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Giving in Charity – Open, Secretly, Pledges & Announcing Donations – Shaykh Uthaymeen (@salafi_school)

Question: The questioner asks: Does informing the people about what a person gives in charity or making it apparent to them deprive the person who does this of the reward (of spending in charity)? For example if every person from a particular group

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“Tahiyyat al-Masjid” (2 Rakaa’at) Whilst the Muadhin is Calling the Adhaan- Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم It is better to respond to the muadhin and then supplicate after that, with what has been reported1, then he enters into (performing) tahiyyatul masjid (2 rakah before sitting down), however some of the scholars

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