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A series of Articles–The Ghuluww Towards Yahyah Al-Haddaadi

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LIVE: “Allah will keep firm those who believe” – Taqweem Aslam & Abu Sufyaan – Sat-23 & Sun-24


Allah will keep firm those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world (i.e. they will keep on worshipping Allah Alone and none else), and in the Hereafter. And Allah will cause to go astray those who are Zalimoon (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.), and Allah does what He wills.

Ibrahim 14:27

A lesson on staying firm in times of trials and tribulation, and sticking and returning back to the Scholars when doubts arise.

The Lesson will be live at 7:30pm, with Brothers & Sisters side open.

Broadcast on Paltalk and

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Our Salaf: Abul Abbaas As-Deenooree (rahimahullaah)– There is nothing in the Dunyaa…..

Abul Abbaas Ad-Deenooree (rahimahullaah) said:

”There is nothing in the worldly life more precious and elegant than the heart and time, whilst you waste away time and the heart?!” (i.e. wasted in other than what is good and beneficial)

[Az-Zuhd Al-Kabeer 294]

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To the Salafi students of knowledge–Ignore the restless envious ones

 A Poet said:

Exercise patience with the plots of the envious one, for indeed your patience kills him;

The fire consumes some of itself when it does not find something to consume.

We seek Allaah’s protection from those whose lives are consumed with envy and restlessness–those who constantly seek to find fault with those young students of knowledge who are busy transmitting the works of the scholars at Al-Markaz As-Salafi and else where.

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[C] Our Salaf and their fear of the consequences of death–Ibraaheem An-Nakha’ee

Zakariyyah Al-Abdee (rahimahullaah) said: Ibraaheem An-Nakhaee (rahimahullaah) wept during his illness, so it was said to him: ‘’O father of Imraan what makes you weep?! He said: ”Why should I not weep whilst I am waiting for a messenger from Allaah (i.e. the Angel of death) to give me glad tidings of either this (i.e. Paradise) or (sorrowful news) of that (i.e. hell fire).”

[Hilyatul Awliyaa 4/224]

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