shaykh al-Albaani, Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh al-Fawzaan, Shaykh al-Abbaad, and many others who demolished this innovation. Then there came Abu-Hasan al-Maribee, and he brought some new principles, this time to try to demolish the jarh that would come from the scholars. And basically what he wanted to do was to refute the established principle, that a Jarh Mufassar overrules the ta’deel, even if the Mu’addiloon are many in number. So he layed down all his principles, of “tathabbut”, of “absence of taqleed”, “mujmal and mufassal” and many other matters, all to make as many excuses and ways out for those people whom the scholars would refute and criticise and convict with innovation or misguidance, where that was the case. This is what he did, he merely extended the Ikhwaanee war against the Salafees by way of this deception.

So once you have understood all this, you will also have some appreciation as to why what Abu Usaamah has written and his deliberate intent to emphasise TRUE major scholars, only in the context of those who passed away while speaking good of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee or in the context of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad. This is because this underlying deception (whether it is intended by Abu Usaamah or not) has the effect of leading the person to think: “Yeah, the manhaj of these Scholars is different to the manhaj of Shaykh Rabee. Yeah. Their manhaj wasn’t like this.”

And this type of speech you see also coming from Usaamah al-Qoosee and those with him in their loyalty to Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee. Pushing it in the minds of the people that the TRUE major scholars who passed away and Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin who is alive (hafidhahullaah), all have a different manhaj to those criticising Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee, and they all have a different manhaj to Shaykh Rabee. All of this is talbees upon the people. This is what this group of people are now doing both in the Arab lands, and also in the West to get this idea across to the people, so beware of it, and they are using the likes of these talbeesaat upon the people. They know that this is the case, even if they do not explicitly say it outwardly, they know deeply inside their own souls, that this is the propaganda they are forcing upon the people. Al-Ma’ribee has come out openly with this, but those who are with him like Usaamah al-Qoosee and those with him, are upon the same thing, but they are not so open and instead use other tactics, like coming out in the name of moderation, balance, equity, justice and so on.

FIVE: So the point here is that we know that if one scholar, known to be upon the Sunnah, an Aalim, rather an Imaam in his field, knowing what he says, brings proof for what he says, is truthful, trustworthy, when he makes jarh upon an individual, and has a jarh mufassar, then it is obligatory to take his speech, even if those who oppose him and make ta’deel are many.

And this is what has happened in the issue of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee except that the issue is even more clear, because there are about 8 of the people of knowledge who have declared him outside of Ahl us-Sunnah, some of them made explicit tabdee’, and this number is growing, and those who know he is upon baatil and misguidance are very many also. So now, these people want to fight against this reality, and they want to the people to lose track of this important principle which is that the jarh mufassar takes precedence over the ta’deel. This is why if you read this bayaan of Abu Usaamah and also his previous writings, you find that they never ever go in this direction, to explain this point. Why because they themselves, (because they have been deceived by al-Ma’ribee), are actually waging a war against this principle. Al-Mar’ibee waged a war against this principle in order to defend Sayyid Qutb, and al-Maghraawee, and al-Ikhwaan and some of its figureheads. Hence, you see the likes of these talbeesaat and arguing by way of the mutashaabihaat and focusing the people in directions which make them lose track of what this matter is all about. So you never see them going in this direction, whereas the Salafees, as you have seen, they have made it clear to the people, the issue of Jarh Mufassar, and they have made it clear to the people, the difference between Jarh in narrators of hadeeth and Jarh of the Innovators and Mukhaalifeen, there are differences between these two subjects (even if there some similarities), so the Salafees  have clarified the Usool in the manhaj, and you see the speech of the Salafees revolving around this, you see knowledge, you see fahm, you see the desire to clarify and explain. And as for the likes of Abu Usaamah and those upon the manhaj of Abul-Hasan, you only see confusion, no knowledge, and dodging the issues and confusing the people, and fleeing from the real issues that make up this fitnah.

Instead you see examples, of what we have pointed out here, examples by which they keep away from the actual issue of Abul-Hasan, and the particular details of it and the established principles in the Salafee manhaj pertaining to Jarh of the innovators and deviants, and then most of their argument is centred around demonising the Salafees, they said this and did that, and tried to push this one out of the da’wah and that one, and accusing them of all sorts, whilst keeping away from discussing the actual issue, from an usool point of view, which has been the cause of all this fitnah: the Ikhwaanee manhaj of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee. And also talbeesaat like the one that comes across here, which is trying to portray or link someone being a TRUE major scholar as being one who did not speak evil of Abul-Hasan.

SIX: The summary here, is Abu Usaamah needs to openly acknowledge to the people, that Shaykh Rabee is also a TRUE major scholar who has criticised Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribee and that he should not try to play these psychological games with his audience. And that by testimony of Shaykh al-Albaani, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan, Shaykh Muqbil, Shaykh Mohammad al-Bannaa (all of them major scholars), Shaykh Rabee’ is an Imaam in the field of refuting the Hizbiyyeen and the figureheads of Ikhwaan, and in knowing the people who “wish to cause deviation in da’wah” (as Shaykh al-Fawzaan said) and that by the admission of these scholars themselves, Shaykh Rabee’ is more knowledgeable and more skilled than them in this particular field. So we ask Abu Usaamah to openly announce this to the people, so as to not cause talbeesaat upon them. Then when he has announced this to the people, we then also ask him to openly announce and explain to the people the correct manhaj in the issue of when some scholars refute a person and others give him praise and see nothing that warrants him being refuted or having jarh made upon, and that there is a rule, an established rule that represents this manhaj that is to be adopted, which is that a Jarh Mufassar takes precedence over the ta’deel, even if the Mu’addiloon are many.

If Abu Usaamah’s bayaans were more knowledge-based instead of being filled with emotions, then maybe we can evaluate and see what Abu Usaamah is bringing. But unfortunately, there is no fahm and no knowledge in his writings. Only aspects of confusion which perpetuate confusion.


Part 1:

Exhibit 1:


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What Really was said by Shaykh Ahmad Najmi about Abu Usaamah Dhahabi

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

In his deceitful response to the Friday incident, whereby Abu Usaamah came to the wrong masjid (in order to give khutbah) before being ushered out; he put forward an absurd complaint about the fatwa from Shaykh Ahmad an Najmi (rahimahullah) against him, which has been quoted since the incident.

In his usual manner, Abu Usaamah did not quote the full question asked in his youtube published video response; a crime he has committed previously and still not repented from. It is clear that cutting, pasting, twisting and hiding, is habitual for this individual, as anyone with the least bit of experience of his past capers, clearly can attest to. He did the same with regards to Shaikh Rabee’ al Madhkhali and with regards to Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah1.

Let us examine briefly this point Abu Usaamah is trying to make. According to him, Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmi (rahimahullaah) was asked “there is a person in America, he supports Abul Hasan al-Maribi, how should we deal with him?”

To the average listener who does not know, this seems a generalised question, about any person in America (who may support Abul Hasan). And so the cries will come “how can this be applied to Abu Usaamah!”- Well then let us be completely clear… This is not the full question the Shaykh was asked. Once again here we have a classic example of his cutting, pasting and selectively exposing his listeners to only a part of the fatwa; most likely due to the incriminating position he would have put himself in, had he quoted it in its entirety.

Rather the full question is as follows:

“O Shaykh Ahmad we have with us in America a man called Abu Usaamah, who is considered to be from the Du’aat, he aids and supports Abul-Hasan and he calls some noble Salafi brothers ghulaat (extremists), muqallidah (blind followers), and muhqiboon (the people whose religion is the religion of the one they blindly follow), so what is the legislated position from this man and how should we deal with him?’’

The Shaikh response was:

“Your position with him is the same as your position with the People of Innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him.

After reading the full question (and answer) then it is clear to the reader, that his argument falls flat. The Shaykh is most certainly referring to Abu Usaamah. This is yet another attempt to dupe the common people.

When we mention the deception and twisting, of Abu Usaamah, it is not merely lip service. Those who may not have known previously, or do not perhaps understand this deceitful methodology, should no longer be in any doubt. It is clear that he did not complete the question, to hide the truth from his unsuspecting audience.

Why? Because it will clearly manifest the severity of his bid’ah. He hid the specific nature of this question, so a general person will retort those who refute him, with statements such as “you are harsh” or “it wasn’t even him who the Shaykh was talking about”. We have already heard such statements, emanating from those without complete knowledge of the situation. Thus, this is his method of twisting and hiding the truth, by which he continues to pull the wool over the eyes of many innocent and unsuspecting people.

Perhaps his position of “shaykh” to some, that he has carved out through deceit and treachery over they years, will be lost if this reality was made clear to them and Allah knows best.

Playing the victim (yet again) he complained that the Salafis are always quoting this fatwa of Shaikh Ahmad (rahimahullaah) against him, in order to keep reminding the people; and he brands those that listen as “sheep”. Unfortunately for him, his opinion is in opposition to reality. The person who reads the knowledge based refutations against him isn’t a sheep; but has now had the chance to witness the full evidence against Abu Usaamah; something he (Abu Usaamah) tried his utmost to hide, when cutting and pasting from the fatwa.

Nevertheless, the answer to this doubt is very simple. We will continue to quote this fatwa, and we will continue to warn against him; so long as he continues spreading false principles in the issues of Jarh Wat-Tadeel2. How ironic it is, that Shaikh Rabee’, whom he holds a huge disdain for, so simply and clearly outlines a precise rebuttal of this Ma’ribi3-esque statement:

”And they (i.e. the people of baatil and fitan) do not keep quiet- they spread their falsehoods in their newspapers, magazines and audio tapes, while wishing that the voice of truth should be silent. In their view, the voice of truth is what should be silent and the voice of falsehood should be raised and spread in the earth! Do they remain silent?! The people of falsehood do not remain silent- they neither abate nor slow down. They have [ خطط جهنمية -i.e. paths or footsteps leading to the hell fire] which they enforce and thereafter they demand silence from the people of truth!” [Source: Source: Question number 16; Page 28-29 in الإجابات الجلية عن القضايا المنهجية]


  1. See article for further details: Few Decietful Acts and Lies
  3. The individual from Ma’rib who revived the innovations of his precursors to fight AhluSunnah—see here: > Deviated Callers

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Abu Usaamah Hurls Vile Abuse at Brothers Calling to Allah

Yesterday afternoon (Thursday 12th November 2015) in Birmingham City Centre, the Salafi brothers as usual had set up our stall to invite non-Muslims to Islam and to invite weaker Muslims to take seriously their religion and learn about Tawheed and worship.

At some stage during that afternoon the misguided innovator (declared as such by Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmee) Abu Usamah Ath-Thahabi of Green Lane Mosque walked past the Salafi da’wah stall. We carried on as normal without looking towards him or acknowledging him and he did the same.

An hour or so later, one of the younger brothers helping distribute leaflets, informed me that Abu Usamah has been stood in a doorway staring up towards the stall for a long time. Approximately 10 minutes later, I being the eldest of the Salafi brothers there and the one that was in charge of the stall, was standing 10-15 meters away from the stall advising one of the younger brothers. Abu Usamah walked towards the two of us saying foul obscenities, that were clearly audible. He slowed down in front of us and was saying “m****** f*******” “F****** c****”

We did not to react to his insults but merely asked him;

“Brother are you speaking to us ?”

There was no one else present and he was not on the phone, we then advised him to control his tongue and fear Allaah.

He responded by saying;
“You wasn’t supposed to hear that but I’m having a f****** bad day and a f****** bad time and you guys need to leave me the f*** alone”

I said to him;
“Even if we wasn’t supposed to hear you the first time, you’re still swearing now fear Allaah”

However, Abu Usamah, not known for his moderation or fear of Allaah only became more vocal by raising his voice in the middle of the city centre with further insults and threats of violence.

We moved slightly away from him, as he was stood directly in front of us and gave him sallaam and advised him to move on but he continued with his foul speech and came back in front of us.

The younger Salafi brother that I was advising prior to him approaching us asked him
“Why are you talking to us like this, would you speak like this on the minbar ?” and then recited from the Qur’aan

وَعِبَادُ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الَّذِينَ يَمْشُونَ عَلَى الْأَرْضِ هَوْنًا وَإِذَا خَاطَبَهُمُ الْجَاهِلُونَ قَالُوا سَلَامًا

And the slaves of the Most Beneficent (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility and sedateness, and when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with Peace & mild words of gentleness.
(Al-Furqan, Verse 63)

When Abu Usamah heard the Ayat, instead of reflecting upon the Speech of Allaah and rectify his words and actions, he became more incensed and made three or four attempts to reach out his hand towards the head or face of the younger Salafi brother saying ;
“come out of town and I’ll smash your f******* face.”
I and another of the more senior members of the table that had come over, kept Abu Usamah away from reaching the younger brother by pushing his hand away from the younger ones face and told him to move on. At this point Abu Usamah said; “come on let’s go out of town and I’ll beat the three of you **** ******* (using more obscene language)

He put up his fist and said ;
“We use these where I come from”

We continued to stand in front of him to stop him getting to the younger (and smaller) brother repeating ;
“As-sallaam alaikum” every time he spoke with his foul language.

When he realised that we were not going to respond he shouted loudly in the middle of the city centre towards the younger brother,
“Your mother!”
His intention behind this statement was clear and is a known insult to people from the Afro American/Caribbean community, which means to have illicit sexual relations with your mother.

I could not believe what this criminal was uttering and advised him, “Fear Allaah, how could you say these words about a brother and his mother?!”, to which he responded by reviling me and my mother, saying;
“Your mother too”, again the meaning and intent was clear.

Before I could react, another of the senior brothers of the table, that had also come over by then, pulled me away and reminded me that he was an innovator that had spoken ill of Shaykh Rabee and even worse, he had spoken ill of Abu Bakr radi’Allaahu annhu, so who was my mother in comparison, may Allaah reward the brother.

Abu Usamah continued to insult, swear and abuse the brothers that had come into the city to aid the da’wah and call to Allaah. I turned around to see him
show his prowess by pulling the hat off the head of the young brother and walk away with it, claiming that he was ready to fight the young brother and he must come and fight him for his hat.

He made such a scene that eventually the police had to calm the situation down and detain him to take his details before moving him on.

This was witnessed by dozens of passers-by, including a brother that attends Green Lane Masjid, who later spoke to us saying he could not believe what he had witnessed and said he would not go back to that masjid while Abu Usamah was still teaching there. The latter part of his actions was also witnessed by a woman that had joined Abu Usamah (presumably his wife). Even in front of his wife, he had no shame.

Abu Usamah is in reality a coward, fool and sinner who does not fear Allaah, and cares little about the filth that spews from his mouth.

We have been informed that the scene was recorded by some passers-by,
so if/when that becomes available, you can see for yourself the filth that this man is capable of. His innovations have proved he is no Salafi – his open sins prove that he is not God fearing.

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day then let him speak good or remain silent”
(Bukhaari & Muslim)

Related by our brother Aqil Abu Umar

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