Men’s Online Classes

We have two sets of Men’s classes running currently. Click below for details and sign up.


  • Intensive Arabic Course
  • 3 days a week
    • Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
    • Times Vary
  • 60 mins per sessions
  • Immersive teaching
  • Arabic speaking, listening and understanding
  • Low Fees, vary per session

Qur’an Paid

  • Weekly, Regular and Intense Qur’an Class
  • 1 hour sessions in groups
  • Various days including Sundays
  • Low Fees, vary per session

Mutoon FREE

  • Qawaid al Arba’a: Tuesday 12pm UK (1hour)
  • Tuhfatul Atfaal – Friday 12pm UK (1hour)
  • Hadeeth Memorisation & Arabic Words & Grammar – Friday 1:30pm UK (1hour)
  • Poem – Ha’iyah – Tuesday 1:30pm (1hour)

Please Sign Up Here:

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