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Ramadhaan Masjid Improvement & Maintenance Appeal – Donate Without Delay!

In the Name of Allah – Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem

It is by the permission of Allah that we have been allowed to reach this Ramadhaan. So we thank him for this great blessing and we urge ourselves and yourselves to take full advantage of this month.

Over the past year the Masjid has seen many improvements, additions and maintenance works take place. The increased number of attendees and need to provide space and facilities for the community have led this drive. Our aim has always been to provide ease for the brothers, sisters and children who attend. So to date the following has taken place


  • New carpets in both men’s & women’s sections, enabling us to replace a 13 year old carpet, and making use of all the space available to us.
  • A brand new sound system, for all corners of the masjid building; from inside the men’s side, up to the flat and out to the cabin, enabling us to pray in all rooms when required.

Interior Maintenance

  • Refurbishment & painting the walls
  • New Double Interior doors, to increase traffic flow in and out of the masjid, especially during Jumua, Eid and during lesson, events and conferences.
  • New fire safe Entrance Doors, on both men’s and women’s side.
  • Painting of the exterior of the Masjid.
  • New windows fitted on sisters side allowing natural light and improved airflow; especially useful with the busy sister’s section during tarawee’ and summer.
  • Improved hot water heating system, with zonal heating to provide maximum efficiency (currently being installed).
  • Additional fire exits for brothers and sisters, to improve safety and flow (currently being installed).

Educational Improvements

  • Purchase and refurbishment of an outdoor double classroom.
  • Purchase and refurbishment of an outdoor classroom.
  • Successfully set up a Tuition Club providing an option for home schooling parents, who need support (

Those who regularly attend have benefited from all of the above; and the masjid is now a more comfortable place, able to accommodate  increased number of attendees, who come and listen to the khutbahs and lessons; learning tawheed and sunnah. Likewise the number of children attending Qur’an class and Saturday Madrasah has increased, with more and more able to learn the correct Aqeedah and Manhaj, as well as Salah, Wudhu and other things from Fiqh.

But our work isn’t complete and needs funds for further maintenance works and improvements. with such high numbers of attendees, including both women and children, the masjid can become very full and hot (as witnessed by many during our recent conference). We need to continue improving airflow, but completing windows and installing an air conditioning system for both brothers and sisters.

So for those who can then please donate generously towards the building of our masjid and its improvements. And we ask that Allah rewards you immensely for building and improving his house, for his sake.

For details on how to donate please see the post below:



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Heating System Upgrade – Pictures of work in progress – Allah Reward those who contributed!

Alhamdulilaah our heating systems are being updated.

This saves us money in the long term, and also makes it much more convenient for those who attend.

  1. The women’s side heating will now switch on and off independently when sisters are present or absent; as opposed to heating the entire masjid. This is convenient for them as well as saving money for all of us.
  2. Our secondary boiler is now located in the men’s side and saves both water and heating costs. Water now longer needs to be run along the pipes so that cold water passes, saving wasted water. It also instantly heats the water as opposed to preheating a tank full of unused water, and keeping it at that temperature.

Jazaakumallahukhair to all who have contributed, indeed with Allah is the best of rewards

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We Encourage ALL to Participate in the righteous Project of establishing @salafi_school – @AbuMuadhTaqweem

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله و على آله و صحبه و من والى

Allah سبحانه و تعالى stated in the Qur’an “و إن تعدوا نعمة الله لا تحصوها” And if you would count the graces of Allah, never could you be able to count them.

Truly, the blessings of Allah upon us are great, such that the scholars, such as Shaikh Mohammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahhab and others, have stated that from the signs of happiness in this world and the hereafter is gratitude to Allah for the numerous blessings He bestowed upon us.

From such blessings that we demonstrate our gratitude to Allah upon is the establishment of the Salafi Da’wah in the Manchester region for well over a decade, with a masjid established, regular weekly lessons in ‘Aqeedah, Qur’an, Arabic, as well as the extremely successful Saturday School for children, and all praise is due to Allah.

In addition, it is a blessing that an opportunity to expand the bounds of the Da’wah further in establishing a full time school has arisen. I encourage all our noble brothers and sisters to participate in this righteous project (of @salafi_school) and aid in furthering the Da’wah, in establishing an educational institute to raise our children upon righteousness; to raise them upon the way of the Salaf.

By the blessing of Allah, the Salafiyyoon from far and wide have united in aiding the establishment and progress of the da’wah in Birmingham – SalafiPublications, Bradford – AlBaseerah, as well as our communities in Cardiff and recently East London – Athariyyah…and this unification upon aiding the truth and it’s people does not cease, for indeed no project is ever at an end. We ask Allah to keep us steadfast upon the upright methodology, to maintain our unity upon the truth and to be in the aid of ahlus-Sunnah each of us to the other.

Full Details Available Here

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Salafi School [Manchester] Announcement: Full time Nursery, Primary & Secondary School

Taken from the website: Please Click Here



By the permission of Allah, we find ourselves in a good position to start a school in Manchester.

We have been working hard to locate an adequate building. Our needs require us to take on a building large enough to accommodate a nursery, primary school and the current Saturday school; along with having the facilities to expand into a high school in the future. Such buildings do not come cheap, and the price to buy such a building would potentially cost us upwards of 700,000 in Manchester.

So we have decided to take the route of renting a building, locating a number of potential buildings that fulfil the above criteria. The rent falls between ?45,000 and ?55,000 per year for all of them.

The benefits of renting are that the upfront costs are low. It also allows us to make the building sustainable and workable, prior to asking for any large sums of money from the people; something that is a heavy burden and trust upon us. Obviously the disadvantages are that we would have to cover the rent costs every year. However if we have a large enough building with a decent number of children, then this cost will be serviceable.

The school will be run within the current charitable framework and will be fully independent and fee based. Although physically separate from the masjid, it will still be a part of the setup. There will be no single beneficiary of the fees, except the school and masjid as a whole and all praise is due to Allah.

We wish to follow the example of some of our noble brothers who have already set up a Salafi School with respect to their continuous striving to achieve high standards even in difficult circumstances. And we wish to make the school self-sustaining in the long term. However currently we would require some financial assistance in order to get this project up and running.

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UPDATE!! Help Needed – Appeal for The Salafi Centre Manchester

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Pray you are all well and in the highest of ‘Eemaan. We ask Allah to grant us the best in this life and the hereafter. May he multiply our good deeds and forgive us of all of our sins.

UPDATE: 17.02.2014

As was advised to us by Shaykh Zaid bin Haadi al Madkhali, then from the sunnah of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace be upon him) was to ask the people when a need arose for the communtiy, to give what they could.

Currently the masjid is in need of help in paying its outstanding rent of approximately £2500. We don’t wish to withold anyone’s haqq, and our landlord is owed money which rightfully belongs to him. The community is attempting to raise the funds, but if anyone can help then the reward is with Allah… Click Here for ways to donate.

Small updates on our efforts below. May Allah protect us, forgive us and accept it form us.

The Activities of The Salafi Centre of Manchester (Al Markaz as Salafi bi Manchester).

The Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s peace be upon him) said

“Whoever builds for Allah’s (sake) a masjid, Allah builds for him a house in Paradise.”

[Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

All praise is for Allah alone the Lord of all creation. We have been established here in Manchester as a masjid for ten years. As time has gone by the call to the Salafiyyah has expanded. Masha’Allah we now have a very busy masjid and the da’wa has spilt over into other mediums.

Since we asked for funds to help us in running the masjid, maintaining it and paying our bills last year, our dawa activities at the masjid has increased.

***Update*** We now have four fully fledged websites:

  • with approximately 1100 1700 (compared to 600 1100 a year ago) articles and updated regularly
  • with over 400 600 (compared to 300) completely free audios, complete with sets, to download and learn from and share. There are now in Urdu audios as well.
  • Where the talks from our centre here as well as Bolton, Liverpool, Leeds, Loughborough, Oxford, Nelson, Woolwhich London, Stoke on Trent and more… completely free for anyone to listen to on their mobile or on their computer.
  • Where we have made free many of our curriculum (compiled, checked and taught by tulaab) as well as use it to support the Saturday School population of parents (more details below)…

Furthermore We always have a free and regular flow of da’wa leaflets compiled by Salafi Publication Birmingham as well as making available free CDs for people.

As well as the regular lessons in the Masjid, then we try our utmost to hold conferences in the masjid vicinity and outside of it. These are all completely free to attend and we give out the lectures as soon as we are able to physically. Click here for the latest talks and an absolute essential guide to the foundations of practicing Islam properly.

By Allah’s grace we have also managed to established a weekend school with 100 children who attend (see with many children attending. They learn Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic Studies. The whole structure is based upon them gaining a firm footing in the Qur’an and Sunnah, learning and memorising hadith.

The masjid is always underfunded meaning that we are usually late with our payments and struggle with costs. This year we had new windows installed, and have had some work done in the masjid. However the masjid is in dire need of maintenance, and due tot the size of the building we really struggle to afford many of these costly repairs. We are due to have new fire doors and exits installed, roof repairs carried out and a fence installed around the centre. Details of all our projects and maintenance can be found here.

Masha’Allah we are Salafi and our call is Salafiyyah… and as a result we have no affiliation or link with any biased (hizbi) partisan group, political party, movement or even government funding or backer. We rely on Allah and then the good charitable nature of the people and those that love this call and appreciate the effort put in. And so all the money raised will go into the da’wa, whether that is for the building itself, or the free materials we give out, or the conferences we hold.

So we humbly ask you to help us to continue this effort- to build this masjid and da’wa for Allah’s sake.

Click Here for ways to donate.

May Allah have mercy on us all and grant us a position in Jannah.

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