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The Salafi Centre Appeal 2020 – Boiler, Heaters, Cabins, Classrooms, Insulation, Entrance & More!

Progress Update Alhamdulilah Entrance flooring has now been replaced in both the sisters & brothers side.

  • Floor012
  • Floor013
  • Floor011
  • Floor019
  • Floor018
  • Floor017
  • Floor016
  • Floor015
  • Floor014
  • Floor010
  • Floor009
  • Floor008
  • Floor007
  • Floor 001
  • Floor002
  • Floor003
  • Floor004
  • Floor005
  • Floor006
  • Floor006

More work has taken place renovating the Cabins

  • Cabin Update

    Cabin Update

  • Cabin Update

    Work will be take place today to repair and level, and then replace women’s entrance flooring. See old flooring images Below

    Lots of work has been underway to transform the cabins! Walls ripped out, ceilings shifting, new insulation added, See Pictures Below.

    • Building Pic 2
    • Building Pic 1
    • Building Pic 9
    • Building Pic 6
    • Building Pic 7
    • Building Pic 10
    • Building Pic 3
    • Building Pic 8
    • Building Pic 4

      Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      By the grace and mercy of Allah the appeal has been completed and we’ve hit £15,000!

      Just a reminder that anyone who is a U.K. tax payer you can gift aid your donation – whereby the masjid will receive an extra 20%. Simply go to SalafiCentre.com/Giftaid and fill out the form.

      As an update on the work that we have started and underway we will post pictures and videos of it shortly. However in brief:
      – we have already been working on the classrooms, having stripped walls and adding insulation, changing and repairing the electrics and lighting and heating.
      – our new boiler system is now booked and due to be fitted at the end of next week
      – the non slip commercial entrance floor and levelling has been booked for Tuesday.
      – we’ve installed our first door entry system with camera. We will be completing the rest next week.

      Please follow this post for further updates: SalafiCentre.com/Appeal2020

      May Allah reward you all for your donations to the masjid. May Allah alleviate any difficulties we all have or are suffering and make the means of charity a reward and expiation for our sins.

      Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      We hope and pray you are well and in the best of eemaan.

      The masjid is in need of work to help repair some items. Much of this work is urgent and needs doing before the term starts and we have children back in.

      1) Boiler and Heater replacement:
      As the masjid is split into sections we have multiple boilers. Alhamdulilah we have changed 2 into industrial ones (see previous appeals) however we have still been using and maintaining the domestic one in the upstairs section. It has now started to leak, and fail; and we’ve been told the repair is not of any value, and that we should replace it.

      2) Outside Women’s Side cabin insulation work, repairs and roof leaks. These cabins are used for Quran regularly and consistently, but it is difficult to keep them warm in winter and aired well in summer. The roof is also leaking and we’ve attempted to patch it but unsuccessfully. The work required therefore is:
      – re-insulating all walls
      – re-boarding all walls with thicker boards and plastic sheeting for hygiene and longevity
      – additional underfloor heating
      – complete roof replacement
      – additional roof waterproofing
      – ceiling lining and lights

      3) masjid entrance flooring. Currently we have tiles and use carpet flooring which is both a hazard and also creates a foul smell when mixed with rain water. This will be replaced with an industrial plastic linoleum flooring on both men’s and women’s side with the floor requiring levelling.

      4) Additional automatic door entry mechanisms on women’s doors, flat doors, office doors, kitchen doors; due to expanded use.

      The total for all work is £15,000. Alhamdulilah the masjid has already saved £1500 of that leaving £13,500.

      You can also donate via bank using these details:

      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      Or via Paypal here:

      Whatever you can donate will be appreciated and may Allah reward you all with much goodness and alleviate any difficulties due to the good charity you may give.

      We will continue to update this articles with pictures, videos and any total updates.

      Appeal for the Masjid Running Costs, Bills and Rent

      Asalamualaikum wa rahamtullahi wa barakaatuhu. We pray you are all well and in the best of eemaan. By the permission of Allah we have managed to accomplish a lot at the masjid over the summer. However the work done has taken its toll on finances; as we raised less than was needed (by etimation) in the end for the work outside; as well as had to pay for secondary unforeseen things such as clean up labour time and secondary items not priced into work.

      The masjid currently runs a lot of activities for everyone; and employs a lot of people – brothers and sisters. We also do not charge very much so we are always often at just break even in terms of our finance; whereby the wages for the staff (Quran School, Saturday School and more) are just about covered; and sometimes not met.

      As a result we rely on the good nature of the people to assist the masjid in the rest of its efforts. Usually this balances out; however currently the masjid is making a loss whereby we have had to borrow small funds from brothers to keep the masjid running and to complete the work.

      Therefore we are appealing to everyone if they can help us plug this shortfall in two ways. The first one is the urgent need of £6000 which we need for our rent and to pay back what we’ve borrowed.

      However long term, to avoid such issues, what would really help is a regular donation if possible, by everyone who can give something for the sake of Allah. If you can set up a standing order from your online or telephone bank of just five pounds a month this would help us massively. Our dawa here has always been a collective effort and we pray that this is an excellent opportunity to gain yet more reward and salvation from Allah azza wajal. £5 a month isn’t too much, working out to less than £1.25 a week. And this would fall in line with the hadeeth of the Prophet Salalaahu Alayhi wa Salam which was narrated by Abu Hurrairah that he Salalaahu Alayhi wa Salam said “Take on only as much as you can of good deeds, for the best of deeds is that which is done consistently, even if it is little”

      So please take a few minutes of your time to do this and then forget it and let the deeds pile up biidhnillah.

      And the reward is with Allah

      If you wish to make a one off donation please reference it as appeal2018. Thi will go toward the £6000 debt we have. Or if you can set up a regular standing order then please do so using the following information.

      Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      Sort Code: 309542
      Account Number: 05570092
      Bank Name: Lloyds

      The reference can be “runningcosts”, or “masjidcosts”. You can also donate using PayPal, however they take a cut from any donation we receive, so please bear in mind, and use the first option if possible. Our Paypal Link is: paypal.me/salaficentre

      The Amazing Reward of Giving Sadaqah and Being Charitable: A Noble Trait of the Prophet

      The Amazing Reward of Giving Sadaqah and Being Charitable: A Noble Trait of the Prophet

      Appeal 2018 – Help Fund the New Playground Project!

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      Asalaamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      UPDATE: 31-08-2018: Work Well Underway.

      Many parts of this project have been completed. We will post images on this page.


      UPDATE: 31-06-2018: Funds Raised!

      Alhamdulilah we have raised all the funds needed and work will commence in the Summer Holiday.

      UPDATE: 31-05-2018

      Alhamdulilah we have just passed the half way point in this blessed month. Firstly we wanted to thank everyone for all that they have given in Charity; to help develop the masjid – both here in Manchester as well as throughout the UK (Masjid as Sunnah Aston, Masjid Furqan Stoke, Masjid Al Huda Bolton, etc) and beyond! We make dua that our sins are forgiven and deeds multiplied. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’” (1)

      However there’s still more to do. And we can really make a big difference for so many people within the community by donating even small amounts. The Messenger of Allah (Salalhualayhiwasallam) said: “A Muslim is a brother of (another) Muslim, he neither wrongs him nor does hand him over to one who does him wrong. If anyone fulfils his brother’s needs, Allah will fulfil his needs; if one relieves a Muslim of his troubles, Allah will relieve his troubles on the Day of Resurrection…” [Bukhari and Muslim].

      Here in Manchester by the grace of Allah, we have established facilities for the children in our community. We have facilities on site for Quran- including a dedicated hifdh class- Arabic learning and Islamic Studies. The children learn every aspect we can possibly teach them: Belief, Tawheed, Salah, Wudhu, Manhaj, Fasting, Ibaadah, Dua and Adhkaar and more. In addition to this we have a Tuition Club which takes a huge burden off home schooling parents; by providing a good basis in all subjects: Maths, English, Science, Programming, Art, Geography and more!

      As any parent will relate to; caring for the children and ensuring their tarbiyyah is correct is something difficult and in some instances worrying. Our children come form many backgrounds – and we try our best to provide them with a safe place to learn and grow. Abdullah ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, Salalhualayhiwasallam, said, “Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The leader of people is a guardian and is responsible for his subjects. A man is the guardian of his family and he is responsible for them. A woman is the guardian of her husband’s home and his children and she is responsible for them. The servant of a man is a guardian of the property of his master and he is responsible for it. No doubt, every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock.”

      Our aim is as always, to provide an even better facility… and to give all of our children the chance to learn and experience new things and in turn appreciate the wonderful creation of Allah, and grow up as rounded individuals.

      With this in mind we wanted to build our areas where the children can learn, have classes, exercise and play. The masjid has a fence around it now, so we can develop our garden and grass area more safely.

      Side of the masjid that will be used fo rthe outdoor classroom, Eco Garden and Plantery

      The portfolio explains the full concept in detail- but in brief we would have 3 areas, which would be excavated and soft play area flooring installed. Then we would have a young learners educational development area, a large playground with exercise and sports facility and finally a science and discovery facility- including an area to grow plants, herbs and small trees. This would only serve to increase our facilities and provide and amazing environment for the children that attend.

      However doing all so requires a lot of financial outlay; which we cannot afford. We had a target of £18,000 and at the time of writing we only require £3800 more to reach it, alhamdulilah.

      So we’ve launched this graphic to help encourage us all to give even small amounts to this beneficial project.

      Our children are our inheritors and have rights on us. Providing good facilities will alleviate some of this difficulty on many parents within the community. In total we have 170 children that attend Saturday School, 160 that attend Quran Classes and 70 that attend and use the Tuition Club. Your money will be bring an ongoing benefit, and the reward will be ongoing inshaAllah. As the Prophet (Salalhualayhiwasallam) said: “When a person dies, all his deeds come to an end except three: sadaqah jaariyah (ongoing charity, e.g. a waqf or endowment), beneficial knowledge (which he has left behind), or a righteous child who will pray for him.” (3)

      So not only will these facilities be used by children now and afterwards; but those whose children attend will appreciate their parents and we pray with good tarbiyyah they will duplicate for them.

      So please do not delay and give today, to establish these and other educational facilities for children. The fruits are great and reach into the future… don’t miss out on that reward:

      As Allah says: “Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times? And it is Allah that decreases or increases (your provisions), and unto Him you shall return.” (Baqarah 245)

      It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “There is no day on which the people get up but two angels come down and one of them says, ‘O Allaah, give in compensation to the one who spends (in charity),’ and the other says, ‘O Allaah, destroy the one who withholds.’” (4)

      1. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5073; Muslim, 993.
      2. Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6719, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1829
      3. Reported by al-Tirmidhi, no 1376; he said this is a saheeh hasan hadeeth
      4. Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1374; Muslim, 1010.

      Full details are below:

      ANNOUNCING New Masjid Playground Project!

      We pray this message finds you well and in the highest of eemaan.

      This Summer we are raising funds for a young learners playground and an eco-friendly garden. This project will benefit our students at both The Tuition Club and Salafi School, as well as masjid attendees. 

      Why Donate to Our Appeal?

      • Outdoor play includes social, physical, mental and self-confidence benefits.
      • Playing outside also helps children to develop their learning abilities.
      • A fun way of helping them learn new information and develop their skills.
      • It will encourage children to think of learning as an ongoing process, instead of just something done in the classroom.
      • Having the eco-friendly garden space will give us the opportunity to grow our own fruit, vegetables and flowers.
      • Children will have a sense of responsibility and it will instil within them the need to look after the environment and what they grow.
      • Encourages a healthy lifestyle.
      • Enhances Fine Motor Development and introduces them to Scientific Concepts.


      See our brochure below for further details and pictures of our exciting project!

      🎯 Total Target – £18,000

      Total raised so far – £10,000

      JazaakumAllaahu Khairan to all those that donated to our Ramadhaan Appeal last year. Alhamdulillaah due to your generous donations we have put plans together for a brand new main playground area. The state of the art playground will include a range of durable equipment such as a combined basketball, football and netball goal, versatile climbing frames and various activity floor-markings.

      To keep up to date with the progress of this new playground follow us on Twitter and Telegram @SalafiCentre

      Remaining Target – £8,000

      Donate easily via bank:

      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      To donate via Cash then please hand to Abu Aisha Amjad Khan, Abul Farooq Kamaal, Abu Khalid Dawud, Aasim Zulfiqaar or Mohammed Hasan. Or on the women’s side Umm Abdulilah Lola, Umm Farooq, Sister Uzma Khan, Sister Naureen, Sister Yasmin or Sister Aasiyah

      Donate by Paypal

      Click here with the reference: playground

      PDF Portfolio

      📸 Gallery of Completed Fence Project

      Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

      Below is the gallery of the erection and completion of the fence project. May Allah reward you all; your donations have gone a good way to securing the boundary of the Masjid and making it a safer place for all of your brothers and sisters here in Manchester

      The fence is now complete with entrance gates and a gated sections for educational purposes. We will be installing further facilities shortly for the children who attend the Masjid for our various madrasahs and clubs (see salafischool.co and tuitionclub.org). These will include spaces for planting flowers, vegetables and fruit; as well as an outdoor classroom area and space to learn about the beautiful world and creation of Allah.


      Salafi Centre Appeal – Ramadhaan 2017


      Funds Needed this Ramadhaan

      Help Cover the Annual Masjid Shortfall & Take part in the new masjid Fence and security Project!🚧🔐

      🎯Target £45,000 by End of Ramadhaan consisting of:

      – £5,000 Dawah stall (Huge and renewed interest from the public) 📦🚐💿

      – £5,000 South Manchester Dawah classes, lessons, literature, stalls and events- 100 weekly attendees! Weekly Premises rental and conference hall rentals.📚📝

      – £10,000 Salafi Masjid yearly shortfall. Covers the shortfall in the bills (Gas, Water, Electric, Council Tax, bins and more),

      📝📖📉Subsidised and low fees to all and poor students in Quran, Saturday School, all men’s and women quran classes lessons and all the various websites (5) and dawah channels (16) we run.

      🚧🔒📢ANNOUNCING new Masjid Fence Project! £25,000

      Help build the fence around the masjid, allowing for a better environment, more security for attendees, better and safer grounds and for children to be and play in, especially in the current climate.

      💪💷It isn’t much to raise and together we can do it. You can donate by CASH or any of the following ways. We will be continuously updating every night- let’s work hard to achieve our goal!




      Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith

      Sort Code: 309542

      Account Number: 05570092

      Bank Name: Lloyds

      BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004

      IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92



      Click here: Paypal.me/Salaficentre

      Or Send to Info@Salaficentre.co.uk


      Appeal 2017 – Help Fund the Masjid & New Fence Project

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      Asalamu’alaykum wa rahamtullahi wa barakaatuhu

      An update on our masjid fence project.

      Alhamdulilah Allah blessed us with the chance to collect the funds required over Ramadhaan, and Jazaakumallahukhair to all those who donated.

      We had sought out the most competitive prices we could at the time and were ready to go ahead with the work. However we were then made aware of a local council scheme which would augment and add better value to the initial fence we had proposed such as: better quality of fence, better gate security and various security measures.

      We decided to apply for these extra security measures, realising we could gain more value for the money we had initially raised.

      Alhamdulilāh our application was accepted at the initial stage and we recieved a security inspection. Our final proposals were then submitted; and we are now in the final stages of receiving approval. If this is granted then the fence will include the extra features that we had not initially raised funds, but which enhance the quality and value of the fence and security around the masjid.

      As soon as the approval comes through then we will inform the appropriate contractors and work will begin.

      May Allah reward all those who donated and contributed to the effort. We thank you for your patience in this affair

      The Committee of The Salafi Centre of Manchester

      📢 Announcement 📢

      Buy a Dawah 📦 Box & Donate to the Dawah Effort! 📚

      What does this pay for?
      – Regular weekly dawah stalls (💯% material costs only, as all our efforts are for Allah’s sake) 🔊
      – 100’s of books & 1000’s of leaflets 📚📔📰
      – Multiple Venue hire – Including the Upcoming Conference Entitled “Islam Against Extremism”. 🏢

      So act today and spread knowledge of Islam upon the correct methodology FREE OF EXTREMISM!

      👉 The Messenger of Allah (sallahualayhiwasallam) said: “By Allah, if Allah guides even one person through you that is better for you than red camels.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

      Shaykh bin Baz (rahimahullah) commented “This Hadith denotes that guiding one person onto the right path is better than the most precious form of wealth” (Majmoo Fataawa Vol.3 pg 112)

      Furthermore spreading knowledge is from the Ongoing ✅ Forms of Reward, that a person may attain even after his death: 📜 Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, among the good deeds that will reach a believer after his death are : knowledge which he taught and spread, a righteous child he leaves behind, a copy of the Quran he leaves for inheritance, a mosque he has built, a house he built for travelers, a well he has dug, and charity he has given from his wealth while he was healthy. These deeds will join him after his death.” (Saheeh Sunan Ibn Majah Hadeeth 242).

      We have 36 Boxes 📦 at various sizes – £150, £300 and £500. So give today via Cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer… And Help Complete the Graphic! 📦


      Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      Sort Code: 309542
      Account Number: 05570092
      Bank Name: Lloyds
      BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      📝 For all the information click here: http://salaficentre.com/appeal2017
      For updates go to Telegram.me/salaficentre or Twitter.com/salaficentre

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      Alhamdulilah we have raised £ 32,527.97 ✅ out of our total target of £45,000 within just a few days. We thank Allah first and foremost and we thank those who have given generously, and we ask Allah to reward them with much good.

      From the amounts we needed we have raised:
      – Masjid Running Costs (Shortfall): £ 8,702.37 / £10,000 📈
      – Central & South Manchester Dawah: £150 / £10,000 📈
      – Masjid Fence Project / £ 23,825.60 / £25,000 📈

      We are close but just £ 12,472.03 short of our overall total. So we urge out brothers and sisters to keep going with this effort. And donate 👍 to all of our masjid and activity costs.


      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      Update! Panels SOLD OUT… 

      Announcing the BUY A PANEL Scheme. Our target is more easilly achievable if we break the total down into smaller chunks. See the poster above for more information and donate by buying a panel! Or get your friends and fmaily to gather together and donate to contribute a panel!


      • Panel £500
      • Floor £1000You can doante easilly via Cash, Bank or Paypal. Reference: Panel500 or Floor 1000


      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      Further Information Below

      بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

      Asalaamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      Help Cover the Annual Masjid Shortfall & Take part in the new masjid Fence and security Project!

      We pray this message finds you well and in the highest of eemaan.

      Alhamdulilah the masjid has worked as hard as it can to become self-reliant. However with the huge and unprecedented growth in the community, then even more resources are needed to cover the equirements of a wide range and variety of attendees.

      🎯 Total Target – £45,000

      • £5,000: Dawah stall: Huge and renewed interest from the public with approximately £2000 worth of materials given out int he last 4 weeks alone!
      • £5,000: South Manchester Dawah classes, lessons, literature, stalls and events- 100+  weekly attendees! Costs consist of the weekly premises rental as well as rental of large conference halls to spread the dawah.
      • £10,000: The entire Salafi Masjid yearly shortfall. Although we afford most of our costs ourselves then we have further shortfalls including the bills (such as Gas, Water, Electric, Council Tax, bins and more see below).

      ANNOUNCING new Masjid Fence Project!

      Help build the fence around the masjid, allowing for a better environment, more security for attendees, better and safer grounds and for children to be and play in, especially in the current climate.

      Total projected cost – £25,000

      We have the chance to build a fence around the masjid, to improve the security of the masjid grounds. This will also help us add in a small play area for the children and increased parking for what is a more busy masjid now then ever before – walillahilhamd!

      Donate easily via bank:

      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      Donate via Cash or Paypal by clicking here:

      Click Here


      We will be adding more images to the gallery of the various activities that take place in the masjid here.

      Fence Target Info
      Full Details!
      Donation Details
      General Information
      Buy a Dawah Box – Teach & Spread Islam
      Panel Project – Complete!
      Dawah Stall (SOuth Manchester Lesson)
      Free Leaflets
      Dawah Stall Setup City Centre Manchester
      Donate Via Paypal – Paypal.me/salaficentre
      Brothers & Sisters selling and donating all to masjid to raise funds

      Further Information

      By Allah’s grace, we have invested a lot of funds in various areas of the masjid recently. This includes the prayer areas, entrances, roof, car park, spare rooms, heating systems, air conditioning systems, wudhu areas, and more. Qadr’ullah as a result we have fallen back in paying our rent with a lump sum now due to our landlord. Alhamdulilah may Allah bless the brother he has been very understanding and patient but we must pay him his due right, and we are short on funds to do so.

      This opens up an excellent chance for everyone in our community to contribute to the upkeep of the masjid, and is a great way to show gratitude to Allah the most gracious and the most high for everything he has given us. Alhamdulilah the masjid looks after many people and provides much service to our community. Whether that’s the 250+ attendees of the various madrasahs; or the staff in the all areas; or the sisters who benefit from the Quran and Arabic classes, toddler classes and more; or the 3-400+ attendees for Jumua and 100+ attendees of classes.

      So we ask everyone who benefits, and uses the masjid in anyway; whether on site or even online- for Allah’s sake, to help maintain it by paying off its bills, which essentially are the result of its thorough use by all of us. The reward is truly immense and potentially unmeasurable with Allah.

      As Shaykh Ubayd (hafidhahullah) advised us to ask the people for funds, and that it was good because he said “your masjid is founded/run on the goodness (charity) of the good doers.” So we implore you as the Messenger (sallallahualayhiwasallam) implored the Sahabah and the women to give in charity for Allahs sake. And this is not for any one individual, but for the masjid, and the dawa it gives which is clear for all in the community to see; and those online as well.

      Alhamduilah recently we paid back the loan we had taken to pay the rent shortfall off. However this will only cover us up to what we had. Expanded efforts have meant an increase in regular outgoings. With our increasingly popular dawah stall that is regular on site on Market Street (City Centre Manchester)– teaching and giving information out to non Muslims and clarifying recent events; as well as the huge number of families and children who need support- both with issues and in terms of their Islamic tarbiyyah during the weekdays and Saturdays- all of these and (various other factors) mean will continuously be running low on funds. We can prevent this shortfall in the long term, if we all work together and setup regular standing orders. Our projected shortfall a month is £800.

      Alhamdulillah this is not much of a gap for us to bridge, if we all contribute. All it requires is for 40 people to setup a standing order for £20 per month. You can kick start this effort right now, by setting up a regular monthly donation from your bank account. This is easy, and means that you can donate a small amount regularly, and over time this will accumulate into what we hope from Allah will be a huge reward. Our bank details for online or telephone banking details are:

      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      Where does your Money go?

      Your money goes to so many areas at the masjid, that it’s value will never be lost insha’Allah. The following is a list of areas donations are split over:

      1. The Masjid Building: The masjid is now fully using every aspect of its premises whereby we are often squeezed for space. This huge increased footflow and attendance requires maintenance, including cleaning and repair work. We also have to increase the number of bin collections (which are no longer free), as well as having external mainttenance work done. We sometimes have no space on jumua, and open up upstairs as an overflow. Further more the masjid provides the physical space needed to hold lessons in Islamic Topics. Currently we have a study on Sahih al Bukhari and had a themed lesson on Marriage and Divorce.
      2. Online presence: This includes the websites whcih have grown immensly in traffic and use, with 1000’s of users benefiting every day. We now have the following sites:
        1. Darulhadith.org.uk – offical site for the Charity
        2. Salaficentre.com – official site for the Salafi Da’wah in Manchester, including over 3,000 articles in every possible category; including information on the da’wah here, and generally. It also houses all our news for masjid.
        3. LearnAboutIslam.co.uk – official audio site for all our lectures and shared audio site for any maraakiz, small pockets of Salafis who have lectures, and want to post them out so everyone can benefit. The site currently includes over 1000 audios by various teachers and scholars also.
        4. SalafiSchool.co: Website for the Saturday School and for The Qur’an School, with soon to be released Children’s Islamic Studies – free for all to download and learn from.
        5. SunnahRadio.net: Website for our radio station that includes live broadcasts. And shared broadcast site for any of the Salafis who would like to use it to spread the da’wah. In the past year or two we have had lectures broadcast in many places including Bolton, Liverpool, Leeds, Loughborough, Oxford, Nelson, Woolwhich London, Stoke on Trent and more…
        6. Tuitionclub.org: Website for assissting Home Schooling parents, with tutors.
      3. Dawah stall: Weekly da’wa stall in Manchester City Centre, with free leaflets, CD’s and Islamic Literature. Calling to Islam, free of extremism and educating both the muslims and non-muslims. Twitter: @CCDawahMCR
      4. Quran school: A madrasah teaching children how to read and recite the Qur’aan – now with over 160 children attending and approximately 20 teachers (may Allah reward them).
      5. Saturday school: A madrasah teaching children how to read and recite the Qur’aan; the Correct Islam free of Shirk, bid’ah and extremism, The Arabic language so that they can understand both the Qur’an and Hadeeth, and the speech of the scholars. Alhamdulillah we now have over a 160 children attending and approximately 20 teachers (may Allah reward them).
      6. The Home School Tuition club: With tutors helping home schooled children both on site and via online tutoring.
      7. Adult classes – We have many Adult classes in both Qur’an and Arabic; for both women and men.
      8. Mother and Baby Club: A chance for sisters to come and socialise, and share information on raising children, whilst also giving the children a safe halaal environment to play in.

      It is easy to donate to any or all of these things via online banking. All you need to do is setup a payment on your mobile banking app,

      Alternatively you can donate via Paypal if that’s easier. Please note however that Paypal do take a portion of fees for charities, so it would be better if you donated via online banking.

      You can also easilly donate by clicking here: https://paypal.me/salaficentre

      We ask that Allah grants us tawfique to earn his reward, and the baseerah (foresight) to see and understand the value of contributing to a masjid. The Messenger of Allah (sallalahualayhiwasallam) said: “whoever builds a masjid for Allah’s sake; Allah builds for him a House in Jannah.”

      If you are unable to donate, then you can still help! Spread this message to everyone you know. Explain to them the benefits of Charity and giving to a masjid for Allah’s sake. As the Messenger of Allah (SallAllahualayhiwasallam) said “Allah has said “O’ Son of Aadam, Spend (On Charity and Righteous Causes) and I will spend on you.”” You can even spread the following donation picture:

      May Allah protect you, reward you all and increase your reward; replacing what you give with more and more.


      Ramadhaan Masjid Improvement & Maintenance Appeal – Donate Without Delay!

      In the Name of Allah – Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem

      It is by the permission of Allah that we have been allowed to reach this Ramadhaan. So we thank him for this great blessing and we urge ourselves and yourselves to take full advantage of this month.

      Over the past year the Masjid has seen many improvements, additions and maintenance works take place. The increased number of attendees and need to provide space and facilities for the community have led this drive. Our aim has always been to provide ease for the brothers, sisters and children who attend. So to date the following has taken place


      • New carpets in both men’s & women’s sections, enabling us to replace a 13 year old carpet, and making use of all the space available to us.
      • A brand new sound system, for all corners of the masjid building; from inside the men’s side, up to the flat and out to the cabin, enabling us to pray in all rooms when required.

      Interior Maintenance

      • Refurbishment & painting the walls
      • New Double Interior doors, to increase traffic flow in and out of the masjid, especially during Jumua, Eid and during lesson, events and conferences.
      • New fire safe Entrance Doors, on both men’s and women’s side.
      • Painting of the exterior of the Masjid.
      • New windows fitted on sisters side allowing natural light and improved airflow; especially useful with the busy sister’s section during tarawee’ and summer.
      • Improved hot water heating system, with zonal heating to provide maximum efficiency (currently being installed).
      • Additional fire exits for brothers and sisters, to improve safety and flow (currently being installed).

      Educational Improvements

      • Purchase and refurbishment of an outdoor double classroom.
      • Purchase and refurbishment of an outdoor classroom.
      • Successfully set up a Tuition Club providing an option for home schooling parents, who need support (www.tuitionclub.org).

      Those who regularly attend have benefited from all of the above; and the masjid is now a more comfortable place, able to accommodate  increased number of attendees, who come and listen to the khutbahs and lessons; learning tawheed and sunnah. Likewise the number of children attending Qur’an class and Saturday Madrasah has increased, with more and more able to learn the correct Aqeedah and Manhaj, as well as Salah, Wudhu and other things from Fiqh.

      But our work isn’t complete and needs funds for further maintenance works and improvements. with such high numbers of attendees, including both women and children, the masjid can become very full and hot (as witnessed by many during our recent conference). We need to continue improving airflow, but completing windows and installing an air conditioning system for both brothers and sisters.

      So for those who can then please donate generously towards the building of our masjid and its improvements. And we ask that Allah rewards you immensely for building and improving his house, for his sake.

      For details on how to donate please see the post below: