New Saturday Lesson 👍 Kitaab at Tawheed Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab Explanation of Shaykh Saaleh al Fawzaan Lesson by Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam

Kitaab at Tawheed : The Book of Islamic Monotheism

Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab

Explanation of Shaykh Saaleh al Fawzan

Lesson by Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam


  • Day: Saturday
  • Time: 8pm
  • Location: Live at the Masjid (Men’s and women’s side open)
  • Broadcast Live on or
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Salafi Centre Eid Prayer Information 2021

Manchester Eid Prayer at the Masjid

🕌 Eid Prayer will be held at the Masjid at 9am on Tuesday 20th July.

Salafi Centre of Manchester
2 Dudley Street
Cheetham Hill
M8 9DA

⏰Starts 9am Inshaa’Allah⏰

🎁 Goodybags and gifts for the kids

ℹ️ More information About Hajj, Dhul Hijjah, Kurbani & Eid Prayer here.

The Salafi Centre Appeal 2020 – Boiler, Heaters, Cabins, Classrooms, Insulation, Entrance & More!

Progress Update Alhamdulilah Entrance flooring has now been replaced in both the sisters & brothers side.

  • Floor012
  • Floor013
  • Floor011
  • Floor019
  • Floor018
  • Floor017
  • Floor016
  • Floor015
  • Floor014
  • Floor010
  • Floor009
  • Floor008
  • Floor007
  • Floor 001
  • Floor002
  • Floor003
  • Floor004
  • Floor005
  • Floor006
  • Floor006

More work has taken place renovating the Cabins

  • Cabin Update

    Cabin Update

  • Cabin Update

    Work will be take place today to repair and level, and then replace women’s entrance flooring. See old flooring images Below

    Lots of work has been underway to transform the cabins! Walls ripped out, ceilings shifting, new insulation added, See Pictures Below.

    • Building Pic 2
    • Building Pic 6
    • Building Pic 4
    • Building Pic 7
    • Building Pic 10
    • Building Pic 8
    • Building Pic 1
    • Building Pic 3
    • Building Pic 9

      Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      By the grace and mercy of Allah the appeal has been completed and we’ve hit £15,000!

      Just a reminder that anyone who is a U.K. tax payer you can gift aid your donation – whereby the masjid will receive an extra 20%. Simply go to and fill out the form.

      As an update on the work that we have started and underway we will post pictures and videos of it shortly. However in brief:
      – we have already been working on the classrooms, having stripped walls and adding insulation, changing and repairing the electrics and lighting and heating.
      – our new boiler system is now booked and due to be fitted at the end of next week
      – the non slip commercial entrance floor and levelling has been booked for Tuesday.
      – we’ve installed our first door entry system with camera. We will be completing the rest next week.

      Please follow this post for further updates:

      May Allah reward you all for your donations to the masjid. May Allah alleviate any difficulties we all have or are suffering and make the means of charity a reward and expiation for our sins.

      Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

      We hope and pray you are well and in the best of eemaan.

      The masjid is in need of work to help repair some items. Much of this work is urgent and needs doing before the term starts and we have children back in.

      1) Boiler and Heater replacement:
      As the masjid is split into sections we have multiple boilers. Alhamdulilah we have changed 2 into industrial ones (see previous appeals) however we have still been using and maintaining the domestic one in the upstairs section. It has now started to leak, and fail; and we’ve been told the repair is not of any value, and that we should replace it.

      2) Outside Women’s Side cabin insulation work, repairs and roof leaks. These cabins are used for Quran regularly and consistently, but it is difficult to keep them warm in winter and aired well in summer. The roof is also leaking and we’ve attempted to patch it but unsuccessfully. The work required therefore is:
      – re-insulating all walls
      – re-boarding all walls with thicker boards and plastic sheeting for hygiene and longevity
      – additional underfloor heating
      – complete roof replacement
      – additional roof waterproofing
      – ceiling lining and lights

      3) masjid entrance flooring. Currently we have tiles and use carpet flooring which is both a hazard and also creates a foul smell when mixed with rain water. This will be replaced with an industrial plastic linoleum flooring on both men’s and women’s side with the floor requiring levelling.

      4) Additional automatic door entry mechanisms on women’s doors, flat doors, office doors, kitchen doors; due to expanded use.

      The total for all work is £15,000. Alhamdulilah the masjid has already saved £1500 of that leaving £13,500.

      You can also donate via bank using these details:

      • Account Name: Dar Ul Hadith
      • Sort Code: 309542
      • Account Number: 05570092
      • Bank Name: Lloyds
      • BIC CODE: LOYDGB21004
      • IBAN NUMBER: GB19 LOYD 3095 4205 5700 92

      Or via Paypal here:

      Whatever you can donate will be appreciated and may Allah reward you all with much goodness and alleviate any difficulties due to the good charity you may give.

      We will continue to update this articles with pictures, videos and any total updates.

      Ruling Regarding Holding Two Friday Prayers Due to Government COVID19 Restrictions – Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan

      Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem

      Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan (hafidahullah), Member of the Committee of Senior Scholars of Saudi and Former Chief Council of the Supreme Judicial Court was asked:

      Oh Honourable Shaykh, this questioner from Britain says, alhamdulillaah we have a Salafi masjid in the city of Manchester, “Salafi Centre of Manchester” Alhamdulillaah Allah has blessed us in being able to call to Tawheed and the Correct Methodology.

      Our Shaykh, this Masjid normally accommodates approximately 400 people for the prayers, and sometimes for the Jumu’ah prayer it is full. However currently, due to the Corona Virus – Allah protect us and you from it – the government has placed conditions in this country restricting mixing in the masjid, it is therefore a must that we have at least a one metre gap between the people praying, this means – especially for the Jumu’ah prayer – that we can only accommodate 100 people.

      The question oh Shaykh, is it permissible to establish two Jumu’ah prayers instead of one, so that we can accommodate more people, with the knowledge oh Shaykh, and this is important, that if we did not do this then indeed the people will feel compelled, especially the common folk, to go and pray in the masaajid of the people of innovation, and in this is great danger for their religion, especially with the fact that this country is full of evil misguided groups and their misguiding doubts – Allah’s aid is sought.

      And if this is permissible, is it better that we establish the two Jumu’ah prayers with one khateeb or two different khateebs?Please give us fatwa (on this issue), Allah reward you with good.

      The Shaykh (Allah preserve him) answered this question saying,

      Yes this is permissible in necessity (like the current situation with Covid 19 and the Government restrictions). However it should be done by two separate khateebs, the first Jumu’ah prayer with their imam and khateeb, shortening the length of the khutbah and prayer Jumu’ah, then the other congregation with another imam and khateeb, shortening the Khutbah likewise and praying the Jumu’ah prayer.

      Advisory note:
      The shaykh also said, it is not allowed for anyone in the first congregation to repeat with the second. Allah knows best.

      Question posed: Yawmul Ithnayn 15 Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah 1441 AH 4.00pm Saudi Time: Monday 6th July 2020 2.00pm UK Time

      Salaficentre Online Virtual Classroom Services during the COVID19 Lockdown

      COVID19 Lockdown? Studying continues online… Check out all the ways you can benefit via the Masjid

      Click Here:

      The masjid covers a full range of activities and classes online via the virtual classroom. Many services are already running and new classes have been established.

      Women’s Classes

      • Arabic Intensive
      • Qur’an Hifdh
      • Qur’an Study and Tajweed

      Children’s Classes

      • Full Time Qur’an School
      • Online Islamic Studies
      • Full Schooling Support in all Subjects

      Men’s Classes

      • Arabic Classes – Read, Speak, Listen and Comprehend!
      • Qur’an Read & Hifdh
      • Mutoon Memorisation

      You can find more information and sign up online. Make the best use of your time. Ibn Abbas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take advantage of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your free time before your work, and your life before your death.” Sahih Sh Al-Albaani 1077

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      Manchester Winter Conference 2020 “The Life of the Prophet” on Sunday 2nd February


      Full Set of Audios, always free to listen to, or download to

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      Original Post Below

      “The Life of the Prophet”

      Lessons in belief, history, methodology, dawah and manners

      The Winter Conference 2020 is on Sunday 2nd February from 11:30 until Late

      Talks by

      • Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree (Telelink)
      • Abu Idrees Muhammad
      • Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq
      • Abu Humayd Saalim Ahmed
      • Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam
      • Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis
      • Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid

      📍 Live at The Salafi Centre of Manchester

      2 Dudley Street,
      Manchester M89DA

      ℹ️ Men & Women’s side open. Refreshments, Literature and Stalls Available

      🔊 Broadcast Live on

      Please share the poster and details and spread the word!

      Announcing: Children’s Outdoor Adventure Trip – Excellent Spring Initiative with A Trip, Islamic Tarbiyyah and Life Skills!

      Update! Places filled.

      You may still register and be added ot the waiting list in case of cancellations. Full post below…

      Children’s Outdoor Adventure Trip

      Excellent Spring Initiative for our young Brothers!

      Location: Ennerdale in the Lake District

      Activities include:

      • Orienteering
      • Night walks
      • Bushcraft
      • Mountain Walking
      • Night time Barbecue
      • Seaside trip
      • Daily Islamic Tarbiyyah Course consisting of Aqeedah, Manhaj & Fiqh


      • Ages 8-14
      • April 5th-9th
      • £150 covers all Food, Fuel, Lodging & Activities
      • All Staff DBS checked and most first aid trained

      Interested? Sign Up Below:

      Weekend Hadeeth Study: “Whoever Allah wants Good for…” with Ustadh Abdul Hakeem Mitchell – Fri 10th Jan and Sun 12th Jan

      Weekend Hadeeth Study!

      “Whoever Allah wants Good for He gives him Understanding of the Religion”

      👤 Shaykh Rabee B.Haadi al Madkhali

      Talk Ustadh Abdul Hakeem Mitchell

      4 Study Sessions:

      • Fri 10th Jan: 8pm
      • Sun 12th Jan: 3pm, 6pm, 8pm

      Live at the Masjid 🕌 2 Dudley Street, Manchester, M89DA

      Both sides open

      Broadcast 🔊