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Women’s Qur’aan Classes

Alhamdulilah the masjid offers Qur’an Classes for all levels and we offer classes both online and on site.

Prices & Term Times

Our prices are low starting from £5 per class – depending on the class number and format. We offer private and group. Our terms last 20 weeks and there are two terms in the year with breaks in between. You can click below to understand what each level is. Our frameworks are consistent across online and on site, so we whichever class you take you will benefit from.

  • Our beginners level helps the student learn to read Arabic first. The learner will then move up to learning the basic rules of tajweed, and then working on their fluency so they can by the end of the course, pick up a copy of the Qur'an and read it in Arabic - by the permission of Allah. We use the Learn to Read book, which we have published oursleves and is used across our schools and clubs.

  • This level is for those who can read the Qur'an but struggle for fluency. You will study the rules of tajweed, in particular how to properly articulate the letters and pronounce words. You will also have memorised some surahs by the end of the level.

  • This level is for the one who can read with fluency, and has the correct pronunciation. Students will be memorising from the mus'haf, reading with corrections, and will study the tajweed rules and their implementation in more detail.


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