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The Audacious Claim that al-Hajoori has “Clarified”[!] Shaikh Rabee’s Statement!

Regrettably the continued act to save face does not cease from the extremists of al-Hajoori, from the most audacious of claims recently presented being that al-Hajoori has somehow “clarified” the statement of Shiakh Rabee’!

Such a claim from the extremists presents certain difficulties; it is beyond comprehension what exactly they desire to believe upon their delusion has been clarified?

What part of the statement that they have ghulluw in them, an extremism that has no equal, has been “clarified?” To this day we see the extremists of al-Hajoori continuing upon their way of the “e-mail shaikhs” by sending embarassing attempts to redeem themselves, and it would be far better from them to accept their reality and repent. To this day we hear of them “refuting” the apparent “double standards” that exist from everyone refuting them? To this day they remain upon their statement that the only salafi masjid in Manchester has engaged in “criminal” acts! Yet they may be unaware that the reign of the e-mail shaikhs is coming to an end too, since certain individuals have already blocked them and they persist in humiliating themselves by sending emails! In the end they will have no one left but a group of the foolish sending each other emails to console themselves.

Similarly which part of the statement that they wage war against the salafis has been clarified? They continue to speak against the salafi centres of the UK, Canada and elsewhere, they continue to speak against all those who have further emphasised the speech of Shaikh Rabee’ upon them….

It is humiliating and embarassing to say the least that they have the deluded audacity to claim that the statement of Shaikh Rabee’ has been “clarified”!…the clarification is simple…they are extremists and foolish.

Abandon them and their ways and focus on seeking knowledge upon the sound methodology as taught by the scholars, not upon the fanatical exaggeration of the students of al-Hajoori.

Extremists of al-Hajoori Engaging in Feeble Attempts to Divert Attention

As we mentioned in a previous article “Rise of the E-Mail Shaikhs”, Shaikh Rabee’ has spoken of the extremism the students of al-Hajoori have fallen into, those same extremists are now whimpering in rage since they are unable to accept the reality of their own charecteristics.

In a further debilitated and completely powerless attempt they have decided to bring up the issue of Shaikh ‘Ubayd’s speech regarding making hijra to Birmingham, as a means of hoping to divert attention from the fanatic methodology they are upon in their extremism for al-Hajoori, and have now been exposed for.

Local “E-Mail Shaikhs” have once again written their own additions onto their Shaikh’s speech and forwarded emails regarding that issue; in reality it is beyond belief how these ghullat [extremists] ridicule themselves by attempting to still make a case[!]. The claim recently being that the speech of Shaikh ‘Ubayd was spread on various websites and no-one refuted it prior to al-Hajoori…the fanatics of al-Hajoori may be somewhat disturbed to discover that the reason for that may well have been because no-one else was as deluded and extreme to believe that the Shaikh intended Birmingham as a place for Hijra absolutely[!] Rather it was – as the Shaikh clarified clearly – a restricted speech, i.e. if a person finds himself in difficulty in terms of practicing in a disbelieving land and he IS UNABLE TO TRAVEL TO THE LANDS OF MUSLIMS, then he may at least reduce the difficulty by going somewhere where the salafis are present and Islam can be practiced better.

This statement of Shaikh ‘Ubayd is exactly the same as what the Permanent Committee stated;

Question: “How can we make hijrah (a believer’s migration to an Islamic land) nowadays for the sake of Allah (may he be Exalted)?”

“Hijrah for the sake of Allah (Exalted be He) means moving from the land of Shirk (associating others with Allah in His Divinity or worship) to the land of Islam, as the Muslims moved from Makkah -before its people became Muslim- to Madinah because it had become the city of Islam after its people made Bay`ah (pledge of allegiance) with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and asked him to make Hijrah to them. Hijrah may also take the form of moving from one land of shirk to another land of shirk where evil is less prevalent and there is less danger to the Muslims, as when some of the Muslims migrated from Makkah at the command of the Prophet (peace be upon him), to Abyssinia (Ethiopia).”

May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!

Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’
Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin Baaz
Shaykh ‘Abdul-Razzaq ‘Afify
Shaykh ‘Abdullah Ghudayyan

Once again, we advise all those desiring to protect their time from these extremists to block emails arriving in their inboxes from such “E-Mail Shaikhs”, their rage fuels their pitiful attacks against the salafis of Manchester at the SalafiCentre and elsewhere. Be from those that utilise their time wisely in studying and learning and benefitting and shun the fanatics if they do not wish to change their ways.