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Shaikh bin Baz on “Near-Death Experiences” and that Which is Witnessed

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is common to hear of individuals who have had “near-death experiences”, vision of seeing strange lights amongst other strange affairs, the following is regarding the story of an individual written in a  newspaper some 30 years ago, however the content is relevant as a generic matter.

The story narrates how a particular individual fell into a coma and it was mistakenly thought that he had actually died, and so he was consequently buried. He was however actually alive, and upon discovering that, he was removed and rescued from his grave 3 days later. That individual then narrated the “strange and fascinating” sights he witnessed whilst buried underground in his grave in the “close-to-death” experience, he makes mentions of Angels etc….[the exact content of the narration is not of importance, however the following response is].

The following statement [summarised] is the response of Shaikh ibn Baz to this individual’s narration of what he apparently witnessed.

“Due to some people believing such false stories I considered it important to highlight and alert the attention of people to the reality of this affair. In reality this is a complete and utter lie falsified by the claimant [narrations of seeing things from the after-life in so called near-death experiences]. It is known in the Legislation of Islam that the 2 Angels do not come to an individual until he actually dies, they do not come to someone who is still alive in this manner [coma or otherwise]  for the questionning [!]. [They] invent such stories of [near-death experiences] of seeing all types of strange affairs for other degrading gains [i.e. money from selling the story]”.

[via Shaikh ibn Baz’s official website]

Washing the dead – Shaykh bin Baz

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


What is the authenticity of the Hadith:

“whoever washes a dead person then upon him is to make ghusl and whoever carries the dead then he has to perform wudoo”?

And is this the command of obligation or recommendation? And why?


The aforementioned Hadith is weak; and verily it has been affirmed from the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم in other narrations, that which indicates the recommendation of performing ghusl after washing a dead person.

As for carrying (the dead person) then it is not correct to make wudoo and neither is it recommended, owing to the lack of evidence in this regard.

Majmoo’ Fataawa Shaykh bin Baz

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