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Do you Love Allah and His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) – Ibn Masood

On the Authority of Abdullah ibn Masood who said:

“Whoever wants to know if he loves Allah and His Messenger then let him look! If he loves the Quraan (reciting it, acting upon it), then indeed he loves Allah and His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam).”

Shu’ab al-Eemaan lil Bayhaqee 1861

Acting on Knowledge – Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (rahimahullah):

I did not write a single hadeeth except verily I acted on it, to the extent that it came to me that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) was cupped and gave Abaa Tayba a deenar, so I was cupped and gave the cupper a deenar.

Siyaar A’laam An-Nubalaa Vol 11 Page 296

Sweetness of Worship – Al-Imaam Ahmad Harb

Al-Imaam Ahmad Harb (rahimahullah) said:

“I worshipped Allah for 50 years and I did not experience the sweetness of worship until I abandoned three things:

  • I abandoned pleasing the people in order to be able to speak the truth.
  • I abandoned the companionship of sinners until I found companionship of the righteous,
  • and I left the sweetness of the dunya until i found the sweetness of (seeking after) the hereafter.”

Siyaar A’laam an Nubaalaa Vol 11 pg 34

Our Salaf- Ash’Shabee Aamir Ibn Sharaaheel

Maalik Ibn Maghool (rahimahullaah) said: It was said to Shabee: ‘’O scholar’’; so he said: ‘’The scholar is one who fears Allaah.’’ [Hilyatul Awliyaa: 4/311]


Abee Ishaaq (rahimahullaah) narrated from Shabee who said: No one abandons something of the worldly life except that Allaah will give him what is better for him in the hereafter.’’ [Hilyatul Awliyaa: 4/312]