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[1] Let’s Call a Spade a Spade! So-called Peaceful Protests Are a Means to Corruption In Both Muslim and Non-Muslim lands: [Exposing a Deceitful Writer Who Seeks a Distinction In The Affair]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy.

Abdullah Bin Amr [radidallaahu-anhu] reported that the Messenger of Allaah [sallal laahu alayhi wasallam] said, “Whoever would love to be delivered from Hellfire and admitted into Paradise, let him meet his end whilst believing in Allaah and the Last Day, and let him treat people as he would love to be treated.” [Ref 1]

Imaam An-Nawawi [rahimahullaah] said: This is from the Jawaami al-Kalim of the Prophet [i.e. precise speech with a comprehensive meaning] and his amazing wisdom. It is obligatory to pay close attention to this important principle and that a person must not deal with the people except in a way he loves to be dealt with. [Ref 2]

Indeed, there are demagogues and ideologues of some nations who encourage the so-called freedom lovers of other nations to rebel against their rulers and claim that they have a right to so-called peaceful protest, however when these demagogues and ideologues are rebelled against by a group amongst their people, they call them terrorists and do not accept the claim of anyone who calls them freedom lovers! These demagogues, ideologues and many journalists in their nations arouse the criminals and the rabble in other nations and aid them verbally to cause corruption in the land, and if anyone amongst the authorities of those countries seeks to stop them, he is labelled a freedom hater and an oppressor. However, when the rabble and rabble-rousers of their countries are guilty of the same crime, they do not expect anyone else to describe them with a description other than criminals. When property in other countries is destroyed and lives endangered in the name of so-called peaceful protest, they openly aid the perpetrators, but they never accept the same behaviour from the rabble and criminals of their nations. They would give shelter to some of those people who cause havoc in their native countries- claiming that they are defending an individual’s right to so-called peaceful protest and refuse to hand them over to face justice unless if doing so is in their interest, but they do not accept the same stance of some other nations when they refuse to hand over those who have harmed them. Alongside this blatant hypocrisy and double standards, these demagogues, ideologues and many amongst their journalists have continued to make every effort to brainwash millions of people in the world that they are the flag bearers of decency, freedom and progress, and the upholders of the rule of law, even though they have one rule for themselves and another for others. Indeed, so-called peaceful protest – whether in the west or east – is a means to corruption, chaos and insecurity. The people of Sunnah do not make a distinction in this affair. They call a spade a spade and they treat others as they would wish to be treated.

Question to Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadi [hafidhahullaah]: Going out to demonstrations, [initiating] revolutions and nurturing the youth upon it; is this from the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah or not, whether [carried] out within or outside the Muslim countries? Answer: This is the methodology of Marx (i.e. Carl Marx), Lenin (i.e. Vladimir Lenin) and those similar to them. It is not from the Islamic methodology. Revolutions, bloodshed, trials and troubles are Marx’s and Lenin’s school of thought. [Ref 3]

Al-Allaamah Zayd Bin Haadi Al-Madkhali [rahimahullaah] said: Protests [or demonstrations] are newly invented matters in the religion. Every newly invented matter in the religion is a bidah; every bidah is misguidance and every misguidance is in the hell fire [i.e. is a path leading to the hell fire]. Allaah’s legislation is perfect and complete-based on The Book and The Sunnah-and we do not know of anything by way of the evidences in the Book and the Sunnah that makes it permissible for a handful of people to gather for demonstrations, which causes disturbance for the people and time wasting. And greater than this [disturbance and time wasting] is abandonment of the prayers [during protests] and the loss of life [i.e. murder]. If one was to kill a Muslim in a single protest, the one [or those] who called to such protests will carry his sins-be it an individual, a group or those who participate. It has been reported in an authentic hadeeth: The termination of the world means less to Allah than the killing of a Muslim [i.e. without right].[a] These protests are nothing but bidah and acts of misguidance advocated by shaytaan; [enticed] by the urge of the evil soul and desires. And these enemies [i.e. shaytaan, the urge of the evil soul and desires] do not come together in any affair except that the religion and worldly affairs are destroyed, just as it is the case in these demonstrations [or protests].

The end results of protests [or demonstrations]: Carnage, destruction, wastage of wealth and time and terrorising those living in peace. And how many disadvantages are there in [that]! It is enough to be considered something sinister due to the fact that the Noble Messengers and the Great Prophets who were put to trial and harmed by their people did not hold protests [or demonstrations]. Neither did they engage in plotting to cause explosions nor committing suicide; rather Islaam has forbidden all of that.

Those who call to protests [or demonstrations] and hold that there is success in it, they are mistaken and they have missed the correct path. Rectification of the affairs can only be by way of the Book and The Sunnah in accordance with the understanding of those scholars who are firmly grounded in knowledge. So whoever calls the people to this chaos, then indeed he has brought about a means to corrupting the land and the slaves, and what has occurred – in the past and at present- is a witness to that.

Therefore, we warn the students of knowledge that they are not persuaded by the speech of those who allow protests [or demonstrations]. They say that peaceful demonstrations are permissible-as they categorise it into this categorisation- without proofs and concrete evidence from the Book and the Sunnah- neither from the actions of the Messenger and the Noble Sahaabah nor from the Notable Imaams; rather the verdict on protests [or demonstrations] is only what has been stated earlier and as well as what has been written by other than myself [i.e. protests (or demonstrations) are not permissible] [Ref 4]

The Ruling Concerning Street Demonstrations In Non-Muslim Countries (Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bukhari) – By Shaikh Abu Khadeejah [hafidhahullaah]

The Ruling Concerning Street Demonstrations In Non-Muslim Countries (Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bukhari)

Protests, Demonstrations and Civil Disobedience in the Light of Islam (Ethics 3.8) – By Shaikh Abu Khadeejah [hafidhahullaah]

Are Street Protests and Demonstrations Legitimate Means of Response to Oppression? ―Answer to Question 5 in the Methodology of the Sunnah – By Shaikh Abu Khadeejah [hafidhahullaah]

[Ref 1: Ṣaḥeeh Muslim 1844]

[Ref 2: Sharh Saheeh Muslim Vol 12/196]

[Ref 3: An excerpt from كشف الستار  Page: 18]

[Ref 4: Slightly paraphrased. Source: الأفنان وتوحيد ابن خزيمة وحديث عن المظاهرات4-4-1432هـ.]




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