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Rulings of Hajj Pilgrimage, the Sacrifice & the Eid Prayer – Various Scholars

Attached is a comprehensive guide and rulings regarding:

  • Hajj (it’s rulings; types of Hajj; how it is performed; it’s reward; meaning of ihraam; what is not allowed during ihraam; can Hajj be performed for someone else and more)
  • Sacrifice of an animal for those not in Hajj (it’s rulings; who should undertake it; can it be shared amongst numerous families; if i live with my brother or father who slaughters? When to slaughter; rulings regarding the age and condition of the sacrifice; best animal to slaughter, how to distribute, rulings regarding cutting hair and nails and more)
  • Eid Prayer (rulings and requirements for those not in Hajj)

Guide was compiled, summarised and translated by Ustaadh Rayyan Barker (hafidahullah).

The Hajj Pilgrimage and Celebrating its Eid

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Manchester EID Prayer 2015

Eid Prayer will be held outside in a Park.

This depends on weather. If it is cold or/and raining then we will perform it in the masjid. please check back at this post, or via twitter or text to confirm IF YOU SEE IT RAINING. Please bring your own mats or chairs. We will do our best to provide something, but if you really need it then you must bring something to be sure.

PLEASE NOTE: We designate some space behind the men as an area for the sisters with tarpaulin and cloth on the floor. There is a barrier at the front (Metal Net) and we will attempt to cone off the area on the side. Therefore the sisters should fill the rows from the front as explained below by the scholars and not leave gaps. Jazaakumallahukhair.

Fiqh of the Prayer: Is the last row always the best row for the women?


Cheetham Park (corner of Sherbourne Street & Elizabeth Street) M89DW


– From Dudley Street Turn Right onto Waterloo Road – Continue to the traffic lights – Turn Left – The park comes up approx. 100yards on your right. Parking is available all the way around


Date and Time

  • 9:00am SHARP on either:
  • Friday 17th or Saturday 18th July


For notifications on the day check this page or our Twitter page


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The Quran and Sunnah Upon The Understanding of The Salaf

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