Men’s Arabic Classes

We are happy to introduce our new Men’s Online Arabic class. The class will be taught in Arabic, allowing the learner to achieve fluency much more quickly.

If you already have the skills to read and write Arabic, take the next step in learning the language of The Quran.

  • Fully immersive course – taught and learnt in Arabic.
  • Fully Experienced teacher from Cairo, Egypt.
  • Content varies depending on the Students and their levels. There will be multiple classes at various times including:
    • Madinah Book 1 content, plus extra exercises and conversations.
    • Madinah Book 2 content, plus extra exercises and conversations.
    • Madinah Book 3 content, plus extra exercises and conversations.
    • Al Qiraat Ar-Raashida for those who have studied grammar before and want to expand upon their Arabic
    • Al Ajrumiyyah
  • Each course will be fully rounded focusing on speaking, reading, listening, comprehension and grammar.

Times Available

We will be arranging times in accordance to when Students are able. You may select any of the the general times, so we can match you up to a running class.

  • Weekday – Mornings
  • Weekdays – Evenings
  • Weekdays – Afternoon
  • Weekends – Mornings
  • Weekends – Afternoon
  • Weekends – Evening

Class Format


Classes will be held using Google Classroom and a group chat video client. There will be a maximum of 5 brothers in group class. Prices start from £5 per hour depending on student numbers.

Private Classes

Classes will be held using Google Classroom and a group chat video client. One on One lessons will be £18 per hour.


Our block payments correspond with the school calendar and are due every half term (the exact amount will vary) .

Please appreciate that we cannot discount for missed lessons, or lessons booked off; as we still need to pay staff and wouldn’t want to burden the masjid with excessive costs. We cannot offer a “pay as you go” set of classes either. BarakAllahu feekum.

To sign up, complete our online registration form:

Men's Arabic Class Registration Form

Please fill out the form below. All fields with an asterisk are compulsory. Your details will not be shared with anyone outside of the Masjid.

It maybe easier for us to contact you with Telegram or WhatsApp. Please indicate if you have this on the above number.
If you have previously studied Arabic, then please indicate which level you have got up to (rough estimate).
Please choose the course you are interested in.
Please choose which day and time you are able to study. Please note that you will need to receive confirmation before you can begin.
reCAPTCHA is required.

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