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Can We Say “A Particular Dead Person Has Been Forgiven” or “Granted Mercy” – Permanent Committee Of Scholars

Question: Is it permissible for a person to say about a dead person, "Fulaan [i.e. such and such] is Marhoom [i.e. he has been forgiven or bestowed with mercy] or my father is Marhoom [i.e. he has been forgiven or bestowed with mercy]?" Answer: The statement

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Saudi King Abdul Azeez said: It Is Obligated on Us to Adhere to Our Religion

King Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) said: Indeed, I advise everyone to return to Allaah (i.e. complete submission, sincerity, obedience to Allaah etc); for Allaah is able to do all things and He is the One in whose Hand is the Dominion of everything. It

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Saudi King Abdul Azeez Affirms That True Islaam Is Based On The Book, The Sunnah and The Manhaj of The Salaf

King Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) said: The reality of (true) adherence to the religion is to follow that which has been brought forth in the Book of Allaah (i.e. the Qur’aan), the Sunnah of His Messenger (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) and that which

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Saudi King Abdul Azeez Pointed Out That Deeds That Oppose the Sharee’ah Can Never Be Beneficial

Saudi King Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) said: Deeds [or actions] that are in opposition to the [Islamic] legislation can never be beneficial for anyone and all harm [is found] in following other than the foundation brought by our Prophet Muhammad [sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam]. [Source:

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A Statement of Absolute Reality by [Saudi King Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah)] About the Cause of Most of The Fitan between the Muslims

King Abdul Azeez (rahimahullaah) said: Do you know what destroys the religion and (is the cause of) most of the trials between the Muslims? This has not (happened) except due to differing between the Muslims and their lack of being in agreement (i.e.

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