Exposing the Corruption of the Hajoori Fanatic – Mourad al Jazaairi of Manchester

Launch Page for a clear and detailed insight into Mourad al Jazaa’iri; whom Allaamah Rabee’ b. Haadi al-Madkhlai disparaged and told us to warn against.

In brief, he is an enraged,  fanatical defender of al Hajoori, residing in Fallowfield (Manchester), who has been affected by and carries similar traits of Al-Hajoori. He is an opinionated and self-amazed fanatic whose perception on this fitnah has been corrupted due to his extremism; putting him at opposition to anyone (including the scholars) who makes clear the manhaj of his mubtadi shaykh, Yahyah al Haajoori.

We have many many articles detailing his misdemeanors, even though we have held back for a long time in exposing this deluded individual; who boasts of abandoning everyone. Recently he has attempted to gather followers and indoctrinate a new generation via the medium of e-mail, hence becoming worthy of the title “Email Shaykh”, spreading hatred towards the scholars, and slandering innocent brothers and sisters based on pure speculation and half truths all driven by hassad (blameworthy envy).

We will continue to add articles detailing many of his attacks on the scholars (including Shaykh Ubaid, Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari, Shaykh Wasaabi, Shaykh Baazmool, and others), his incessant lies and delusions, his bully tactics when cornered and his comical drowning threats towards anyone who dare expose his vile and wicked manhaj to the people.

Below are the different areas covered in refutation and warning against this indivual… May Allah guide him or keep us safe from his harm.

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