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Ruling of Jumuah Prayer if it Coincides with Eid – Shaykh Fawzaan

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan was asked:

He says, oh honourable Shaykh (May Allāh give you success), if the day of Eid coincides with Friday, and we have prayed the Eid prayer and then the time of Dhuhr comes, which of the two is better, that we pray jumuah or dhuhr?

Watch the full video for the answer of the Shaykh!

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📢 Appeal – Sound System for Dawah Stall, Lessons & Eid Prayer

❗️Great Opportunity To Attain Ongoing Reward ❗️

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Dawah Sound System Appeal.

Asalamualaikum wa rahamtullahi wa barakaatuhu

We pray you are all well and in the best of reman. By the grace and mercy of Allah, The Most High, we have managed to establish classes in South Manchester and a weekly dawa stall now in central Manchester see twitter @learnaboutislam & @ccdawahmcr. We also hold our Eid Prayers and the Congregation here bigger every year.

As a result of the use, and expansion- our old Sound System isn’t able to service this need any longer; with sound cutting out, or not reaching; generator noise and hire costs, and it sometimes not working properly at all.

Therefore we contacted a Sound Specialist company and have been quoted a system that will accommodate all our needs and more. The system will be a high capacity battery powered portable speaker system.

However it is expensive- with the total price coming to £2300. Your assistance therefor is needed to raise this amount; and your money will be out toward something integral and vital in the process of giving dawa and teaching the Muslims and non Muslims. So let’s all get together and raise this amount- to carry on the call to Allah!

✳️ Cash

Please give cash to Abu Aisha Amjad Khan, Abul Farooq Kamaal, Abu Khalid Dawud, Aasim Zulfiqaar or Mohammed Hasan
Or on the women’s side Umm Abdulilah Lola, Umm Farooq, Sister Uzma Khan, Sister Naureen Ahmed, Sister Yasmin, Sister Aasiyah

✳️ Paypal (reference dawasystem)

✳️ Bank

Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
Sort Code: 309542
Account Number: 05570092
Bank Name: Lloyds
IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

✅ May Allah reward you for your efforts.

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Rulings of Hajj Pilgrimage, the Sacrifice & the Eid Prayer – Various Scholars

Attached is a comprehensive guide and rulings regarding:

  • Hajj (it’s rulings; types of Hajj; how it is performed; it’s reward; meaning of ihraam; what is not allowed during ihraam; can Hajj be performed for someone else and more)
  • Sacrifice of an animal for those not in Hajj (it’s rulings; who should undertake it; can it be shared amongst numerous families; if i live with my brother or father who slaughters? When to slaughter; rulings regarding the age and condition of the sacrifice; best animal to slaughter, how to distribute, rulings regarding cutting hair and nails and more)
  • Eid Prayer (rulings and requirements for those not in Hajj)

Guide was compiled, summarised and translated by Ustaadh Rayyan Barker (hafidahullah).

The Hajj Pilgrimage and Celebrating its Eid

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Manchester Ramadhaan and Eid: A Community Upon the Manhaj of the Salaf, Striving Hard

All Praise is to Allah, who blessed us today, with an excellent turnout at the Eid Prayer once again; and it is Allah that facilitates all means to good.

The Masjid would like to thank those who facilitated this Sunnah for “Whoever does not thanked the people will not thanked Allah” (authenticated by Shaykh Albani). May Allah bless and reward them all.

We are fortunate, by the fadl of Allah, to have such dedicated and hardworking brothers and sisters; who are always sacrificing themselves and their time to serve the community.

The good deeds done are written by Allah and he knows their number. But we hope to give an idea as to the lengths some of the volunteers go to.

During Ramadhaan, we had brothers clearing and cleaning the masjid. Families providing food and drink for those opening their fast and working to keep the masjid clear from smells and distraction. Further more during the Tarawee’ prayer (a busy time indeed) then a rotor of brothers took it in turns, to take care of the cars, of those taking part in the prayer.

Moving on to the Eid prayer setup; then some of our sisters took part in raising some funds to prepare custom goody bags to make the day special. Packing them at their houses completing the affair with one of our families completing the packing then delivering them to the masjid.

Everyone was able to enjoy the atmosphere this morning at the park. But even this setup required efforts. The night before brothers came to the masjid early. They cleaned up and prepared all the equipment needed for Eid prayer outside. Even in this instance many of the rolls we have laid out have been donated by a group of brothers, and the van used was also lent to us for Allahs sake.

Finally in the morning whilst many were still sleeping or relaxing; others set off early, to setup for anyone attending be prayer; some leaving or making arrangements for their families to come afterwards, others rushing home to collect their families in between.

Our aim here is not to count deed; for indeed the deeds done are numerous and Allah the most just is the one who rewards his slaves. However what we can do is appreciate such (invisible) deeds, and efforts made in the organisation of such an event.

And there is no doubt other Salafi Maraakiz around the country will have similar tales of sacrifice and effort- some of which we have read already from the likes of Al Baseerah, Salafi Publications, Markaz Muaadh and others. No doubt this is a sign of love for this blessed da’wa, and brings immense happiness to our hearts

We hope to see everyone tonight, in happiness and bliss, gathered with their brothers and sisters for Allah’s sake on this wonderful day.

تقبل الله منا ومنكم

Taqaballallahu minna wa minkum.
May Allaah accept from us and from you (Aameen).

Waalaikumsalaam wa rahmatullah

The Committee of The Salafi Centre of Manchester

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Manchester EID Prayer 2015

Eid Prayer will be held outside in a Park.

This depends on weather. If it is cold or/and raining then we will perform it in the masjid. please check back at this post, or via twitter or text to confirm IF YOU SEE IT RAINING. Please bring your own mats or chairs. We will do our best to provide something, but if you really need it then you must bring something to be sure.

PLEASE NOTE: We designate some space behind the men as an area for the sisters with tarpaulin and cloth on the floor. There is a barrier at the front (Metal Net) and we will attempt to cone off the area on the side. Therefore the sisters should fill the rows from the front as explained below by the scholars and not leave gaps. Jazaakumallahukhair.

Fiqh of the Prayer: Is the last row always the best row for the women?


Cheetham Park (corner of Sherbourne Street & Elizabeth Street) M89DW


– From Dudley Street Turn Right onto Waterloo Road – Continue to the traffic lights – Turn Left – The park comes up approx. 100yards on your right. Parking is available all the way around


Date and Time

  • 9:00am SHARP on either:
  • Friday 17th or Saturday 18th July


For notifications on the day check this page or our Twitter page


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“Eid Milad an Nabi” Origins and Explanation – Abu Iyaad and Taqweem Aslam

“Eid Milad an-Nabi” – Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday

Is Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday ok?

Is it a Bidah Hasanah?

When did the Muslims start doing this?

Is it allowed to do so to show our love for the Prophet?

All of these topics and more will be tackled, and we will take a look back historically as well as look into the thinking behind this and other such celebrations that many of the Muslims take part in.

Masjid open from 6:00pm

Talks start @ 6:30pm & 8:15pm.

Women’s & Men’s Side open.

The Salafi Centre of Manchester
2 Dudley Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, m89da



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