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Having Humility and Avoiding Snobbery – Story from Al-A’mash

Al-A’mash [rahimahullaah] said, "I approached Khaythama [rahimahullaah] and said, Indeed I saw something from Ibraaheem [An-Nakha’ee] the likes of which I have not seen [before]’’; he [Khaythama] said, ‘what is it?’ I said, ‘I saw him sitting

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Pay Close Attention to Yourself -Neither Be Distracted By Flattery Nor Self-Delusion!

Imaam Fudayl Ibn Iyaad (rahimahullaah) said: ”O miserable one! You are disobedient yet you see yourself as a good-doer; you are ignorant yet you see yourself as a scholar; you are miserly yet you see yourself as a generous person; you are an idiot yet

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[7] Few Reminders from our Salaf and Imaams of The Sunnah: [A Woman said to Ash-Shabi, ”O Scholar…..]

A woman said to Ash-Shabee (rahimahullaah), ''O scholar! Give me a verdit.'' So he said: Indeed a scholar is one who fears Allaah (The Mighty and Majestic).'' ------------------------------------------- [Jaami Bayaan Al-Im 1/267]

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