Women’s Classes at The Salafi Centre of Manchester

At the Salafi Centre of Manchester we offer both Arabic and Quran lessons for women. We have classes running everyday, except Saturday and also run short courses over the holidays. To sign up, click on the links given below:

For Arabic:

There are multiple Arabic Classes that we hold, both online and at the Masjid. Our courses are termly and last a year. You may join any of them depending on your level. Click the link below for more information.

Below is a list of the classes we offer:

Beginner’s Class

Madinah Book Level 1 (Immersive)

Madinah Book Level 2 (Immersive)

Madinah Book Level 2 (Immersive)

To sign up, go to:


For Quran:

Alhamdulilah the masjid offers a wide variety of classes for all levels. We offer classes both online and on site. You can click the link below to understand what each type of class entails, as well as the days and times. Please note that online class times vary.

Below is a list of the classes we offer:

Beginner’s Classes

Mother’s Quran Class

Private Classes- One to One

Reading/Memorisation Classes

To sign up, go to:


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