There are various types of Zakaah legislated in the religion of Islam, and some types are binding on some of the Muslims. Click on the option drop down to see the information regarding each one.

Zakaah (Zakaat Al Maal)

The masjid collects the legislated zakaah, for distribution to those eligible in various ways. Those categories of people are mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah At-Tawbah 9:60:

  1. The very poor (fuqaraa)
  2. The needy (masaakeen)
  3. Those employed to collect the zakaah
  4. To attract the hearts of those non-Muslims who are inclined towards Islam
  5. Freeing captives
  6. Helping those in genuine debt
  7. To the governmental army of a Muslim country (done by the government only)
  8. The traveller (wayfarer) to help him reach his destination

We try our utmost to distribute this money to the poor in our own community, people in debt, single mothers or fathers with children, who may have crippling debts and more. As well as attempting to assist the local brothers and sisters, we also have good connections with trustworthy brothers and sisters in various countries, where there are poor muslims in need. Places include Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan and more; and the brothers and sisters there, assist with this for Allah’s sake. Please see the bottom of this page for information on how to give or send this Zakaah.

Zakaat Al Fitr

Each year we appoint those whom we know and trust to distribute Zakaat al Fitr, which is the one saa’ of the staple food of the locality, per person given out before the end of Ramadhaan before Eid Prayer. We have trustworthy brothers who buy the products and give out in both the local community and many other places around the world. This amount is given as per the legislation and not in monetary value; and is done to help those who need help in distributing it. This must be given at the earliest time possible as there is a lot to arrange for. This year the amount comes to £3 in value, at the locations we are distributing it.


We also collect and distribute fidyah- which are meal payments for those allowed in the legislation to pay in replacement for fasts- such as pregnant or breastfeeding women. This is the price of a meal which we value at £4.00 to cover.

How to Pay

You can pay your Zakaah via Bank, PayPal or Cash.
Paying via Paypal requires you to add a small amount on for the processing fee (5%) to insure your zakaah is fully paid.

The correct references are: “Zakaah”, “Zakaat Al-Fitr”, “Fidyah”.


Please place in marked Envelope with correct reference (see above) and hand in at the Masjid Office.


Name Dar ul Hadith

Sort Code: 30-95-42

Account Number: 76138268

The correct references are: “Zakaah”, “Zakaat Al-Fitr”, “Fidyah”.

Paypal or Card Payment

Please note: You must add a small amount on for the processing fee (5%) to insure your zakaah is fully paid with no deficiency, for example:

Zakaah amount = £3
Processing Fee = 5% of £3 = 15p
Total Amount = £3.15

You can use a calculator to work this out by typing:

0.05 x AMOUNT =

Please use the button attached below for PayPal donations: 

(A PayPal account is not required and you may still complete your transaction using a card.)

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