Women’s Arabic Classes

We have simplified our Arabic system into two tiers, for classes carried out online and at the Masjid. The first is the beginners class, for those who cannot read and write Arabic. The second is our levelled Arabic book system.

Prices & Term Times

Our prices are low starting from £5 per class – depending on the class number and format. We offer private and group. Our classes are arranged on a 6 Week basis with breaks in between.

You can find out more by clicking the tabs below. Or if you know what you would like to apply for then you can register below.

  • Our beginners level helps the student learn to read Arabic first. The learner will then move up to learning the basic rules of tajweed, and then working on their fluency so they can by the end of the course, pick up a copy of the Qur'an and read it in Arabic - by the permission of Allah.

    We use the Learn to Read book, which we have published ourselves and is used across our schools and clubs.

    Beginners Class
  • We understand that people may have studied at various places, institutes, with private teachers and so on. So we have designed our levels to accomodate for this. If you already have the skills to read and write Arabic, take the next step in learning the language of The Quran.

      • Fully immersive course – taught and learnt in Arabic
      • Fully Experienced teachers who are native or have studied and taught abroad
      • Courses centred on gaining confidence in holding conversations, become more fluent and listening and understanding Arabic.

    Course Content

    • We use our own syllabus which is comprise of texts, roleplays, passages, hadeeth, and reading sections.
    • Our grammar is taken from the Madinah Book syllabus and adapted for practice and practical applications.
    • Students will be engaged in memorisation and vocabulary building as well as listening exercises.

    Each level takes 10 weeks to complete.

    Arabic Levels

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