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Day 7 Ramadhaan Reminder – Patience when Calling to Allah – Shaykh Fawzaan

“So on the Mountain of Abe Qubais (in Mecca) he ﷺ called his people so they congregated around him, then he ﷺ said: ‘’What if I informed you that behind this mountain there is an enemy that wants to conduct an attack upon
you, would you believe me?’’

They said: ‘’We have never ever experienced from you a lie.’’ He replied: ‘’Verily, I am a warner to you of an approaching punishment’’ so his uncle Abu Lahb said: ‘’May your hands perish, is this why you have gathered us?’’

The noble Shaykh, explains how a person needs to be patient when calling to Allah, because the caller will face much opposition, even from those close to him.

Manchester Winter Conference 2020 “The Life of the Prophet” on Sunday 2nd February


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“The Life of the Prophet”

Lessons in belief, history, methodology, dawah and manners

The Winter Conference 2020 is on Sunday 2nd February from 11:30 until Late

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