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Is Your Heart Hard and Unresponsive

Mālik ibn Dīnar (rahimahullāh) said:

“A servant is not afflicted with a punishment greater than hardness of the heart. “ (1)

Jāmi’ Bayān Al-Ilm wa Faḍlihi Vol.1 Page 565

See the following links for details on how hardness of the hearts occurs, and the means we can take to cure our hearts. BārakAllāhu Fīkum


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A slave is not afflicted with a punishment greater than……..

Imaam Ibnul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) said:

A slave is not afflicted with a punishment greater than the hardness of the heart and being distanced from Allaah. The fire of (hell) was created to soften the hardened hearts. The farthest hearts from Allaah are the hardened hearts. When the heart is hardened, the eyes become lacking in (discernment, perception, crying out of fear of Allaah etc). The hardness of the heart occurs through four things when their limit is exceeded; [1] Food, [2] Sleep, [3] Speech and [4] mixing (with the people). And just as the diseased body is not benefitted by food and drink, likewise the heart is not benefitted by admonitions when it is diseased with desires. Whoever desires purification of his heart then let him give precedence to Allaah over his desires. The heart that is attached to desires is veiled from Allaah in estimation with its attachment to (such desires). [Al-Fawaa-id: page: 153-154]


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