Men’s Online Classes

Currently we have 5 options available for Men’s Classes:

Men’s Summer Course (Paid):

•Study the rules of Al-Mudood (The lengthening vowels)

•Learn when to elongate simple vowel sounds and for how long to elongate.

•A thorough and basic course aimed at all levels – beginners will attain a good understanding, intermediate students will recap, as will advanced students too!

•Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn or recap this important topic of Tajweed.

•Sunday’s 11.00am UK Time.


Men’s Private Qur’aan Classes (Paid):

•Weekly, Regular & Intense.

•30 minutes or 1 hour Classes.

•Days to suit the student.

•Private classes will be catered towards your request in what you would like the focus to be ie Hifdh, Makhaarij, Tajweed rules, Theory, Application etc.


Men’s Private Arabic Classes (Paid):

•Weekly, Regular & Intense

•Days to suit the student

•30 minutes or 1 hour classes

•Immersive teaching

•Arabic speaking, listening and understanding


Mens Hifdh Class (Paid):

•Every Friday at 7.30pm UK Time.

•1 Hour Group Session

•Low fees

•Revise, memorise & Recap


Qur’aan & Tajweed Class (Paid):

•Every Saturday at 11am UK Time.

•1 Hour Group Session

•Low fees

•Learn the Theory and Application of Tajweed Rules.

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