Gift Aid

Have you donated to the masjid within the last four years and are a UK tax payer? If so your donation can go even further by you gift aiding it.

Please fill out the form below and we will be able to claim an extra 28p on every £1 (that you donated) up to the 5th of April 2008; and 25p of every £1 (that you donated) on or after 6h april 2008.

This will boost the masjid substantially, giving it the chance to run better and more efficiently without having to ask for as much donations in the future.


Gift Aid Electronic Declaration

  • Electronic Declaration for Darul Hadith Manchester as the Salafi Centre of Manchester.
  • Donation Amounts

  • Past Donations Amounts

  • Donors Details




Please inform us if you wish to cancel this, or change any details, or stop paying sufficient tax to cover the donation later on.



0161 317 1481


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Cheetham Hill
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