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Revolutions and Demonstrations:[Marx’s and Lenin’s Methodology]- By Shaikh Rabee [may Allaah preserve him]


Going out to demonstrations, [initiating] revolutions and nurturing the youth upon it; is this from the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah or not, whether [carried] out within or outside the Muslim countries?


This is the methodology of Marx (i.e. Carl Marx), Lenin (i.e. Vladimir Lenin) and those similar to them. It is not from the Islamic methodology. Revolutions, bloodshed, trials and troubles are Marx’s and Lenin’s school of thought.

[Source: كشف الستار  Page: 18. abridged]


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No Trickster; Dubious and Deceitful Individual Can Hide Behind The Sunnah For Very Long- [By Shaikh Ubaid Al-Jaabiri]

Shaikh Ubaid [may Allaah preserve him] said: There is none who hides behind the Sunnah– the people beguiled by him, gathered around him to learn, adhered to him, became dependent on him and accepted everything he said–except that Allaah will reveal his affair, uncover and expose his concealed state of affairs to specific individuals and to the general public, regarding what was hidden and apparent of his deception, his mixing truth with falsehood, his plots and deceitful practices.  Allaah facilitates men of virtue, intelligence, wisdom, strength and exceptional natural ability–possessors of knowledge, skill and sound understanding of the religion–through whom He (Allaah) unveils the affair of that trickster, dubious and deceitful person.

Source: Excerpt from the following article


[2] The Correct stance Towards the differing of the scholars concerning Jarh and Tadeel-Shaikh Ubaid(may Allaah preserve him)

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An Unambiguous Clarification Regarding Woolwich Attacks- [Always Applicable To Atrocities Perpetrated By Lone Wolves & Organised Terrorist Groups etc]

An Unambiguous and Knowledge Based Clarification Regarding Woolwich Attacks- [By Ustaadh Abu Khadijah]; Always Applicable To Atrocities Perpetrated By Lone Wolves & Organised Terrorist Groups In The West- Whether Attributed To Radicalisation Or Extremism In The Name of Islaam

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