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What Really was said by Shaykh Ahmad Najmi about Abu Usaamah Dhahabi

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

In his deceitful response to the Friday incident, whereby Abu Usaamah came to the wrong masjid (in order to give khutbah) before being ushered out; he put forward an absurd complaint about the fatwa from Shaykh Ahmad an Najmi (rahimahullah) against him, which has been quoted since the incident.

In his usual manner, Abu Usaamah did not quote the full question asked in his youtube published video response; a crime he has committed previously and still not repented from. It is clear that cutting, pasting, twisting and hiding, is habitual for this individual, as anyone with the least bit of experience of his past capers, clearly can attest to. He did the same with regards to Shaikh Rabee’ al Madhkhali and with regards to Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah1.

Let us examine briefly this point Abu Usaamah is trying to make. According to him, Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmi (rahimahullaah) was asked “there is a person in America, he supports Abul Hasan al-Maribi, how should we deal with him?”

To the average listener who does not know, this seems a generalised question, about any person in America (who may support Abul Hasan). And so the cries will come “how can this be applied to Abu Usaamah!”- Well then let us be completely clear… This is not the full question the Shaykh was asked. Once again here we have a classic example of his cutting, pasting and selectively exposing his listeners to only a part of the fatwa; most likely due to the incriminating position he would have put himself in, had he quoted it in its entirety.

Rather the full question is as follows:

“O Shaykh Ahmad we have with us in America a man called Abu Usaamah, who is considered to be from the Du’aat, he aids and supports Abul-Hasan and he calls some noble Salafi brothers ghulaat (extremists), muqallidah (blind followers), and muhqiboon (the people whose religion is the religion of the one they blindly follow), so what is the legislated position from this man and how should we deal with him?’’

The Shaikh response was:

“Your position with him is the same as your position with the People of Innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him.

After reading the full question (and answer) then it is clear to the reader, that his argument falls flat. The Shaykh is most certainly referring to Abu Usaamah. This is yet another attempt to dupe the common people.

When we mention the deception and twisting, of Abu Usaamah, it is not merely lip service. Those who may not have known previously, or do not perhaps understand this deceitful methodology, should no longer be in any doubt. It is clear that he did not complete the question, to hide the truth from his unsuspecting audience.

Why? Because it will clearly manifest the severity of his bid’ah. He hid the specific nature of this question, so a general person will retort those who refute him, with statements such as “you are harsh” or “it wasn’t even him who the Shaykh was talking about”. We have already heard such statements, emanating from those without complete knowledge of the situation. Thus, this is his method of twisting and hiding the truth, by which he continues to pull the wool over the eyes of many innocent and unsuspecting people.

Perhaps his position of “shaykh” to some, that he has carved out through deceit and treachery over they years, will be lost if this reality was made clear to them and Allah knows best.

Playing the victim (yet again) he complained that the Salafis are always quoting this fatwa of Shaikh Ahmad (rahimahullaah) against him, in order to keep reminding the people; and he brands those that listen as “sheep”. Unfortunately for him, his opinion is in opposition to reality. The person who reads the knowledge based refutations against him isn’t a sheep; but has now had the chance to witness the full evidence against Abu Usaamah; something he (Abu Usaamah) tried his utmost to hide, when cutting and pasting from the fatwa.

Nevertheless, the answer to this doubt is very simple. We will continue to quote this fatwa, and we will continue to warn against him; so long as he continues spreading false principles in the issues of Jarh Wat-Tadeel2. How ironic it is, that Shaikh Rabee’, whom he holds a huge disdain for, so simply and clearly outlines a precise rebuttal of this Ma’ribi3-esque statement:

”And they (i.e. the people of baatil and fitan) do not keep quiet- they spread their falsehoods in their newspapers, magazines and audio tapes, while wishing that the voice of truth should be silent. In their view, the voice of truth is what should be silent and the voice of falsehood should be raised and spread in the earth! Do they remain silent?! The people of falsehood do not remain silent- they neither abate nor slow down. They have [ خطط جهنمية -i.e. paths or footsteps leading to the hell fire] which they enforce and thereafter they demand silence from the people of truth!” [Source: Source: Question number 16; Page 28-29 in الإجابات الجلية عن القضايا المنهجية]


  1. See article for further details: Few Decietful Acts and Lies http://www.salaficentre.com/2015/12/few-deceitful-acts-and-lies-backfired-on-abu-usaamah-in-public-but-still-no-public-repentance/
  2. http://www.abukhadeejah.com/al-jarh-wat-tadeel-and-the-corrupt-principles-of-abu-usamah-khalifah-part-1/
  3. The individual from Ma’rib who revived the innovations of his precursors to fight AhluSunnah—see here: http://spubs.com > Deviated Callers

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Catastrophe of Logic: Concealed Identities Marooned

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله و على اله و صحبه و من والى

It is with great regret that an individual, or indeed several individuals, have engaged in behaviour that is not only a disgrace and degradation to themselves, but rather also a pitiful humiliation of their intellects; we refer to a certain individual/s unwavering blind infatuation with Masjid Sunnah of Cheetham Hill, Manchester, who has unashamedly engaged in degrading activities with regards to sending emails in the most “cowardly” fashion as Shaikh Hasan al-Banna recently mentioned. The author of those “articles” – if indeed they can be termed as such – littered them with unadulterated confusion on affairs relating to Salafiyyah, as well as his gross disorientation regarding the noble Shaikh Rabee’ and noble Shaikh ‘Ubayd, in addition to dubious use of language, indicating we are dealing with an individual of limited intellectual ability.

If the author was confident that his opinions and speech were correct and supported with evidence, he would not find a need to distribute his speech in the manner of cowardice witnessed, rather he would be able to identify himself by name or at least organisation – which in this instance is blatantly Masjid Sunnah. It is therefore somewhat bewildering that this same author claims others write behind the disguise of “SalafiCentre”….. quite clearly we would say to this individual – in a simplified manner in order that his mental capabilities are not overwhelmed – that the Salafi Centre is a well-known established masjid founded upon the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah and understanding of the Salaf of this Ummah…there is nothing hidden or concealed about the Centre, we assure this individual that al-Markaz as-Salafi is in full view in Cheetham Hill. Therefore there is no disguise or concealment if the source of the article is known to be from the SalafiCentre.

In any case, the intent presently is not to engage with an unknown and cowardly individual of limited intellectual capacity – and it is he himself who has demonstrated the restricted nature of his intellect through statements of the most disgraceful, disgusting and repulsive nature against the race of one of the brothers. In fact, such is the abhorrent and loathsome nature of the statements that it is actually perplexing that any sane adult could have the ability to degrade and dishonour himself to such a pitiful and sorrowful state. Perhaps he will honour us by providing an email with statements of the scholars advocating racism? Perhaps he feels he is superior to the brother he abused due to the differential in skin colour and country of origin? No doubt this cowardly unknown “adult” will feel the pain of the lacerations caused by such words since they are representative of his despicable reality even if he considers he is unknown.

Certainly all honourable and respectful readers will recognise the wasteful nature of engaging in any affair with a racist let alone affairs of the religion, if and when this racist recognises that Islam does not permit such racist views perhaps then progress may be achieved. In any case, the intent here is to highlight a surprising revelation presented to us by Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah several weeks prior to the present day.

Quite clearly the individuals from Masjid Sunnah have actively engaged themselves in attempting to hold their events in as many Masaajid as possible, perhaps under some deluded notion that masses of numbers will strengthen their battle against the salafiyyeen….and potentially therefore facilitate their deviance in continuing to defend innovators the likes of al-Halabi, al-Ma’ribi, al-Maghraawi and the hizbiyyeen (Abu Usaamah etc) who have had their realities clarified by the scholars on multiple occasions….by the likes of Shaikh Rabee’, Shaikh Zaid bin Haady, Shaikh Ahmed an-Najmy etc [no doubt we will await for this individual/s of limited intellectual capacity to provide some disgrace of an email in an attempt to prove that the likes of Shaikh Zaid and Shaikh Ahmed rahimahullah are just “normal scholars of no importance or significance” therefore – within the bounds of his restricted mind – accepting their evidence-based speech upon the figureheads of deviation is not necessary, when in reality it is the evidence that proves the affair not the name of the scholar or his rank].

It is upon one such “recruitment” visit that Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah disclosed some rather sensitive information. In an amazing turn of events he disclosed that the cowardly individual of limited intellectual means is not actually a representative of Masjid Sunnah whatsoever. We intend of course the one who is otherwise apparently known as a “dawa man” to some for reasons that have not yet remotely become manifest, since all attempts to discover any form of connection between his emails and the dawa have failed dramatically to date. Abu Bilal even claimed he does not receive the emails and was shocked to learn the type of speech this disgraced and degraded miskeen was utilising in his emails, at one point he replied “subhaanAllah” in shock and amazement when certain speech was quoted to him from the emails. He blatantly declared Masjid Sunnah’s innocence of this individual/s activities and clarified that he is a “loner” working independently and not affiliated in any official capacity to Masjid Sunnah. He also clarified through his speech that this miskeen of limited intellectual means has actually lied in his emails in certain places; for example the claim that our brother Abdullah was being referred to in a question concerning “certain people posting articles on the web and causing discord”. Abu Bilal declared this to be completely incorrect and false and clarified that it was simply a general question put forward that he innocently read out not intending any one particular individual. Allaahu Akbar, certainly that will be a blow to the already depleted intellectual facilities of the miskeen cowardly individual known as “dawa man”….even his own “people” are abandoning him in terms of clarifying to us that he lied in his attempt to associate questions and answers to specific individuals and that they do not endorse his views!

Since it appears the activities of this “dawa man” [and in reality the title itself is a misrepresentation, since it is far more accurate to attribute the emails sent by this “man” to a child of perhaps 6, arguably 7 at most, since by then most children would have recognised the incorrectness and pathetic nature of racism, therefore rendering him a “dawa child”, however that is a separate topic and not the discussion here] have reached a level whereby he is now belittling the Jarh Mufassar [i.e. detailed knowledge-based factual criticisms of the scholars against the innovator al-Halabi and other than him due to his blatant lack of understanding and comprehension of the affairs of the religion]. Therefore, it was incumbent to inform the community that even Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah has in fact clarified that they do not endorse him or some of his falsified claims that certain brothers were intended by certain questions….all of this verified by Abu Bilal himself.

Of course there is one other possibility that remains….although disturbing yet possible. It is possible Abu Bilal is fully aware of the activities of this “dawa child” and is in agreement with them and was in fact attempting to deceive us with those statements, in a non-euphemistic manner, he was lying. The persistence of Abu Bilal to conceal the identity of the cowardly “dawa man” is cause for concern, particularly as he was left speechless when questioned on the identity of this individual and instead desired not to disclose that information but rather attempted to divert the conversation into an alternate direction.

We therefore seek clarification from Masjid Sunnah; is this individual a representative of the masjid or not? If the response is “yes he is a representative” or any variation of that phrased in any manner to indicate the endorsement of this individual and his emails, then it will clarify the lying nature of Abu Bilal, if however the response is “no he is not”, then that will put an end to the issue as it will be clarified that this individual is an independent who has too much time for the laptop, when instead he should perhaps utilise that time to improve his mental facilities in order that perhaps he may recognise that racism is unacceptable and learn the religion.

In conclusion, although it is clearly recognised that certain individuals have become accustomed to lying, since the hizbiyyoon are often left to resort to this evil at times in order to continue their defence of refuted figureheads, such as the likes of Abul-Hasan al-Ma’riby – a fact that has now been completely verified by Abu Bilal himself, i.e. that certain members of Masjid Sunnah do continue to defend the innovators such as Al-Ma’riby [although he himself declares he views al-Ma’riby to be an innovator], however upon their deviated methodology he attempted to justify the position of being able to continue to defend the likes of these individuals – in any case we hope this habitualisation to lying has not overcome Abu Bilal himself and he will not attempt to deny the above statements he uttered upon his own tongue that Allah is aware of… or as we have experienced on many an occasion prior to this, attempt to claim he intended something completely different to what was understood now that this embarrassing exposition has appeared.

This possibility [ i.e. that covertly Masjid Sunnah are in support of the coward “dawa man” although publicly must maintain a stance of “honour” and therefore disassociate themselves from him] is strengthened by the fact that Masjid Sunnah will recognise they cannot have a despicable individual of this nature officially associated to themselves, since that would bring about ruin to their “reputation” and futile attempts to gather the masses upon the distorted methodology they find themselves practicing in terms of having no understanding – or purposeful denial – of the sciences of al-jarh wa ta’deel and affairs relating to when refutations are given precedence over appraisals etc.

If it became known that Masjid Sunnah defends a disgraceful and abusive racist it would result in a damaging blow to the credibility they so desperately strive to achieve amongst the community in order to provide themselves the ability to “convince” others that they are upon the correct methodology.

If it became known that Masjid Sunnah defends an ignorant, time-wasting “stalker”, [since multiple complaints have been received from brothers and sisters that this unknown coward has somehow gained access to their emails and has begun a forced military occupation of their inboxes with his almost weekly filth – such as his racism – without their consent], then that would cause profound destruction and give rise to damaging and detrimental consequences in relation to their quest to disseminate their flawed practices.

Is it the case that the “dawa man” was born from a perverse Masjid Sunnah arrangement whereby they devised he could be as abusive, racist and ridiculous as he wished whilst they would be able to declare their innocence of him since his identity would be unknown; or is it the case that he genuinely is an isolated miskeen with no connection to Masjid Sunnah and nothing other than his laptop for company?

We find ourselves at a crossroads; Masjid Sunnah must now choose their path.  Either they acknowledge he is a racist loner not endorsed by them whatsoever hence administering the proverbial blow to the face of “dawa man”… Or that they admit they endorse him and defend him and his opinions and emails and therefore seal their own disgraceful fate… Or they attempt to divert away from the issue whilst persisting upon concealing his identity…in which case they should be informed that the proverbial fence they attempt to sit on is in a precarious position not possible to maintain stability upon.

We ask Allah to keep us firm upon learning and implementing the pure methodology of the Qur’an and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf as-Saalih and to distance us from desires and doubts, the likes of which the hizbiyyeen have fallen victim to, leading them to despicable stances in terms of defending the innovators and people of desires whilst utilising the scholars to conceal themselves behind.

Witholding On The Position of Innovators – Shaykh Rabee’


QUESTION: Concerning a man who says he is withholding on the issue of Abul Fitan alMaribee while he has actually read the refutations of the scholars, is he to be warnedagainst and boycotted?

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