Women’s Qur’aan Classes

Alhamdulilah the masjid offers a wide variety of classes for all levels. We offer classes both online and on site. You can click below to understand what each type of class entails, as well as the days and times. Please note that online class times vary, and the signup form below gives a better indication of when those classes take place. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

Beginner's Class

Beginner's Class

Beginner's Class

For those who want to start from scratch- join a group of sisters who are starting the same journey as you and learn to read, write and recognise the Arabic letters, in an encouraging environment.

By end of this course you will be able to read words in Arabic and understand where their sound comes from, in shaa Allah.

Those who complete this course can go onto further their Tajweed and Memorisation or proceed onto studying the Arabic Language.

Tajweed Level 1

Tajweed Level 1

Tajweed Level 1

Join this class to learn the basics of Tajweed from scratch, split into 12 weekly courses.

  • Every Sunday
  • 10:00am-11:00am
  • £4 per hour, payable in blocks.

Creche available on Sunday, £1.25 per child

Memorisation and Reading Class

Memorisation and Reading Class

Memorisation and Reading Class

Class which is great for those who know how to read Arabic and want to further their memorisation and reading

  • Every Sunday, 9:00am-10:00 pm or 10:30am-12:30am
  • £4 per hour, payable in blocks.
  • (Plus £2.25 per child if using the creche)

Mother’s Quran Class

Mother’s Quran Class

Mother’s Quran Class

A class made easy for busy mothers with young children to find time for The Words of Allah every week. It is specifically structured to give the student a well-rounded study of how to recite The Quran with practice.

Your teacher will go through basic Tajweed at the start of the class, followed by reading from the mushaf, plus a chance to revise past surahs and memorise new ones.

  • Every Sunday, 11:00am-12:30 pm
  • £6 per lesson, payable in blocks.
  • (Plus £2.25 per child if using the creche)

Online Classes

Online Classes

The following levels and structure is available for online women’s classes:

Beginner – Learn to read Arabic from the letters until the end of the ‘Learn to Read Book’. Students will also start to learn small surahs with the aid of a teacher.

Bridge – Building fluency in reading, improving and correcting makhaarij and learning the basics of Tajweed. Students will also memorise small surahs with the aid of a teacher.

Hifz – Recapping tajweed rules, revising previously memorised surahs and learning new surahs.

  • Times are variable based on teacher’s availability
  • Lessons cost £6 per hour

Masjid Location

📍The Salafi Centre of Manchester
2 Dudley Street



Our block payments correspond with the school calendar and are due every half term (the exact amount will vary) .

Please appreciate that we cannot discount for missed lessons, or lessons booked off; as we still need to pay staff and wouldn’t want to burden the masjid with excessive costs. We cannot offer a “pay as you go” set of classes either. BarakAllahu feekum.

Student Commitment

All students must attend every week and inform the admin of any absence/lateness. If any classes are missed, the student needs to make the effort to catch up with the class, so that they do not hinder the progress of other students.

They should also attend for the FULL duration of the lesson in shaa Allah.

Sign Up

To sign up, complete our online registration form at www.salaficentre.com/womensquran

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