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Thorns that do but Perforate – the 2nd perforation

The noble Shaikh Mohammad Amaan al-Jaamy stated: فعلى طلاب العلم في هذا العصر و قد ظهر التساهل أو عدم المبالاة في مجالسة أهل البدع و مجاملتهم : أن يعيدوا النظر في

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Thorns that do but Perforate – the 1st perforation‏

The following is a question raised to our noble Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmy رحمه الله concerning the role students of knowledge play in clarifying the truth: إذا فيجب على طلاب العلم أصحاب المعرفة ، الذين عرفوا

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Trustworthiness (In Religion) Is Not Merely Affirmed through Fine Physical Appearance (in one’s clothing and Islamic personality)

Ya’qoob Ibn Sufyaan (rahimahullaah) said "I heard a person saying to Ahmad Bin Yoonus (rahimahullaah): "Is Abdullaah Al-Umariy a weak narrator of hadeeth?" He (Ahmad) said "Indeed, he is weak. He is a Raafidi who harbors hatred towards his forefathers;

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