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Women’s Summer Intensive Arabic and Qur’an Course

This will be an exciting chance for people to finally break the ice and dive into studying in an immersive classroom. This course will aid the student in many aspects of their religion; it will provide the student with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Quran and Sunnah, beautify their reading with Tajweed, get into the routine of memorising, increase khushoo during the prayer, be able to listen to Arabic lectures, attend sittings of knowledge held by the scholars and understand, read both secular and religious texts (modern and classical) with strong comprehension, write and speak correctly, applying the principles she has studied.

Course Details

Please note that this is an intensive course; designed to give maximum immersion and benefit to the student. As such you would study for a good number of hours weekly, with homework.

  • The course will take place from 19th-30th August
  • All lessons will be conducted at The Salafi Centre of Manchester
  • Courses in Arabic and Quran
  • Various levels , including complete beginner’s, will be available based on ability
  • Textbooks will be provided for each course
  • Hours of Study: 5 hours per day (10am-4pm)
  • 5 Days a weeks
  • Creche available

Course Pricing

  • Textbooks will cost of £5-£7.50
  • The cost of the full course is £110
  • Arabic only,10am-1pm, 3 hours a day, £70
  • Quran only, 2pm-4pm, 2 hours a day, £50
  • Creche, £25, discounts available

Future Prospects

Your studies don’t have to stop once the course is over. The courses over summer are linked into the ongoing, consistent classes we have here at The Salafi Centre of Manchester in both Arabic and Quran. What we hope though is that you will become confident in the language, gaining small insight into this beautiful language; the language of the Qur’an. From then, on you will be able to understand parts of the Qur’an when reading it, or understand ahadeeth or the khutbah even at a masjid in Arabic inshaaAllah.

To sign up, and confirm your place on our courses starting in September, click the links below:

Terms and Conditions

Please note: We can not guarantee that everyone will be accepted. We will look at every application though, until the spaces fill up. Once you  have applied, we will notify you if you are successful by email, or phone call. After this, every successful applicant will have 3 days to make the payment to reserve your place, or it will be passed on.

To enrol please complete the registration form below: