Men’s Online Classes

Currently we have 5 options available for Men’s Classes:

Men’s Private Qur’aan Classes (Paid):

  • Weekly, Regular & Intense.
  • 30 minutes or 1 hour Classes.
  • Days to suit the student.
  • Private classes will be catered towards your request in what you would like the focus to be ie Hifdh, Makhaarij, Tajweed rules, Theory, Application etc.

Men’s Private Arabic Classes (Paid):

  • Weekly, Regular & Intense
  • Days to suit the student
  • 30 minutes or 1 hour classes
  • Immersive teaching
  • Arabic speaking, listening and understanding

Mens Hifdh Class (Paid):

  • Every Friday at 7.30pm UK Time.
  • 1 Hour Group Session
  • Low fees
  • Revise, memorise & Recap

Qur’aan & Tajweed Class (Paid):

  • Every Saturday at 11am UK Time.
  • 1 Hour Group Session
  • Low fees
  • Learn the Theory and Application of Tajweed Rules.

Men’s Summer Course (Paid) *Registration now closed*.

  • Study the rules of Al-Mudood (The lengthening vowels)
  • Learn when to elongate simple vowel sounds and for how long to elongate.
  • A thorough and basic course aimed at all levels – beginners will attain a good understanding, intermediate students will recap, as will advanced students too!
  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn or recap this important topic of Tajweed.
  • Sunday’s 11.00am UK Time.

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